Commit 2e77a152 authored by Vincent Pinon's avatar Vincent Pinon

Add x265 profile

parent c4aee8ed
......@@ -48,6 +48,10 @@
bitrates="8000,4000,2000,1000" defaultbitrate="4000"
audiobitrates="192,160,128" defaultaudiobitrate="160"
args="properties=x264-medium vb=%bitrate+'k' pass=%passes ab=%audiobitrate+'k'" />
<profile name="H.265/AAC HEVC"
qualities="18,20,25" defaultquality="20"
audiobitrates="192,160,128" defaultaudiobitrate="160"
args="properties=x265-medium x265-params=crf=%quality ab=%audiobitrate+'k'" />
<profile name="MPEG-4/MP3 Advanced Simple Profile"
qualities="3,5,8" defaultquality="5"
audioqualities="3,5,7" defaultaudioquality="5"
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