Commit 4132828c authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Now we depend against kf5.83

parent 5bac8b70
......@@ -288,17 +288,10 @@ void KmagApp::initConnections()
connect(this, &KmagApp::updateColorIndex, this, &KmagApp::slotChangeColorIndex);
// selector selects a zoom index -> set the zoom index
connect(m_pZoomBox, &KSelectAction::indexTriggered, this, &KmagApp::setZoomIndex);
connect(m_pRotationBox, &KSelectAction::indexTriggered, this, &KmagApp::setRotationIndex);
connect(m_pFPSBox, &KSelectAction::indexTriggered, this, &KmagApp::setFPSIndex);
connect(m_pColorBox, &KSelectAction::indexTriggered, this, &KmagApp::setColorIndex);
connect(m_pZoomBox, SIGNAL(triggered(int)), this, SLOT(setZoomIndex(int)));
connect(m_pRotationBox, SIGNAL(triggered(int)), this, SLOT(setRotationIndex(int)));
connect(m_pFPSBox, SIGNAL(triggered(int)), this, SLOT(setFPSIndex(int)));
connect(m_pColorBox, SIGNAL(triggered(int)), this, SLOT(setColorIndex(int)));
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