Commit 8e389795 authored by Dominik Haumann's avatar Dominik Haumann

External Tools CMakeLists.txt: Fix capitalization of "FOUND"

parent 5633942f
# find_package(KF5TextEditor QUIET REQUIRED) # find_package(KF5TextEditor QUIET REQUIRED)
if(${KF5TextEditor_VERSION} VERSION_LESS 5.63.0) if(${KF5TextEditor_VERSION} VERSION_LESS 5.63.0)
return() return()
endif() endif()
find_package(KF5I18n QUIET REQUIRED) find_package(KF5I18n QUIET)
if(NOT KF5I18n_Found) if(NOT KF5I18n_FOUND)
return() return()
endif() endif()
find_package(KF5IconThemes QUIET) find_package(KF5IconThemes QUIET)
set_package_properties(KF5IconThemes PROPERTIES PURPOSE "Required to build the externaltools addon")
if(NOT KF5IconThemes_FOUND) if(NOT KF5IconThemes_FOUND)
return() return()
endif() endif()
find_package(Qt5Test QUIET REQUIRED) find_package(Qt5Test QUIET REQUIRED)
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