Commit b4bf2009 authored by Vlad Rakhmanin's avatar Vlad Rakhmanin
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Deleted enum function.

Deleted the function that converted an enum to a string, as this is no longer necessary after the refactor.
parent 99e821a1
......@@ -360,20 +360,3 @@ QString Kontrast::getFontSizeQualityLabel()
return fontSizeQualityLabel;
QString Kontrast::getStringFromEnum(Quality quality)
QString qualityDescription;
switch (quality) {
case Bad:
qualityDescription = i18nc("A bad quality", "bad");
case Good:
qualityDescription = i18nc("A good quality", "good");
case Perfect:
qualityDescription = i18nc("A perfect quality", "perfect");
return qualityDescription;
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