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  • Hi, @ivany!

    I'm not sure what is the version of Krita you are trying to build. Is it just master on the new xcode15 (the problem with the port)? Or it is a regression on the older xcode14 caused by the new implementation of KoClipMaskApplicatorFactory?

    I guess the problem might be related to the fact that the binaries are compiled with both switches enabled: -arch x86_64 -arch arm64 for the compilation units. That might make the xsimd headers greately confused, especially, when, for ssse3 version of the build it sees line like -arch x86_64 -arch arm64 -mssse3.

    Are such combined values expected for the apple builds? Is it some documented behavior for generation of the fat binaries?

  • Hey @dkazakov!

    Sorry for not being clear from the beginning: this happens on any compiler.

    I tested a couple more things: I reverted 6645fb49159ae ed884e687804b c4b3702dc2604 7780d3dd5160d 83492a07e6faa and the build succeeds (even con xcode15). Wolthera mentioned the flake files are missing XSIMD_UNIVERSAL_BUILD_PASS but simply adding the flag does not work. My guess is that we need to add the entire definitions to KoClipMaskApplicatorFactoryImpl::create as we do for KoAlphaMaskApplicatorFactoryImpl.cpp::create from pigment.

    If only the flag is used the output is this which shows pigment is built correctly before flake

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