Commit 48a42073 authored by Stanislas Zeller's avatar Stanislas Zeller

# translation of kdenlive.po to français

# Gilles CAULIER <>, 2003, 2004.
# Jean-Michel Pouré <>, 2006.
# Sébastien Heckmann <>, 2006.
# jb <>, 2006.
# Stanislas Zeller <>, 2009.
# translation of fr.po to
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: kdenlive\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2009-06-27 01:49+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-06-30 09:05+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Stanislas Zeller <>\n"
"Language-Team: français <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.4\n"
"Plural-Forms:  nplurals=2; plural=(n > 1);\n"

#: src/clipproperties.cpp:499 src/slideshowclip.cpp:130
#, kde-format
msgid "%1 images found"
msgstr "%1 images trouvées"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:964 rc.cpp:1508 rc.cpp:3280 rc.cpp:4662
msgid "+X"
msgstr "+X"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:989 rc.cpp:1511 rc.cpp:3283 rc.cpp:4665
msgid "+Y"
msgstr "+Y"

#: rc.cpp:574 rc.cpp:659 rc.cpp:662 rc.cpp:902 rc.cpp:908 rc.cpp:914
#: rc.cpp:920 rc.cpp:929 rc.cpp:1427 rc.cpp:1430 rc.cpp:1433 rc.cpp:1436
#: rc.cpp:1439 rc.cpp:1442 rc.cpp:1445 rc.cpp:1448 rc.cpp:1454 rc.cpp:1457
#: rc.cpp:1745 rc.cpp:1748 rc.cpp:2346 rc.cpp:2431 rc.cpp:2434 rc.cpp:2674
#: rc.cpp:2680 rc.cpp:2686 rc.cpp:2692 rc.cpp:2701 rc.cpp:3199 rc.cpp:3202
#: rc.cpp:3205 rc.cpp:3208 rc.cpp:3211 rc.cpp:3214 rc.cpp:3217 rc.cpp:3220
#: rc.cpp:3226 rc.cpp:3229 rc.cpp:3517 rc.cpp:3520 rc.cpp:3728 rc.cpp:3813
#: rc.cpp:3816 rc.cpp:4056 rc.cpp:4062 rc.cpp:4068 rc.cpp:4074 rc.cpp:4083
#: rc.cpp:4581 rc.cpp:4584 rc.cpp:4587 rc.cpp:4590 rc.cpp:4593 rc.cpp:4596
#: rc.cpp:4599 rc.cpp:4602 rc.cpp:4608 rc.cpp:4611 rc.cpp:4899 rc.cpp:4902
msgid "..."
msgstr "..."

#: rc.cpp:728 rc.cpp:734 rc.cpp:740 rc.cpp:2500 rc.cpp:2506 rc.cpp:2512
#: rc.cpp:3882 rc.cpp:3888 rc.cpp:3894
msgid "/"
msgstr "/"

#: rc.cpp:1148 rc.cpp:2920 rc.cpp:4302
msgid "/dev/dsp"
msgstr "/dev/dsp"

#: rc.cpp:1169 rc.cpp:2941 rc.cpp:4323
msgid "/dev/video0"
msgstr "/dev/video0"

#: rc.cpp:1526 rc.cpp:3298 rc.cpp:4680
msgid "0"
msgstr "0"

#: rc.cpp:595 rc.cpp:1682 rc.cpp:2367 rc.cpp:3454 rc.cpp:3749 rc.cpp:4836
msgid "1"
msgstr "1"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:83
msgid "100%"
msgstr "100 %"

#: rc.cpp:1205 rc.cpp:2977 rc.cpp:4359
msgid "11250"
msgstr "11250"

#: rc.cpp:1685 rc.cpp:3457 rc.cpp:4839
msgid "2"
msgstr "2"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:84
msgid "200%"
msgstr "200 %"

#: rc.cpp:1202 rc.cpp:2974 rc.cpp:4356
msgid "22500"
msgstr "22500"

#: rc.cpp:1325 rc.cpp:3097 rc.cpp:3578 rc.cpp:4479 rc.cpp:4960
msgid "25/1"
msgstr "25/1"

#: rc.cpp:1199 rc.cpp:2971 rc.cpp:4353
msgid "32000"
msgstr "32000"

#: rc.cpp:1175 rc.cpp:2947 rc.cpp:4329
msgid "320x240"
msgstr "320x240"

#: rc.cpp:1337 rc.cpp:3109 rc.cpp:3590 rc.cpp:4491 rc.cpp:4972
msgid "4/3"
msgstr "4/3"

#: rc.cpp:1196 rc.cpp:2968 rc.cpp:4350
msgid "41000"
msgstr "41000"

#: rc.cpp:1193 rc.cpp:2965 rc.cpp:4347
msgid "48000"
msgstr "48000"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:82
msgid "50%"
msgstr "50 %"

#: rc.cpp:1331 rc.cpp:3103 rc.cpp:3584 rc.cpp:4485 rc.cpp:4966
msgid "59/54"
msgstr "59/54"

#: rc.cpp:1319 rc.cpp:3091 rc.cpp:3572 rc.cpp:4473 rc.cpp:4954
msgid "720x576"
msgstr "720x576"

#: rc.cpp:815 rc.cpp:1001 rc.cpp:1007 rc.cpp:1013 rc.cpp:1259 rc.cpp:1271
#: rc.cpp:1298 rc.cpp:1307 rc.cpp:1361 rc.cpp:1385 rc.cpp:1562 rc.cpp:1577
#: rc.cpp:1631 rc.cpp:1640 rc.cpp:1724 rc.cpp:2587 rc.cpp:2773 rc.cpp:2779
#: rc.cpp:2785 rc.cpp:3031 rc.cpp:3043 rc.cpp:3070 rc.cpp:3079 rc.cpp:3133
#: rc.cpp:3157 rc.cpp:3334 rc.cpp:3349 rc.cpp:3403 rc.cpp:3412 rc.cpp:3496
#: rc.cpp:3969 rc.cpp:4155 rc.cpp:4161 rc.cpp:4167 rc.cpp:4413 rc.cpp:4425
#: rc.cpp:4452 rc.cpp:4461 rc.cpp:4515 rc.cpp:4539 rc.cpp:4716 rc.cpp:4731
#: rc.cpp:4785 rc.cpp:4794 rc.cpp:4878
msgid "99:99:99:99; "
msgstr "99:99:99:99;·"

#: rc.cpp:1301 rc.cpp:3073 rc.cpp:4455
msgid ":::"
msgstr ":::"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:132
msgid ""
"<p><strong>&laquo;</strong> (u+00ab, <code>&amp;lfquo;</code> in HTML) and "
"<strong>&raquo;</strong> (u+00bb, <code>&amp;rfquo;</code> in HTML) are "
"called Guillemets or angle quotes. Usage in different countries: France "
"(with non-breaking Space 0x00a0), Switzerland, Germany, Finland and Sweden.</"
"p><p><strong>&lsaquo;</strong> and <strong>&rsaquo;</strong> (U+2039/203a, "
"<code>&amp;lsaquo;/&amp;rsaquo;</code>) are their single quote equivalents.</"
"p><p>See <a href=\"\">Wikipedia:"
msgstr ""
"<p><strong>&laquo;</strong> (u+00ab, <code>&amp;lfquo;</code> en HTML) et "
"<strong>&raquo;</strong> (u+00bb, <code>&amp;rfquo;</code> en HTML) sont "
"appelés « guillemets ». Utilisation dans différents pays : France (avec des espaces "
"insécables 0x00a0), Suisse, Allemagne, Finlande et Suède.</p><p><strong>&lsaquo; "
"</strong> et <strong>&rsaquo;</strong> (U+2039/203a, <code>&amp;lsaquo;/&amp;rsaquo; "
"</code>) sont leurs équivalents.</p><p>Lire l'article sur <a href=\"\"> "
"Wikipedia : guillemets</a></p>."

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:156
msgid ""
"<p>An em Dash (dash of the widht of an m).</p><p>Usage examples: In English "
"language to mark&#x2014;like here&#x2014;thoughts. Traditionally without "
"spaces. </p><p>See <a href=\"\">Wikipedia:"
msgstr ""
"<p> « Em » est un tiret long (de la longueur d'un m).</p><p>Exemples d'utilisation : dans "
"la langue anglaise pour écrire &#x2014;comme ceci&#x2014;. Traditionnellement "
"sans espaces. </p><p>Lire l'article sur <a href=\"\">Wikipedia : "

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:154
msgid ""
"<p>An en Dash (dash of the width of an n).</p><p>Usage examples: In English "
"language for value ranges (1878&#x2013;1903), for relationships/connections "
"(Zurich&#x2013;Dublin). In the German language it is also used (with "
"spaces!) for showing thoughts: &ldquo;Es war &#x2013; wie immer in den "
"Ferien &#x2013; ein regnerischer Tag.</p> <p>See <a href=\"http://en."
msgstr ""
"<p> « En » est un tiret court (de la longueur d'un n).</p><p>Exemples d'utilisation : "
"dans la langue anglaise pour les valeurs de dates (1878&#x2013;1903), pour les "
"connexions / relations (Zurich&#x2013;Dublin). Dans la langue allemande, il est "
"aussi utilisé (avec des espaces !) pour afficher des considérations : &ldquo;Es war "
"&#x2013; wie immer in den Ferien &#x2013; ein regnerischer Tag.</p> <p>Lire l'article "
"sur <a href=\"\">Wikipedia : tiret</a></p>."

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:158
msgid ""
"<p>Narrow no-break space. Has the same width as U+2009.</p><p>Usage: For "
"units (spaces are marked with U+2423, &#x2423;): 230&#x2423;V, "
"&#x2212;21&#x2423;&deg;C, 50&#x2423;lb, <em>but</em> 90&deg; (no space). In "
"German for abbreviations (like: i.&#x202f;d.&#x202f;R. instead of i.&#xa0;d."
"&#xa0;R. with U+00a0).</p><p>See <a href=\""
msgstr ""
"<p>Espace insécable restreint. A la même longueur que U+2009.</p><p> "
"Utilisation : pour les unités (les espaces sont affichés avec U+2423, &#x2423;) : "
"230&#x2423;V, &#x2212;21&#x2423;&deg;C, 50&#x2423;lb, <em>mais</em> 90&deg; "
"(pas d'espace). En allemand pour les abréviations (comme : i.&#x202f;d.&#x202f;R. "
"à la place de i.&#xa0;d.&#xa0;R. avec U+00a0).</p><p>Lire l'article sur <a href=\""
"Schmales_Leerzeichen\"> : Schmales Leerzeichen</a></p>."

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:118
msgid "<small>(no character selected)</small>"
msgstr "<small>(pas de caractère sélectionné)</small>"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:174
msgid "<small>No additional information available for this character.</small>"
msgstr "<small>Aucune information n'est disponible pour ce caractère.</small>"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:174
msgid ""
"<strong><em>Recordmydesktop</em> utility not found, please install it for "
"screen grabs</strong>"
msgstr ""
"<strong>Impossible de trouver <em>Recordmydesktop</em>, veuillez l'installer "
"pour réaliser des captures d'écran</strong>"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:168
msgid ""
"<strong><em>dvgrab</em> utility not found, please install it for firewire "
msgstr ""
"<strong>Impossible de trouver l'utilitaire <em>dvgrab</em>, veuillez "
"l'installer pour toute capture firewire</strong>"

#: src/dvdwizardvob.cpp:55 src/dvdwizardvob.cpp:56
#, kde-format
msgid "<strong>Program %1 is required for the DVD wizard.</strong>"
msgstr "<strong>Le programme %1 est requis pour l'assistant de DVD.</strong>"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1354
#, kde-format
msgid "<strong>Rendering of %1 crashed</strong><br />"
msgstr "Le <strong>rendu de %1 a été interrompu par une erreur fatale</strong><br />"

#: rc.cpp:638 rc.cpp:653 rc.cpp:1529 rc.cpp:2410 rc.cpp:2425 rc.cpp:3301
#: rc.cpp:3548 rc.cpp:3617 rc.cpp:3792 rc.cpp:3807 rc.cpp:4683 rc.cpp:4930
#: rc.cpp:4999
msgid "A"
msgstr "A"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3628
#, kde-format
msgid "A guide already exists at position %1"
msgstr "Un guide est déjà placé à la position %1"

#: src/profilesdialog.cpp:141
msgid ""
"A profile with same name already exists in MLT's default profiles, please "
"choose another description for your custom profile."
msgstr ""
"Un nom identique existe déjà dans le dossier des profils par défaut de MLT. "
"Veuillez renommer votre profil personnalisé."

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:211 rc.cpp:1208 rc.cpp:2980 rc.cpp:4362
msgid "ALSA"
msgstr "ALSA"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:215
msgid "ARTS daemon"
msgstr "Système de son ARTS"

#: src/cliptranscode.cpp:108 rc.cpp:890 rc.cpp:2662 rc.cpp:4044
msgid "Abort"
msgstr "Interrompre"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1388 rc.cpp:565 rc.cpp:2337 rc.cpp:3719
msgid "Abort Job"
msgstr "Interrompre la tâche"

#: rc.cpp:1544 rc.cpp:3316 rc.cpp:4698
msgid "Activate crash recovery (auto save)"
msgstr "Activer la récupération après plantage (sauvegarde automatique)"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1280 src/customtrackview.cpp:1324
#: src/addeffectcommand.cpp:38
#, kde-format
msgid "Add %1"
msgstr "Ajouter %1"

#: rc.cpp:5050
msgid "Add Audio Effect"
msgstr "Ajouter un effet audio"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1110
msgid "Add Clip"
msgstr "Ajouter un clip"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1114
msgid "Add Color Clip"
msgstr "Ajouter un clip couleur"

#: rc.cpp:5053
msgid "Add Custom Effect"
msgstr "Ajouter un effet personnalisé"

#: src/customruler.cpp:72 src/mainwindow.cpp:1040 src/customtrackview.cpp:3643
msgid "Add Guide"
msgstr "Ajouter un guide"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:186
msgid "Add Image"
msgstr "Ajouter une image"

#: src/clipproperties.cpp:293 src/mainwindow.cpp:978 src/mainwindow.cpp:1952
msgid "Add Marker"
msgstr "Ajouter un repère"

#: rc.cpp:1709 rc.cpp:3481 rc.cpp:4863
msgid "Add Profile"
msgstr "Ajouter un profil"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:180
msgid "Add Rectangle"
msgstr "Ajouter un rectangle"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1118 src/slideshowclip.cpp:35
msgid "Add Slideshow Clip"
msgstr "Ajouter un clip diaporama"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1126
msgid "Add Template Title"
msgstr "Ajouter un modèle de titre"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:174
msgid "Add Text"
msgstr "Ajouter du texte"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1122
msgid "Add Title Clip"
msgstr "Ajouter un clip titre"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:311
msgid "Add Transition"
msgstr "Ajouter une transition"

#: rc.cpp:5047
msgid "Add Video Effect"
msgstr "Ajouter un effet vidéo"

#: src/clipitem.cpp:899 src/clipitem.cpp:906
msgid "Add audio fade"
msgstr "Ajouter une atténuation audio"

#: rc.cpp:701 rc.cpp:2473 rc.cpp:3855
msgid "Add chapter"
msgstr "Ajouter un chapitre"

#: src/addclipcommand.cpp:33
msgid "Add clip"
msgstr "Ajouter un clip"

#: rc.cpp:785 rc.cpp:2557 rc.cpp:3939
msgid "Add clip to project"
msgstr "Ajouter un clip au projet"

#: src/clipmanager.cpp:234
msgid "Add clips"
msgstr "Ajouter des clips"

#: src/addfoldercommand.cpp:33
msgid "Add folder"
msgstr "Ajouter un dossier"

#: src/editguidecommand.cpp:33
msgid "Add guide"
msgstr "Ajouter un guide"

#: src/complexparameter.cpp:44 src/geometryval.cpp:68
#: src/editkeyframecommand.cpp:38
msgid "Add keyframe"
msgstr "Ajouter une image clé"

#: src/clipproperties.cpp:240 src/addmarkercommand.cpp:33
msgid "Add marker"
msgstr "Ajouter un repère"

#: rc.cpp:1754 rc.cpp:3526 rc.cpp:4908
msgid "Add movie file"
msgstr "Ajouter un fichier vidéo"

#: src/dvdwizardmenu.cpp:43
msgid "Add new button"
msgstr "Ajouter un bouton"

#: src/effectstackview.cpp:46
msgid "Add new effect"
msgstr "Ajouter un effet"

#: src/dvdwizardvob.cpp:92
msgid "Add new video file"
msgstr "Ajouter un fichier vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:1136 rc.cpp:2908 rc.cpp:4290
msgid "Add recording time to captured file name"
msgstr "Ajouter la date et l'heure du film au nom du fichier capturé"

#: rc.cpp:1382 rc.cpp:3154 rc.cpp:4536
msgid "Add space"
msgstr "Ajouter un espace"

#: src/addtimelineclipcommand.cpp:36 src/customtrackview.cpp:1743
msgid "Add timeline clip"
msgstr "Ajouter un clip de montage"

#: src/addtrackcommand.cpp:33
msgid "Add track"
msgstr "Ajouter une piste"

#: src/clipitem.cpp:913 src/clipitem.cpp:916
msgid "Add transition"
msgstr "Ajouter une transition"

#: src/addtransitioncommand.cpp:34
msgid "Add transition to clip"
msgstr "Ajouter une transition au clip"

#: src/wizard.cpp:113
msgid "Additional Settings"
msgstr "Configuration additionnelle"

#: rc.cpp:463 rc.cpp:2235
msgid "Adjust audio volume with keyframes"
msgstr "Ajuster le volume sonore en fonction des images-clés"

#: src/changespeedcommand.cpp:34
msgid "Adjust clip length"
msgstr "Ajuster la longueur du clip"

#: rc.cpp:311 rc.cpp:2083
msgid "Adjust size and position of clip"
msgstr "Ajuster la taille et la position du clip"

#: rc.cpp:179 rc.cpp:1951
msgid "Adjust the audio volume without keyframes"
msgstr "Ajuster le volume sonore en fonction des images-clés"

#: rc.cpp:132 rc.cpp:1904
msgid "Adjust the white balance / color temperature"
msgstr "Ajuster la température de la couleur / balance des blancs"

#: rc.cpp:1688 rc.cpp:3460 rc.cpp:4842
msgid "Advanced"
msgstr "Expert"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:135
msgid "Align center"
msgstr "Aligner au centre"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:156
msgid "Align item horizontally"
msgstr "Aligner l'élément horizontalement"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:158
msgid "Align item vertically"
msgstr "Aligner l'élément verticalement"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:134
msgid "Align left"
msgstr "Aligner à gauche"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:133
msgid "Align right"
msgstr "Aligner à droite"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:88
msgid "Align..."
msgstr "Aligner..."

#: rc.cpp:1760 rc.cpp:3532 rc.cpp:4914
msgid "All"
msgstr "Tous"

#: src/projectlist.cpp:625
msgid "All Files"
msgstr "Tous les fichiers"

#: src/projectlist.cpp:624
msgid "All Supported Files"
msgstr "Tous les fichiers gérés"

#: src/spacerdialog.cpp:38
msgid "All tracks"
msgstr "Toutes les pistes"

#: src/complexparameter.cpp:36
msgid "Allow horizontal moves"
msgstr "Autoriser les déplacements horizontaux"

#: src/complexparameter.cpp:38
msgid "Allow vertical moves"
msgstr "Autoriser les déplacements verticaux"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:755 src/renderwidget.cpp:1486
msgid "Already running"
msgstr "En cours d'exécution"

#: rc.cpp:147 rc.cpp:471 rc.cpp:1919 rc.cpp:2243
msgid "Amplitude"
msgstr "Amplitude"

#: src/main.cpp:39
msgid "An open source video editor."
msgstr "Un éditeur vidéo Open Source."

#: rc.cpp:325 rc.cpp:2097
msgid "Animate Rotate X"
msgstr "Pivotement animé X"

#: rc.cpp:327 rc.cpp:2099
msgid "Animate Rotate Y"
msgstr "Pivotement animé Y"

#: rc.cpp:329 rc.cpp:2101
msgid "Animate Rotate Z"
msgstr "Pivotement animé Z"

#: rc.cpp:335 rc.cpp:2107
msgid "Animate Shear X"
msgstr "Cisaillement animé X"

#: rc.cpp:337 rc.cpp:2109
msgid "Animate Shear Y"
msgstr "Cisaillement animé Y"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:235
msgid "Ascii art library"
msgstr "Bibliothèque art ASCII"

#: rc.cpp:1328 rc.cpp:3100 rc.cpp:4482
msgid "Aspect ratio:"
msgstr "Proportion de l'aspect : "

#: rc.cpp:1022 rc.cpp:1604 rc.cpp:1766 rc.cpp:2794 rc.cpp:3376 rc.cpp:3538
#: rc.cpp:3602 rc.cpp:4176 rc.cpp:4758 rc.cpp:4920 rc.cpp:4984
msgid "Audio"
msgstr "Audio"

#: rc.cpp:608 rc.cpp:2380 rc.cpp:3762
msgid "Audio Codecs"
msgstr "Codecs audio"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:998
msgid "Audio Only"
msgstr "Audio seulement"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1008 src/customtrackview.cpp:4551
msgid "Audio and Video"
msgstr "Audio et vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:1187 rc.cpp:2959 rc.cpp:4341
msgid "Audio channels"
msgstr "Canaux audio"

#: src/projectitem.cpp:188 src/documentchecker.cpp:71
msgid "Audio clip"
msgstr "Clip audio"

#: rc.cpp:1607 rc.cpp:3379 rc.cpp:4761
msgid "Audio codec"
msgstr "Codec audio"

#: rc.cpp:1154 rc.cpp:2926 rc.cpp:4308
msgid "Audio device"
msgstr "Périphérique audio"

#: rc.cpp:1064 rc.cpp:2836 rc.cpp:4218
msgid "Audio device:"
msgstr "Périphérique audio : "

#: rc.cpp:1061 rc.cpp:2833 rc.cpp:4215
msgid "Audio driver:"
msgstr "Pilote audio : "

#: rc.cpp:965 rc.cpp:2737 rc.cpp:4119
msgid "Audio editing"
msgstr "Retouche audio"

#: src/clipitem.cpp:900 src/clipitem.cpp:907
#, c-format, kde-format
msgid "Audio fade duration: %1s"
msgstr "Durée du fondu audio : %1s"

#: rc.cpp:1190 rc.cpp:2962 rc.cpp:4344
msgid "Audio frequency"
msgstr "Fréquence audio"

#: rc.cpp:1700 rc.cpp:3472 rc.cpp:4854
msgid "Audio index"
msgstr "Index audio"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1068 src/customtrackview.cpp:4526
msgid "Audio only"
msgstr "Audio seulement"

#: rc.cpp:992 rc.cpp:2764 rc.cpp:4146
msgid "Audio track"
msgstr "Piste audio"

#: rc.cpp:1346 rc.cpp:3118 rc.cpp:3605 rc.cpp:4500 rc.cpp:4987
msgid "Audio tracks"
msgstr "Pistes audio"

#: src/effectslist.cpp:126 src/effectslist.cpp:137
msgid "Author:"
msgstr "Auteur : "

#: src/transitionsettings.cpp:69 rc.cpp:514 rc.cpp:2286 rc.cpp:3668
msgid "Auto"
msgstr "Auto"

#: rc.cpp:2 rc.cpp:1774
msgid "Auto Mask"
msgstr "Masque automatique"

#: rc.cpp:617 rc.cpp:2389 rc.cpp:3771
msgid "Auto add"
msgstr "Ajouter automatiquement"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1420
msgid "Auto-saved files exist. Do you want to recover them now?"
msgstr ""
"Des fichiers enregistrés automatiquement sont disponibles. Voulez-vous les "
"récupérer ?"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:209 src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:226
msgid "Automatic"
msgstr "Automatique"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:959
msgid "Automatic Transition"
msgstr "Transition automatique"

#: rc.cpp:1133 rc.cpp:2905 rc.cpp:4287
msgid "Automatically start a new file on scene cut"
msgstr "Démarrer automatiquement un nouveau fichier sur une scène coupée"

#: rc.cpp:1031 rc.cpp:2803 rc.cpp:4185
msgid "Autoscroll while playing"
msgstr "Faire défiler automatiquement la barre de montage durant la lecture"

#: rc.cpp:599 rc.cpp:2371 rc.cpp:3753
msgid "Available Codecs (avformat)"
msgstr "Codecs disponibles (libavformat)"

#: src/wizard.cpp:164
msgid "Avformat module (FFmpeg)"
msgstr "Module Avformat (FFmpeg)"

#: rc.cpp:680 rc.cpp:2452 rc.cpp:3834
msgid "Back to menu"
msgstr "Retour au menu"

#: rc.cpp:683 rc.cpp:686 rc.cpp:1466 rc.cpp:2455 rc.cpp:2458 rc.cpp:3238
#: rc.cpp:3837 rc.cpp:3840 rc.cpp:4620
msgid "Background"
msgstr "Arrière plan"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:153
msgid "Background Transparency"
msgstr "Transparence de l'arrière-plan"

#: rc.cpp:1451 rc.cpp:3223 rc.cpp:4605
msgid "BasicOperations"
msgstr "OpérationsSimples"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:235
msgid "Beginning"
msgstr "Début"

#: src/trackview.cpp:79
msgid "Bigger tracks"
msgstr "Agrandir la taille des pistes"

#: src/transitionsettings.cpp:73
msgid "Black"
msgstr "Noir"

#: rc.cpp:46 rc.cpp:1818
msgid "Blue Screen"
msgstr "Écran bleu"

#: rc.cpp:16 rc.cpp:1788
msgid "Blur factor"
msgstr "Niveau de flou"

#: rc.cpp:14 rc.cpp:1786
msgid "Blur image with keyframes"
msgstr "Flouter l'image avec les images-cléss"

#: rc.cpp:1418 rc.cpp:3190 rc.cpp:4572
msgid "Border color"
msgstr "Couleur de bordure"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:148
msgid "Border transparency"
msgstr "Transparence des bordures"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:96 rc.cpp:70 rc.cpp:1842
msgid "Bottom"
msgstr "Bas"

#: rc.cpp:12 rc.cpp:1784
msgid "Box Blur"
msgstr "Flou par pixelisation"

#: rc.cpp:22 rc.cpp:1794
msgid "Brightness (keyframable)"
msgstr "Luminosité (par image clé)"

#: src/trackview.cpp:525
#, kde-format
msgid "Broken clip producer %1"
msgstr "Producteur de clip %1 cassé"

#: rc.cpp:1211 rc.cpp:1220 rc.cpp:2983 rc.cpp:2992 rc.cpp:4365 rc.cpp:4374
msgid "Buffer"
msgstr "Buffer"

#: src/main.cpp:45 src/main.cpp:46
msgid "Bug fixing etc."
msgstr "Correction de bogues, etc."

#: rc.cpp:884 rc.cpp:2656 rc.cpp:4038
msgid "Burn"
msgstr "Graver"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:90 src/dvdwizard.cpp:97
#, kde-format
msgid "Burn with %1"
msgstr "Graver avec %1"

#: rc.cpp:665 rc.cpp:2437 rc.cpp:3819
msgid "Button"
msgstr "Bouton"

#: rc.cpp:1088 rc.cpp:2860 rc.cpp:4242
msgid "Button 1"
msgstr "Bouton 1"

#: rc.cpp:1091 rc.cpp:2863 rc.cpp:4245
msgid "Button 2"
msgstr "Bouton 2"

#: rc.cpp:1094 rc.cpp:2866 rc.cpp:4248
msgid "Button 3"
msgstr "Bouton 3"

#: rc.cpp:1097 rc.cpp:2869 rc.cpp:4251
msgid "Button 4"
msgstr "Bouton 4"

#: rc.cpp:1100 rc.cpp:2872 rc.cpp:4254
msgid "Button 5"
msgstr "Bouton 5"

#: rc.cpp:677 rc.cpp:2449 rc.cpp:3831
msgid "Button colors"
msgstr "Couleurs des boutons"

#: rc.cpp:749 rc.cpp:2521 rc.cpp:3903
msgid "C"
msgstr "C"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1345
msgid "Cannot add a video effect to this clip"
msgstr "Impossible d'ajouter un effet video au clip"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1339
msgid "Cannot add an audio effect to this clip"
msgstr "Impossible d'ajouter un effet audio au clip"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:861 src/customtrackview.cpp:890
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1582 src/customtrackview.cpp:1608
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1634 src/customtrackview.cpp:1658
msgid "Cannot add transition"
msgstr "Impossible d'ajouter la transition"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4507 src/customtrackview.cpp:4532
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4557
msgid "Cannot change grouped clips"
msgstr "Impossible de modifier les clips groupés"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:758 src/customtrackview.cpp:2881
msgid "Cannot cut a clip in a group"
msgstr "Impossible de couper un clip dans un groupe"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:753
msgid "Cannot cut a transition"
msgstr "Impossible de couper une transition"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2859
msgid "Cannot find clip for speed change"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver le clip pour la modification de la vitesse"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1254
msgid "Cannot find clip to add effect"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver le clip pour appliquer un effet"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1947
msgid "Cannot find clip to add marker"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver le clip pour ajouter un marqueur"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1464
msgid "Cannot find clip to cut"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver le clip à couper"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1976 src/mainwindow.cpp:2005 src/mainwindow.cpp:2029
msgid "Cannot find clip to remove marker"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver le clip pour supprimer le marqueur"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1511
msgid "Cannot find clip to uncut"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver le clip pour annuler l'action « couper »"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1104
msgid "Cannot find clip with keyframe"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver un clip à partir de l'image clé"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1530 src/renderwidget.cpp:590
msgid "Cannot find the melt program required for rendering (part of Mlt)"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver le programme Melt pour le rendu (une élément de MLT)"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1515
msgid "Cannot find your Mlt profiles, please give the path"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver vos profils MLT, veuillez indiquer l'emplacement"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2122
#, kde-format
msgid "Cannot move clip at position %1, track %2"
msgstr "Impossible de déplacer le clip à la position %1, piste %2"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3119 src/customtrackview.cpp:3305
#, kde-format
msgid "Cannot move clip at time: %1 on track %2"
msgstr "Impossible de déplacer le clip à l'horodatage : %1 sur la piste %2"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2404 src/customtrackview.cpp:3155
#, kde-format
msgid "Cannot move clip to position %1"
msgstr "Impossible de déplacer le clip à l'emplacement %1"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2412
msgid "Cannot move transition"
msgstr "Impossible de déplacer la transition"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2132
#, kde-format
msgid "Cannot move transition at position %1, track %2"
msgstr "Impossible de déplacer la transition à la position %1, piste %2"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3257
#, kde-format
msgid "Cannot move transition at time: %1 on track %2"
msgstr "Impossible de déplacer la transition à l'horodatage : %1 sur la piste %2"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3954
msgid "Cannot paste clip to selected place"
msgstr "Impossible de coller le clip à l'emplacement sélectionné"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3925 src/customtrackview.cpp:3937
msgid "Cannot paste selected clips"
msgstr "Impossible de coller les clips sélectionnés"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3965
msgid "Cannot paste transition to selected place"
msgstr "Impossible de coller la transition à l'emplacement indiqué"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:594
msgid ""
"Cannot play video after rendering because the default video player "
"application is not set.\n"
"Please define it in Kdenlive settings dialog."
msgstr ""
"Impossible de jouer la vidéo après le rendu, tant qu'un lecteur vidéo par "
"défaut n'est pas choisi.\n"
"Veuillez choisir un lecteur vidéo par défaut dans la boîte de dialogue de "

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:213
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Cannot read from device %1\n"
"Please check drivers and access rights."
msgstr ""
"Impossible de lire depuis le périphérique %1\n"
"Veuillez vérifier les pilotes et les droits d'accès."

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2554 src/customtrackview.cpp:2616
msgid "Cannot resize transition"
msgstr "Impossible de redimensionner la transition"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4412
msgid "Cannot split audio of grouped clips"
msgstr "Impossible de scinder la piste audio des clips groupés"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:503 src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:509 src/titlewidget.cpp:1253
#: src/profilesdialog.cpp:166 src/profilesdialog.cpp:172
#: src/profilesdialog.cpp:425 src/profilesdialog.cpp:431
#: src/renderwidget.cpp:371 src/renderwidget.cpp:471 src/renderwidget.cpp:477
#: src/renderwidget.cpp:537 src/renderwidget.cpp:718 src/renderwidget.cpp:732
#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1565 src/renderwidget.cpp:1590 src/dvdwizard.cpp:681
#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:687
#, kde-format
msgid "Cannot write to file %1"
msgstr "Impossible d'écrire dans le fichier %1"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:76
msgid "Capture"
msgstr "Acquisition"

#: rc.cpp:1184 rc.cpp:2956 rc.cpp:4338
msgid "Capture audio"
msgstr "Acquisition audio"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:564
msgid "Capture crashed, please check your parameters"
msgstr "Plantage de l'acquisition, veuillez vérifier vos paramètres"

#: rc.cpp:953 rc.cpp:2725 rc.cpp:4107
msgid "Capture folder"
msgstr "Dossier d'acquisition"

#: rc.cpp:1118 rc.cpp:2890 rc.cpp:4272
msgid "Capture format"
msgstr "Format d'acquisition"

#: rc.cpp:1157 rc.cpp:2929 rc.cpp:4311
msgid "Capture params"
msgstr "Paramètres de capture"

#: rc.cpp:1394 rc.cpp:3166 rc.cpp:4548
msgid "Captured files"
msgstr "Fichiers acquis"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:90
msgid "Center"
msgstr "Centrer"

#: rc.cpp:353 rc.cpp:2125
msgid "Center Frequency"
msgstr "Fréquence centrée"

#: rc.cpp:962 rc.cpp:968 rc.cpp:974 rc.cpp:2734 rc.cpp:2740 rc.cpp:2746
#: rc.cpp:4116 rc.cpp:4122 rc.cpp:4128
msgid "Change"
msgstr "Modifier"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:950
msgid "Change Clip Speed"
msgstr "Modifier la vitesse du clip"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1036
msgid "Change Track"
msgstr "Modifier la piste"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4232 src/headertrack.cpp:83
msgid "Change Track Type"
msgstr "Modifier le type de piste"

#: src/changecliptypecommand.cpp:36
msgid "Change clip type"
msgstr "Modifier le type du clip"

#: rc.cpp:185 rc.cpp:1957
msgid "Change gamma color value"
msgstr "Modifier la valeur gamma de la couleur"

#: rc.cpp:24 rc.cpp:1796
msgid "Change image brightness with keyframes"
msgstr "Modifier la luminosité de l'image à partir des images-clés"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4228
msgid "Change track"
msgstr "Modifier la piste"

#: src/changetrackcommand.cpp:33
msgid "Change track type"
msgstr "Modifier le type de piste"

#: rc.cpp:1610 rc.cpp:3382 rc.cpp:4764
msgid "Channels"
msgstr "Canaux"

#: rc.cpp:32 rc.cpp:1804
msgid "Charcoal"
msgstr "Crayonnage"

#: rc.cpp:34 rc.cpp:1806
msgid "Charcoal drawing effect"
msgstr "Effet de dessin crayonné"

#: rc.cpp:611 rc.cpp:2383 rc.cpp:3765
msgid "CheckBox"
msgstr "Boîte à cocher"

#: src/wizard.cpp:67
msgid "Checking MLT engine"
msgstr "Vérification du moteur MLT"

#: src/wizard.cpp:127
msgid "Checking system"
msgstr "Vérification du système"

#: rc.cpp:54 rc.cpp:1826
msgid "Chroma Hold"
msgstr "Restriction de couleurs"

#: rc.cpp:345 rc.cpp:2117
msgid "Chrominance U"
msgstr "Chrominance U"

#: rc.cpp:347 rc.cpp:2119
msgid "Chrominance V"
msgstr "Chrominance V"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:207
msgid "Clean"
msgstr "Effacer"

#: rc.cpp:577 rc.cpp:2349 rc.cpp:3731
msgid "Clean Up"
msgstr "Nettoyer"

#: rc.cpp:5032
msgid "Clip"
msgstr "Clip"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:876 src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:884
#, kde-format
msgid "Clip <b>%1</b><br>is invalid or missing, what do you want to do?"
msgstr "Le clip <b>%1</b><br> est non valable ou manquant, que décidez-vous ?"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:873
#, kde-format
msgid "Clip <b>%1</b><br>is invalid, what do you want to do?"
msgstr "Le clip <b>%1</b><br> est non valable, que décidez-vous ?"

#: src/projectlist.cpp:647
#, kde-format
msgid "Clip <b>%1</b><br>is invalid, will be removed from project."
msgstr "Le clip <b>%1</b><br> est manquant et sera supprimé du projet."

#: src/projectlist.cpp:649
#, kde-format
msgid "Clip <b>%1</b><br>is missing or invalid. Remove it from project?"
msgstr "Le clip <b>%1</b><br> est manquant ou non valable. Le supprimer du projet ?"

#: rc.cpp:1556 rc.cpp:3328 rc.cpp:4710
msgid "Clip Color"
msgstr "Clip couleur"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:181
msgid "Clip Monitor"
msgstr "Moniteur de clip"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1134 rc.cpp:1565 rc.cpp:3337 rc.cpp:4719
msgid "Clip Properties"
msgstr "Propriétés du clip"

#: rc.cpp:161 rc.cpp:1933
msgid "Clip bottom"
msgstr "Clip bas"

#: src/clipitem.cpp:910
#, c-format, kde-format
msgid "Clip duration: %1s"
msgstr "Durée du clip : %1s"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3560
msgid "Clip has no markers"
msgstr "Le clip n'a aucun repères"

#: rc.cpp:155 rc.cpp:1927
msgid "Clip left"
msgstr "Clip gauche"

#: rc.cpp:157 rc.cpp:1929
msgid "Clip right"
msgstr "Clip droit"

#: rc.cpp:159 rc.cpp:1931
msgid "Clip top"
msgstr "Clip haut"

#: src/documentchecker.cpp:103
msgid "Clips folder"
msgstr "Dossier des clips"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:295
msgid "Clone"
msgstr "Cloner"

#: rc.cpp:764 rc.cpp:2536 rc.cpp:3918
msgid "Clone title clip"
msgstr "Cloner le titre du clip"

#: src/cliptranscode.cpp:129 rc.cpp:553 rc.cpp:568 rc.cpp:589 rc.cpp:2325
#: rc.cpp:2340 rc.cpp:2361 rc.cpp:3707 rc.cpp:3722 rc.cpp:3743
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Fermer"

#: rc.cpp:788 rc.cpp:2560 rc.cpp:3942
msgid "Close after transcode"
msgstr "Fermer après conversion"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:135
msgid "Close the current tab"
msgstr "Fermer l'onglet courant"

#: rc.cpp:243 rc.cpp:2015
msgid "Co-efficient"
msgstr "Coefficient"

#: rc.cpp:689 rc.cpp:1616 rc.cpp:1619 rc.cpp:2461 rc.cpp:3388 rc.cpp:3391
#: rc.cpp:3843 rc.cpp:4770 rc.cpp:4773
msgid "Color"
msgstr "Couleur"

#: src/projectlist.cpp:664
msgid "Color Clip"
msgstr "Clip couleur"

#: rc.cpp:138 rc.cpp:1910
msgid "Color Distance"
msgstr "Distance de couleur"

#: src/projectitem.cpp:197
msgid "Color clip"
msgstr "Clip couleur"

#: rc.cpp:1295 rc.cpp:3067 rc.cpp:4449
msgid "Color clips"
msgstr "Clips couleur"

#: rc.cpp:50 rc.cpp:58 rc.cpp:1822 rc.cpp:1830
msgid "Color key"
msgstr "Couleur clé"

#: rc.cpp:1364 rc.cpp:1667 rc.cpp:3136 rc.cpp:3439 rc.cpp:4518 rc.cpp:4821
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Commentaire"

#: src/wizard.cpp:44
msgid "Config Wizard"
msgstr "Assistant de configuration"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:84
msgid "Configure"
msgstr "Configurer"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:63 src/recmonitor.cpp:552
msgid "Connect"
msgstr "Connecter"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:124
msgid ""
"Control character. Cannot be inserted/printed. See <a href=\"http://en."
msgstr ""
"Lettre non imprimable. Impossible de l'insérer ou de l'imprimer. Lire l'article sur <a href=\"http://en."
"\"> : control character</a>"

#: rc.cpp:30 rc.cpp:1802
msgid "Copy the left channel to the right"
msgstr "Copier le canal gauche vers celui de droite"

#: src/main.cpp:41
msgid "Copyright (c) 2009 Development team"
msgstr "Copyright (©) 2009 l'équipe de développement"

#: src/renderer.cpp:1052
msgid ""
"Could not create the video preview window.\n"
"There is something wrong with your Kdenlive install or your driver settings, "
"please fix it."
msgstr ""
"Impossible d'afficher la fenêtre d'aperçu vidéo.\n"
"Il y a probablement un problème d'installation de Kdenlive ou de "
"configuration des pilotes, qu'il est nécessaire de corriger."

#: rc.cpp:279 rc.cpp:2051
msgid "Crackle"
msgstr "Crépitement"

#: rc.cpp:1286 rc.cpp:3058 rc.cpp:4440
msgid "Crash recovery (automatic backup)"
msgstr "Récupération en cas de plantage (sauvegarde automatique)"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:63
msgid "Create DVD Menu"
msgstr "Créer le menu DVD"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1130
msgid "Create Folder"
msgstr "Créer un dossier"

#: rc.cpp:887 rc.cpp:2659 rc.cpp:4041
msgid "Create ISO image"
msgstr "Créer une image ISO"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2699
msgid "Create Render Script"
msgstr "Créer un script de rendu"

#: rc.cpp:650 rc.cpp:2422 rc.cpp:3804
msgid "Create basic menu"
msgstr "Créer un menu simple"

#: rc.cpp:559 rc.cpp:2331 rc.cpp:3713
msgid "Create chapter file based on guides"
msgstr "Créer un fichier chapitre fondé sur les guides"

#: src/profilesdialog.cpp:46 src/renderwidget.cpp:76
msgid "Create new profile"
msgstr "Créer un nouveau profil"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:67
msgid "Creating DVD Image"
msgstr "Création de l'image du DVD"

#: rc.cpp:872 rc.cpp:2644 rc.cpp:4026
msgid "Creating dvd structure"
msgstr "Création de la structure du DVD"

#: rc.cpp:875 rc.cpp:2647 rc.cpp:4029
msgid "Creating iso file"
msgstr "Création de l'image ISO"

#: rc.cpp:866 rc.cpp:2638 rc.cpp:4020
msgid "Creating menu background"
msgstr "Création du fond d'écran du menu"

#: rc.cpp:863 rc.cpp:2635 rc.cpp:4017
msgid "Creating menu images"
msgstr "Création des images du menu"

#: rc.cpp:869 rc.cpp:2641 rc.cpp:4023
msgid "Creating menu movie"
msgstr "Création du film du menu"

#: src/kthumb.cpp:495 src/kthumb.cpp:500
#, kde-format
msgid "Creating thumbnail for %1"
msgstr "Création des miniatures pour %1"

#: rc.cpp:62 rc.cpp:1834
msgid "Crop"
msgstr "Rogner"

#: src/clipitem.cpp:903
#, c-format, kde-format
msgid "Crop from start: %1s"
msgstr "Rogner à partir du début : %1s"

#: rc.cpp:1004 rc.cpp:2776 rc.cpp:4158
msgid "Crop start"
msgstr "Rogner le début"

#: rc.cpp:1523 rc.cpp:3295 rc.cpp:4677
msgid "Crop to frame size"
msgstr "Rogner à la dimension de l'image"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:86 src/renderwidget.cpp:300 src/renderwidget.cpp:332
#: src/renderwidget.cpp:403 src/renderwidget.cpp:439 src/renderwidget.cpp:1136
#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1171 src/renderwidget.cpp:1250 rc.cpp:1769 rc.cpp:3541
#: rc.cpp:4923
msgid "Custom"
msgstr "Personnaliser"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:106
msgid "Cut"
msgstr "Couper"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:973
msgid "Cut Clip"
msgstr "Couper le clip"

#: rc.cpp:508 rc.cpp:641 rc.cpp:656 rc.cpp:755 rc.cpp:854 rc.cpp:1676
#: rc.cpp:2280 rc.cpp:2413 rc.cpp:2428 rc.cpp:2527 rc.cpp:2626 rc.cpp:3448
#: rc.cpp:3551 rc.cpp:3662 rc.cpp:3795 rc.cpp:3810 rc.cpp:3909 rc.cpp:4008
#: rc.cpp:4830 rc.cpp:4933
msgid "D"
msgstr "D"

#: rc.cpp:1373 rc.cpp:3145 rc.cpp:4527
msgid "DV"
msgstr "DV"

#: rc.cpp:1124 rc.cpp:2896 rc.cpp:4278
msgid "DV AVI type 1"
msgstr "AVI DV type 1"

#: rc.cpp:1127 rc.cpp:2899 rc.cpp:4281
msgid "DV AVI type 2"
msgstr "AVI DV type 2"

#: rc.cpp:1121 rc.cpp:2893 rc.cpp:4275
msgid "DV Raw"
msgstr "Raw DV"

#: src/wizard.cpp:279
msgid "DV module (libdv)"
msgstr "Module DV (libdv)"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1067
msgid "DVD"
msgstr "DVD"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:57
msgid "DVD Chapters"
msgstr "Chapitres DVD"

#: rc.cpp:896 rc.cpp:2668 rc.cpp:4050
msgid "DVD ISO image"
msgstr "Image ISO DVD"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:586
#, kde-format
msgid "DVD ISO image %1 successfully created."
msgstr "Image ISO DVD %1 créée avec succès."

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:573
msgid "DVD ISO is broken"
msgstr "L'image ISO DVD est corrompue"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:867 src/dvdwizard.cpp:47
msgid "DVD Wizard"
msgstr "Assistant de création DVD"

#: rc.cpp:1751 rc.cpp:3523 rc.cpp:4905
msgid "DVD format"
msgstr "Format DVD"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:500
msgid "DVD structure broken"
msgstr "La structure du DVD est corrompue"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:478
msgid "DVDAuthor process crashed."
msgstr "Le processus DVDAuthor s'est terminé par une erreur fatale."

#: rc.cpp:257 rc.cpp:267 rc.cpp:2029 rc.cpp:2039
msgid "Damping"
msgstr "Amortissement"

#: src/main.cpp:46
msgid "Dan Dennedy"
msgstr "Dan Dennedy"

#: rc.cpp:8 rc.cpp:1780
msgid "Debug"
msgstr "Déboguage"

#: rc.cpp:375 rc.cpp:387 rc.cpp:407 rc.cpp:2147 rc.cpp:2159 rc.cpp:2179
msgid "Decay"
msgstr "Temps de rétablissement"

#: rc.cpp:197 rc.cpp:1969
msgid "Declipper"
msgstr "Élimination des surcharges"

#: rc.cpp:1694 rc.cpp:3466 rc.cpp:4848
msgid "Decoding threads"
msgstr "Processus de décodage"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:238 src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:239
msgid "Default"
msgstr "Par défaut"

#: rc.cpp:1292 rc.cpp:3064 rc.cpp:4446
msgid "Default Durations"
msgstr "Durées par défaut"

#: rc.cpp:1310 rc.cpp:3082 rc.cpp:4464
msgid "Default Profile"
msgstr "Profil par défaut"

#: rc.cpp:956 rc.cpp:2728 rc.cpp:4110
msgid "Default apps"
msgstr "Applications par défaut"

#: rc.cpp:1103 rc.cpp:2875 rc.cpp:4257
msgid "Default capture device"
msgstr "Périphérique d'acquisition par défaut"

#: rc.cpp:1535 rc.cpp:3307 rc.cpp:4689
msgid "Default folder for project files"
msgstr "Dossier par défaut des fichiers projet"

#: rc.cpp:944 rc.cpp:2716 rc.cpp:4098
msgid "Default folders"
msgstr "Dossiers par défaut"

#: rc.cpp:373 rc.cpp:385 rc.cpp:405 rc.cpp:427 rc.cpp:2145 rc.cpp:2157
#: rc.cpp:2177 rc.cpp:2199
msgid "Delay"
msgstr "Délai"

#: rc.cpp:265 rc.cpp:2037
msgid "Delay (s/10)"
msgstr "Délai (s/10)"

#: src/addeffectcommand.cpp:39
#, kde-format
msgid "Delete %1"
msgstr "Supprimer %1"

#: src/customruler.cpp:78 src/mainwindow.cpp:1052
msgid "Delete All Guides"
msgstr "Supprimer tous les guides"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:986
msgid "Delete All Markers"
msgstr "Supprimer tous les repères"

#: src/projectlist.cpp:384 src/mainwindow.cpp:1146
msgid "Delete Clip"
msgstr "Supprimer le clip"

#: src/projectlist.cpp:387 src/projectlist.cpp:475
msgid "Delete Folder"
msgstr "Supprimer le dossier"

#: src/customruler.cpp:76 src/mainwindow.cpp:1044 src/customtrackview.cpp:183
msgid "Delete Guide"
msgstr "Supprimer le guide"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:982
msgid "Delete Marker"
msgstr "Supprimer le repère"

#: rc.cpp:1712 rc.cpp:3484 rc.cpp:4866
msgid "Delete Profile"
msgstr "Supprimer le profil"

#: rc.cpp:586 rc.cpp:2358 rc.cpp:3740
msgid "Delete Script"
msgstr "Supprimer le script"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:945
msgid "Delete Selected Item"
msgstr "Supprimer les éléments sélectionnés"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1032 src/headertrack.cpp:79
msgid "Delete Track"
msgstr "Supprimer la piste"

#: src/addclipcommand.cpp:34
msgid "Delete clip"
msgstr "Supprimer le clip"

#: src/dvdwizardmenu.cpp:44
msgid "Delete current button"
msgstr "Supprimer le bouton"

#: rc.cpp:1403 rc.cpp:3175 rc.cpp:4557
msgid "Delete current file"
msgstr "Supprimer le fichier courant"

#: src/effectslistview.cpp:49 src/effectstackview.cpp:52
msgid "Delete effect"
msgstr "Supprimer l'effet"

#: src/addfoldercommand.cpp:34
msgid "Delete folder"
msgstr "Supprimer le dossier"

#: src/projectlist.cpp:387
#, kde-format
msgid "Delete folder <b>%2</b>?<br>This will also remove the %1 clips in that folder"
msgstr ""
"Supprimer le dossier <b>%2</b> ?<br>Cette suppression entraînera la "
"suppression de %1 clips dans ce dossier."

#: src/editguidecommand.cpp:35
msgid "Delete guide"
msgstr "Supprimer le guide"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:70 src/editkeyframecommand.cpp:37
msgid "Delete keyframe"
msgstr "Supprimer l'image clé"

#: src/clipproperties.cpp:244 src/addmarkercommand.cpp:32
msgid "Delete marker"
msgstr "Supprimer le repère"

#: src/profilesdialog.cpp:42 src/renderwidget.cpp:68
msgid "Delete profile"
msgstr "Supprimer le profil"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2781
msgid "Delete selected items"
msgstr "Supprimer les éléments sélectionnés"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:397
msgid "Delete them"
msgstr "Les supprimer"

#: src/addtimelineclipcommand.cpp:37
msgid "Delete timeline clip"
msgstr "Supprimer le clip de montage"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2158
msgid "Delete timeline clips"
msgstr "Supprimer les clips de montage"

#: src/addtrackcommand.cpp:34
msgid "Delete track"
msgstr "Supprimer la piste"

#: src/addtransitioncommand.cpp:33
msgid "Delete transition from clip"
msgstr "Supprimer la transition dans le clip"

#: rc.cpp:227 rc.cpp:1999
msgid "Depth"
msgstr "Profondeur"

#: src/projectlistview.cpp:46 rc.cpp:716 rc.cpp:1571 rc.cpp:2488 rc.cpp:3343
#: rc.cpp:3870 rc.cpp:4725
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Description"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2496
msgid "Description:"
msgstr "Description : "

#: rc.cpp:932 rc.cpp:2704 rc.cpp:4086
msgid "Desktop search integration"
msgstr "Intégrer au service de recherche sur le bureau de votre ordinateur"

#: rc.cpp:484 rc.cpp:773 rc.cpp:1040 rc.cpp:2256 rc.cpp:2545 rc.cpp:2812
#: rc.cpp:3638 rc.cpp:3927 rc.cpp:4194
msgid "Destination"
msgstr "Cible"

#: rc.cpp:1085 rc.cpp:2857 rc.cpp:4239
msgid "Device"
msgstr "Périphérique"

#: rc.cpp:1082 rc.cpp:2854 rc.cpp:4236
msgid "Device configuration"
msgstr "Configuration du périphérique"

#: rc.cpp:478 rc.cpp:767 rc.cpp:794 rc.cpp:977 rc.cpp:1550 rc.cpp:2250
#: rc.cpp:2539 rc.cpp:2566 rc.cpp:2749 rc.cpp:3322 rc.cpp:3632 rc.cpp:3921
#: rc.cpp:3948 rc.cpp:4131 rc.cpp:4704
msgid "Dialog"
msgstr "Boîte de dialogue"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:232
msgid "Direct FB"
msgstr "DirectFB"

#: rc.cpp:191 rc.cpp:1963
msgid "Discard color information"
msgstr "Annuler les informations concernant la couleur"

#: src/wizard.cpp:57
msgid "Discover the features of this Kdenlive release"
msgstr "Découvrez les fonctionnalités de cette version de Kdenlive"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:227
msgid "Disonnect"
msgstr "Déconnecter"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:59
msgid "Display"
msgstr "Affichage"

#: rc.cpp:737 rc.cpp:2509 rc.cpp:3891
msgid "Display aspect ratio"
msgstr "Format d'affichage"

#: src/wizard.cpp:474 rc.cpp:3587 rc.cpp:4969
msgid "Display aspect ratio:"
msgstr "Format d'affichage : "

#: rc.cpp:1028 rc.cpp:2800 rc.cpp:4182
msgid "Display clip markers comments"
msgstr "Afficher les commentaires des repères du clip"

#: rc.cpp:1334 rc.cpp:3106 rc.cpp:4488
msgid "Display ratio:"
msgstr "Format d'affichage : "

#: rc.cpp:1268 rc.cpp:1637 rc.cpp:3040 rc.cpp:3409 rc.cpp:4422 rc.cpp:4791
msgid "Dissolve"
msgstr "Dissoudre"

#: rc.cpp:143 rc.cpp:1915
msgid "Distort0r"
msgstr "Distort0r"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:104
msgid "Do nothing"
msgstr "Ne rien faire"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:214
#, kde-format
msgid "Document project folder is invalid, setting it to the default one: %1"
msgstr "Le dossier de projet est non valable, retour à la valeur par défaut : %1"

#: src/main.cpp:57
msgid "Document to open"
msgstr "Document à ouvrir"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1422
msgid "Don't recover"
msgstr "Ne pas récupérer"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:834
msgid "Download New Project Profiles..."
msgstr "Télécharger des profils de projet..."

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:832
msgid "Download New Render Profiles..."
msgstr "Télécharger des profils de rendu..."

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:830
msgid "Download New Wipes..."
msgstr "Télécharger des transitions par balayage"

#: rc.cpp:1073 rc.cpp:2845 rc.cpp:4227
msgid "Drop B frames on H.264 clips"
msgstr "Ne pas tenir compte des images B dans les clips H.264"

#: rc.cpp:78 rc.cpp:90 rc.cpp:103 rc.cpp:113 rc.cpp:995 rc.cpp:1010
#: rc.cpp:1391 rc.cpp:1559 rc.cpp:1574 rc.cpp:1739 rc.cpp:1850 rc.cpp:1862
#: rc.cpp:1875 rc.cpp:1885 rc.cpp:2767 rc.cpp:2782 rc.cpp:3163 rc.cpp:3331
#: rc.cpp:3346 rc.cpp:3511 rc.cpp:4149 rc.cpp:4164 rc.cpp:4545 rc.cpp:4713
#: rc.cpp:4728 rc.cpp:4893
msgid "Duration"
msgstr "Durée"

#: src/wizard.cpp:331
msgid "Dvdauthor"
msgstr "Auteur du DVD : "

#: src/wizard.cpp:325
msgid "Dvgrab"
msgstr "Dvgrab"

#: rc.cpp:845 rc.cpp:2617 rc.cpp:3999
msgid "Dw"
msgstr "Dw"

#: rc.cpp:502 rc.cpp:851 rc.cpp:1673 rc.cpp:2274 rc.cpp:2623 rc.cpp:3445
#: rc.cpp:3656 rc.cpp:4005 rc.cpp:4827
msgid "E"
msgstr "E"

#: src/main.cpp:50
msgstr ",,"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1140
msgid "Edit Clip"
msgstr "Modifier le clip"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2840
msgid "Edit Clip Speed"
msgstr "Modifier la vitesse du clip"

#: src/customruler.cpp:74 src/mainwindow.cpp:1048 src/customtrackview.cpp:187
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3669 src/customtrackview.cpp:3681
msgid "Edit Guide"
msgstr "Modifier le guide"

#: rc.cpp:1718 rc.cpp:3490 rc.cpp:4872
msgid "Edit Keyframe"
msgstr "Modifier l'image clé"

#: src/clipproperties.cpp:305 src/mainwindow.cpp:990 src/mainwindow.cpp:2041
msgid "Edit Marker"
msgstr "Modifier le repère"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:410
msgid "Edit Profile"
msgstr "Modifier le profil"

#: src/editclipcommand.cpp:33 src/customtrackview.cpp:1063
msgid "Edit clip"
msgstr "Modifier le clip"

#: src/editeffectcommand.cpp:40
#, kde-format
msgid "Edit effect %1"
msgstr "Modifier l'effet %1"

#: src/editguidecommand.cpp:34
msgid "Edit guide"
msgstr "Modifier le guide"

#: src/editkeyframecommand.cpp:36
msgid "Edit keyframe"
msgstr "Modifier l'image clé"

#: src/clipproperties.cpp:242 src/addmarkercommand.cpp:34
msgid "Edit marker"
msgstr "Modifier le repère"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:72
msgid "Edit profile"
msgstr "Modifier le profil"

#: src/edittransitioncommand.cpp:36
#, kde-format
msgid "Edit transition %1"
msgstr "Modifier la transition %1"

#: src/trackview.cpp:587
#, kde-format
msgid "Effect %1:%2 not found in MLT, it was removed from this project\n"
msgstr ""
"L'effet %1 : %2 n'étant pas disponible dans MLT, il a été supprimé du "

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:154
msgid "Effect List"
msgstr "Liste des effets"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:162
msgid "Effect Stack"
msgstr "Effets utilisés"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1294 src/customtrackview.cpp:1350
msgid "Effect already present in clip"
msgstr "Le clip se trouve déjà dans le projet"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:168
msgid ""
"Eighth note (Am.) or quaver (Brit.). Half as long as a quarter note (U"
"+2669). See <a href=\"\">Wikipedia:"
msgstr ""
"Une croche. La moitié de la durée d'une noire (U+2669). Lire l'article sur "
"<a href=\"\">Wikipedia : croche</a>."

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:160
msgid ""
"Ellipsis: If text has been left o&#x2026; See <a href=\"http://en.wikipedia."
msgstr ""
"Points de suspension : si le texte a o&#x2026; Lire l'article sur <a href=\"\"> "
"Wikipedia : points de suspension</a>."

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:136
msgid "Em Space (width of an m)"
msgstr "Espace Em (de la longueur d'un m)"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:134
msgid "En Space (width of an n)"
msgstr "Espace En (de la longueur d'un n)"

#: rc.cpp:1076 rc.cpp:2848 rc.cpp:4230
msgid "Enable Jog Shuttle device"
msgstr "Activer la roue de montage"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:413
msgid "Encoding captured video..."
msgstr "Encodage de la capture vidéo..."

#: rc.cpp:1160 rc.cpp:2932 rc.cpp:4314
msgid "Encoding params"
msgstr "Paramètres d'encodage"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:253 rc.cpp:84 rc.cpp:96 rc.cpp:1856 rc.cpp:1868
#: rc.cpp:3626 rc.cpp:5008
msgid "End"
msgstr "Fin"

#: rc.cpp:107 rc.cpp:118 rc.cpp:1879 rc.cpp:1890
msgid "End Gain"
msgstr "Amplification en sortie"

#: rc.cpp:1484 rc.cpp:3256 rc.cpp:4638
msgid "EndViewport"
msgstr "EndViewport"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:1092
msgid "Enter Template Path"
msgstr "Saisir l'emplacement du modèle"

#: rc.cpp:1772 rc.cpp:3544 rc.cpp:4926
msgid "Enter Unicode value"
msgstr "Saisir la valeur unicode"

#: src/documentchecker.cpp:163
msgid "Enter new location for file"
msgstr "Saisir l'emplacement du fichier"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:46
msgid "Enter your Unicode number here. Allowed characters: [0-9] and [a-f]."
msgstr "Saisir la valeur unicode. Caractères autorisés : [0-9] et [a-f]."

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:72
msgid "Environment"
msgstr "Environnement"

#: rc.cpp:201 rc.cpp:1973
msgid "Equalizer"
msgstr "Égaliseur"

#: rc.cpp:571 rc.cpp:2343 rc.cpp:3725
msgid "Error Log"
msgstr "Journal d'erreurs"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1516 src/customtrackview.cpp:2450
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2746
#, kde-format
msgid "Error removing clip at %1 on track %2"
msgstr "Erreur durant la suppression du clip à %1 sur la piste %2"

#: src/wizard.cpp:157
msgid "Error starting MLT's command line player (melt)"
msgstr "Erreur durant le lancement du lecteur en ligne de commande de MLT (melt)"

#: src/wizard.cpp:533
msgid "Error starting MLT's command line player (melt)."
msgstr "Erreur durant le lancement du lecteur en ligne de commande de MLT (melt)."

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1539 src/customtrackview.cpp:2547
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2609 src/customtrackview.cpp:3323
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3331
msgid "Error when resizing clip"
msgstr "Erreur durant le redimensionnement du clip"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:214
msgid "Esound daemon"
msgstr "Système de son Esound"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1318
#, kde-format
msgid "Estimated time %1"
msgstr "Temps estimé %1"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:608
msgid "Existing Profile"
msgstr "Profil existant"

#: rc.cpp:523 rc.cpp:2295 rc.cpp:3677
msgid "Export audio"
msgstr "Exporter l'audio"

#: rc.cpp:1049 rc.cpp:2821 rc.cpp:4203
msgid "Extension"
msgstr "Extension"

#: rc.cpp:5014
msgid "Extra Toolbar"
msgstr "Barre supplémentaire"

#: src/monitor.cpp:173
msgid "Extract frame"
msgstr "Extraire l'image"

#: src/wizard.cpp:311
msgid "FFmpeg & ffplay"
msgstr "FFmpeg && ffplay"

#: rc.cpp:776 rc.cpp:1706 rc.cpp:2548 rc.cpp:3478 rc.cpp:3930 rc.cpp:4860
msgid "FFmpeg parameters"
msgstr "Paramètres FFmpeg"

#: rc.cpp:433 rc.cpp:2205
msgid "Factor"
msgstr "Rapport"

#: rc.cpp:74 rc.cpp:1846
msgid "Fade from Black"
msgstr "Fondu depuis le noir"

#: rc.cpp:98 rc.cpp:1870
msgid "Fade in"
msgstr "Fondu à l'ouverture"

#: rc.cpp:100 rc.cpp:111 rc.cpp:1872 rc.cpp:1883
msgid "Fade in audio track"
msgstr "Fondu à l'ouverture de la piste audio"

#: rc.cpp:109 rc.cpp:1881
msgid "Fade out"
msgstr "Fondu à la fermeture"

#: rc.cpp:86 rc.cpp:1858
msgid "Fade to Black"
msgstr "Fondu vers le noir"

#: rc.cpp:76 rc.cpp:1848
msgid "Fade video from black"
msgstr "Fondu vidéo depuis le noir"

#: rc.cpp:88 rc.cpp:1860
msgid "Fade video to black"
msgstr "Fondu vidéo vers le noir"

#: src/wizard.cpp:541
msgid "Fatal Error"
msgstr "Erreur critique"

#: rc.cpp:229 rc.cpp:2001
msgid "Feedback"
msgstr "Retour"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:144
msgid ""
"Figure space (non-breaking). Width of a digit if digits have fixed width in "
"this font."
msgstr ""
"Espace insécable de chiffre. Longueur d'un chiffre si les chiffres ont une "
"longueur fixe dans cette police."

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:158 rc.cpp:1736 rc.cpp:3508 rc.cpp:4890
msgid "File"
msgstr "Fichier"

#: src/cliptranscode.cpp:105
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"File %1 already exists.\n"
"Do you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr ""
"Le fichier %1 existe déjà.\n"
"Voulez-vous l'écraser ?"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:90 src/dvdwizard.cpp:703
#, kde-format
msgid "File %1 is not a Kdenlive project file."
msgstr "Le fichier %1 n'est pas un fichier projet Kdenlive."

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1421
msgid "File Recovery"
msgstr "Récupération du fichier"

#: src/monitor.cpp:435 src/mainwindow.cpp:1358 src/effectstackview.cpp:94
msgid ""
"File already exists.\n"
"Do you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr ""
"Le fichier existe déjà.\n"
"Voulez-vous l'écraser ?"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:613
#, kde-format
msgid "File has no extension. Add extension (%1)?"
msgstr "Le fichier n'a pas d'extension. Ajouter l'extension (%1) ?"

#: rc.cpp:1397 rc.cpp:3169 rc.cpp:4551
msgid "File name"
msgstr "Nom de fichier"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:873 src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:876 src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:884
msgid "File not found"
msgstr "Impossible de trouver le fichier"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1066
msgid "File rendering"
msgstr "Rendu du fichier"

#: rc.cpp:1583 rc.cpp:3355 rc.cpp:4737
msgid "File size"
msgstr "Taille du fichier"

#: src/projectlistview.cpp:46
msgid "Filename"
msgstr "Nom de fichier"

#: rc.cpp:1415 rc.cpp:3187 rc.cpp:4569
msgid "Fill color"
msgstr "Couleur de remplissage"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:147
msgid "Fill transparency"
msgstr "Remplir la zone transparente"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:815
msgid "Find"
msgstr "Rechercher"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:820
msgid "Find Next"
msgstr "Rechercher le suivant"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2416
msgid "Find stopped"
msgstr "Recherche stoppée"

#: rc.cpp:620 rc.cpp:1106 rc.cpp:1115 rc.cpp:2392 rc.cpp:2878 rc.cpp:2887
#: rc.cpp:3774 rc.cpp:4260 rc.cpp:4269
msgid "Firewire"
msgstr "Firewire"

#: src/renderer.cpp:1304
msgid ""
"Firewire is not enabled on your system.\n"
" Please install Libiec61883 and recompile Kdenlive"
msgstr ""
"Le port Firewire n'est pas actif sur votre système.\n"
"Veuillez installer la bibliothèque Libiec61883 et recompiler Kdenlive"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:151
msgid "Fit zoom"
msgstr "Ajuster le zoom"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:713
msgid "Fit zoom to project"
msgstr "Adapter le zoom au projet"

#: rc.cpp:285 rc.cpp:2057
msgid "Flip your image in any direction"
msgstr "Pivoter l'image dans n'importe quelle direction"

#: src/projectlist.cpp:431 src/projectlist.cpp:497 src/projectitem.cpp:43
#: rc.cpp:1253 rc.cpp:3025 rc.cpp:4407
msgid "Folder"
msgstr "Dossier"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:631
#, kde-format
msgid "Folder %1 already exists. Overwrite?"
msgstr "Le dossier %1 existe déjà. L'écraser ?"

#: rc.cpp:1229 rc.cpp:3001 rc.cpp:4383
msgid "Follow mouse"
msgstr "Suivre la souris"

#: rc.cpp:674 rc.cpp:2446 rc.cpp:3828
msgid "Font"
msgstr "Police"

#: rc.cpp:520 rc.cpp:2292 rc.cpp:3674
msgid "Force Interlaced"
msgstr "Forcer l'entrelacé"

#: rc.cpp:517 rc.cpp:2289 rc.cpp:3671
msgid "Force Progressive"
msgstr "Forcer le progressif"

#: rc.cpp:1691 rc.cpp:3463 rc.cpp:4845
msgid "Force pixel aspect ratio"
msgstr "Forcer le format de pixel"

#: rc.cpp:493 rc.cpp:1142 rc.cpp:1151 rc.cpp:2265 rc.cpp:2914 rc.cpp:2923
#: rc.cpp:3647 rc.cpp:4296 rc.cpp:4305
msgid "Format"
msgstr "Format"

#: rc.cpp:602 rc.cpp:2374 rc.cpp:3756
msgid "Formats"
msgstr "Formats"

#: src/monitor.cpp:90 src/mainwindow.cpp:905 src/recmonitor.cpp:75
msgid "Forward"
msgstr "Avance rapide"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:930
msgid "Forward 1 Frame"
msgstr "Avancer d'une image"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:935
msgid "Forward 1 Second"
msgstr "Avancer d'une seconde"

#: src/monitor.cpp:89
msgid "Forward 1 frame"
msgstr "Avancer d'une image"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2393 src/mainwindow.cpp:2404
#, kde-format
msgid "Found: %1"
msgstr "Trouvé : %1"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:140
msgid "Four-Per-Em Space. Width: 1/4 of one <em>em</em>"
msgstr "Espace quart de cadratin. 1/4 de la longueur d'un <em>em</em>"

#: rc.cpp:1256 rc.cpp:3028 rc.cpp:4410
msgid "Frame Duration"
msgstr "Durée de l'image"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:513
msgid "Frame Geometry"
msgstr "Géométrie de l'image"

#: rc.cpp:1628 rc.cpp:3400 rc.cpp:4782
msgid "Frame duration"
msgstr "Durée de l'image"

#: rc.cpp:725 rc.cpp:1178 rc.cpp:1241 rc.cpp:1598 rc.cpp:2497 rc.cpp:2950
#: rc.cpp:3013 rc.cpp:3370 rc.cpp:3879 rc.cpp:4332 rc.cpp:4395 rc.cpp:4752
msgid "Frame rate"
msgstr "Fréquence de l'image"

#: src/wizard.cpp:474 rc.cpp:1322 rc.cpp:3094 rc.cpp:3575 rc.cpp:4476
#: rc.cpp:4957
msgid "Frame rate:"
msgstr "Fréquence de l'image : "

#: rc.cpp:1595 rc.cpp:3367 rc.cpp:4749
msgid "Frame size"
msgstr "Taille de l'image"

#: src/wizard.cpp:474
msgid "Frame size:"
msgstr "Taille de l'image : "

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:231
msgid "Framebuffer console"
msgstr "Console framebuffer"

#: src/clipproperties.cpp:162 src/mainwindow.cpp:655 src/slideshowclip.cpp:59
msgid "Frames"
msgstr "Images"

#: rc.cpp:120 rc.cpp:1892
msgid "Freeze"
msgstr "Geler"

#: rc.cpp:128 rc.cpp:1900
msgid "Freeze After"
msgstr "Geler après"

#: rc.cpp:126 rc.cpp:1898
msgid "Freeze Before"
msgstr "Geler avant"

#: rc.cpp:124 rc.cpp:1896
msgid "Freeze at"
msgstr "Geler à"

#: rc.cpp:122 rc.cpp:1894
msgid "Freeze video on a chosen frame"
msgstr "Geler la vidéo sur une certaine image"

#: rc.cpp:149 rc.cpp:363 rc.cpp:1613 rc.cpp:1921 rc.cpp:2135 rc.cpp:3385
#: rc.cpp:4767
msgid "Frequency"
msgstr "Fréquence"

#: rc.cpp:547 rc.cpp:2319 rc.cpp:3701
msgid "From"
msgstr "Depuis"

#: rc.cpp:538 rc.cpp:2310 rc.cpp:3692
msgid "Full project"
msgstr "Projet complet"

#: rc.cpp:1223 rc.cpp:2995 rc.cpp:4377
msgid "Full screen capture"
msgstr "Capture plein écran"

#: rc.cpp:1244 rc.cpp:3016 rc.cpp:4398
msgid "Full shots"
msgstr "Images complètes"

#: rc.cpp:177 rc.cpp:295 rc.cpp:301 rc.cpp:361 rc.cpp:395 rc.cpp:465
#: rc.cpp:1949 rc.cpp:2067 rc.cpp:2073 rc.cpp:2133 rc.cpp:2167 rc.cpp:2237
msgid "Gain"
msgstr "Amplification"

#: rc.cpp:369 rc.cpp:381 rc.cpp:401 rc.cpp:2141 rc.cpp:2153 rc.cpp:2173
msgid "Gain In"
msgstr "Amplification à l'entrée"

#: rc.cpp:371 rc.cpp:383 rc.cpp:403 rc.cpp:2143 rc.cpp:2155 rc.cpp:2175
msgid "Gain Out"
msgstr "Amplification à la sortie"

#: rc.cpp:181 rc.cpp:1953
msgid "Gain as Percentage"
msgstr "Amplification en pourcentage"

#: rc.cpp:423 rc.cpp:2195
msgid "Gain out"
msgstr "Amplification à la sortie"

#: rc.cpp:183 rc.cpp:187 rc.cpp:1955 rc.cpp:1959
msgid "Gamma"
msgstr "Gamma"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:234
msgid "General graphics interface"
msgstr "Interface graphique classique"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:92
msgid "Generate Script"
msgstr "Générer un script"

#: rc.cpp:5023
msgid "Generators"
msgstr "Générateurs"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:78 rc.cpp:6 rc.cpp:1778
msgid "Geometry"
msgstr "Géométrie"

#: rc.cpp:5059
msgid "Go To"
msgstr "Aller à..."

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:915
msgid "Go to Clip End"
msgstr "Aller à la fin du clip"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:910
msgid "Go to Clip Start"
msgstr "Aller au début du clip"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:940
msgid "Go to Next Snap Point"
msgstr "Avancer au prochain point d'accroche"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:900
msgid "Go to Previous Snap Point"
msgstr "Reculer au précèdent point d'accroche"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:925
msgid "Go to Project End"
msgstr "Aller à la fin du projet"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:920
msgid "Go to Project Start"
msgstr "Aller au début du projet"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:64
msgid "Go to next keyframe"
msgstr "Aller à la prochaine image clé"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:66
msgid "Go to previous keyframe"
msgstr "Aller à la précédente image clé"

#: rc.cpp:923 rc.cpp:2695 rc.cpp:4077
msgid "GraphView"
msgstr "GraphView"

#: rc.cpp:136 rc.cpp:1908
msgid "Green Tint"
msgstr "Nuance de vert"

#: rc.cpp:189 rc.cpp:1961
msgid "Greyscale"
msgstr "Niveaux de gris"

#: rc.cpp:1043 rc.cpp:2815 rc.cpp:4197
msgid "Group"
msgstr "Grouper"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:962
msgid "Group Clips"
msgstr "Grouper les clips"

#: src/groupclipscommand.cpp:33
msgid "Group clips"
msgstr "Grouper les clips"

#: rc.cpp:1730 rc.cpp:3502 rc.cpp:4884
msgid "GroupBox"
msgstr "GroupBox"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3642
msgid "Guide"
msgstr "Guide"

#: rc.cpp:544 rc.cpp:2316 rc.cpp:3698
msgid "Guide zone"
msgstr "Zone de guide"

#: rc.cpp:5041
msgid "Guides"
msgstr "Guides"

#: rc.cpp:1517 rc.cpp:3289 rc.cpp:4671
msgid "H"
msgstr "H"

#: rc.cpp:1130 rc.cpp:1376 rc.cpp:2902 rc.cpp:3148 rc.cpp:4284 rc.cpp:4530
msgid "HDV"
msgstr "HDV"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:150
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hair Space. Thinner than U+2009."
msgstr "Espace vingt-quatrième de quadratin. "

#: rc.cpp:806 rc.cpp:2578 rc.cpp:3960
msgid "Height"
msgstr "Hauteur"

#: rc.cpp:209 rc.cpp:1981
msgid "Hi gain"
msgstr "Amplification élevée"

#: rc.cpp:305 rc.cpp:2077
msgid "Hide a region of the clip"
msgstr "Cacher une région du clip"

#: rc.cpp:4 rc.cpp:1776
msgid "Hide a selected zone and follow its movements"
msgstr "Cacher une zone sélectionné et suivre ses déplacements"

#: rc.cpp:1232 rc.cpp:3004 rc.cpp:4386
msgid "Hide frame"
msgstr "Cacher l'image"

#: src/headertrack.cpp:42
msgid "Hide track"
msgstr "Cacher la piste"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:91
msgid "Hor. Center"
msgstr "Centrer horizontalement"

#: rc.cpp:473 rc.cpp:2245
msgid "Horizontal factor"
msgstr "Facteur horizontal"

#: rc.cpp:18 rc.cpp:1790
msgid "Horizontal multiplicator"
msgstr "Multiplicateur horizontal"

#: rc.cpp:36 rc.cpp:1808
msgid "Horizontal scatter"
msgstr "Diffusion horizontale"

#: rc.cpp:490 rc.cpp:2262 rc.cpp:3644
msgid "I"
msgstr "I"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:546
msgid "ISO creation process crashed."
msgstr ""
"Le processus de création d'une image ISO a été interrompu par une erreur "

#: rc.cpp:692 rc.cpp:1652 rc.cpp:2464 rc.cpp:3424 rc.cpp:3846 rc.cpp:4806
msgid "Image"
msgstr "Image"

#: rc.cpp:1262 rc.cpp:3034 rc.cpp:4416
msgid "Image Type"
msgstr "Type d'image"

#: src/projectitem.cpp:200 src/documentchecker.cpp:77
msgid "Image clip"
msgstr "Clip image"

#: rc.cpp:1304 rc.cpp:3076 rc.cpp:4458
msgid "Image clips"
msgstr "Clips image"

#: rc.cpp:959 rc.cpp:2731 rc.cpp:4113
msgid "Image editing"
msgstr "Retouche d'image"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:633
#, kde-format
msgid "Image file %1 already exists. Overwrite?"
msgstr "L'image %1 existe déjà. L'écraser ?"

#: rc.cpp:1355 rc.cpp:1586 rc.cpp:3127 rc.cpp:3358 rc.cpp:4509 rc.cpp:4740
msgid "Image preview"
msgstr "Aperçu de l'image"

#: rc.cpp:1172 rc.cpp:1655 rc.cpp:2944 rc.cpp:3427 rc.cpp:4326 rc.cpp:4809
msgid "Image size"
msgstr "Taille de l'image"

#: rc.cpp:1625 rc.cpp:3397 rc.cpp:4779
msgid "Image type"
msgstr "Type d'image"

#: rc.cpp:80 rc.cpp:1852
msgid "In"
msgstr "Dans"

#: src/monitor.cpp:475
msgid "In Point"
msgstr "Point d'entrée"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:43
msgid ""
"Information about unicode characters: <a href=\""
msgstr ""
"Informations à propos des caractères Unicode : <a href=\""

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:384 src/recmonitor.cpp:505
msgid "Initialising..."
msgstr "Initialisation en cours..."

#: rc.cpp:215 rc.cpp:1987
msgid "Input gain (dB)"
msgstr "Amplification à l'entrée (dB)"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1020
msgid "Insert Space"
msgstr "Insérer un espace"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1028 src/customtrackview.cpp:4185 src/headertrack.cpp:75
msgid "Insert Track"
msgstr "Insérer une piste"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:139
msgid "Insert Unicode character"
msgstr "Insérer un caractère Unicode"

#: src/insertspacecommand.cpp:35
msgid "Insert space"
msgstr "Insérer un espace"

#: rc.cpp:980 rc.cpp:2752 rc.cpp:4134
msgid "Insert track"
msgstr "Insérer une piste"

#: rc.cpp:1547 rc.cpp:3319 rc.cpp:4701
msgid "Install extra video mimetypes"
msgstr "Installer des types MIME vidéos supplémentaires"

#: rc.cpp:592 rc.cpp:2364 rc.cpp:3746
msgid "Installed modules"
msgstr "Modules installés"

#: rc.cpp:26 rc.cpp:1798
msgid "Intensity"
msgstr "Intensité"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:475 src/projectsettings.cpp:75 rc.cpp:1340
#: rc.cpp:3112 rc.cpp:3593 rc.cpp:4494 rc.cpp:4975
msgid "Interlaced"
msgstr "Entrelacé"

#: rc.cpp:1733 rc.cpp:3505 rc.cpp:4887
msgid "Intro movie"
msgstr "Film d'introduction"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4061 src/customtrackview.cpp:4066
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4086 src/customtrackview.cpp:4091
msgid "Invalid action"
msgstr "Action non valable"

#: src/projectlist.cpp:649 src/customtrackview.cpp:2870
msgid "Invalid clip"
msgstr "Clip non valable"

#: src/trackview.cpp:204
#, kde-format
msgid "Invalid clip producer %1\n"
msgstr "Producteur de clip %1 non valable\n"

#: src/trackview.cpp:490
#, kde-format
msgid "Invalid clip removed from track %1 at %2\n"
msgstr "Clip non valable supprimé de la piste %1 à la piste %2\n"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1642 src/customtrackview.cpp:3963
msgid "Invalid transition"
msgstr "Transition non valable"

#: rc.cpp:44 rc.cpp:193 rc.cpp:289 rc.cpp:1816 rc.cpp:1965 rc.cpp:2061
msgid "Invert"
msgstr "Inverser"

#: rc.cpp:195 rc.cpp:1967
msgid "Invert colors"
msgstr "Inverser les couleurs"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:143
msgid "Invert x axis and change 0 point"
msgstr "Inverser l'axe x et modifier le point 0"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:144
msgid "Invert y axis and change 0 point"
msgstr "Inverser l'axe y et modifier le point 0"

#: rc.cpp:1412 rc.cpp:3184 rc.cpp:4566
msgid "Item Properties"
msgstr "Propriétés de l'élément"

#: rc.cpp:1214 rc.cpp:2986 rc.cpp:4368
msgid "Jack"
msgstr "Jack"

#: src/main.cpp:47
msgid "Jason Wood"
msgstr "Jason Wood"

#: src/main.cpp:42
msgid "Jean-Baptiste Mardelle"
msgstr "Jean-Baptiste Mardelle"

#: src/main.cpp:44
msgid "Jean-Michel Poure"
msgstr "Jean-Michel Pouré"

#: rc.cpp:562 rc.cpp:2334 rc.cpp:3716
msgid "Job Queue"
msgstr "Tâches en attente d'exécution"

#: rc.cpp:779 rc.cpp:2551 rc.cpp:3933
msgid "Job status"
msgstr "Avancement des tâches"

#: rc.cpp:1079 rc.cpp:2851 rc.cpp:4233
msgid "Jog Shuttle device disabled."
msgstr "Roue de montage désactivée."

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:90
msgid "JogShuttle"
msgstr "Roue de montage"

#: src/main.cpp:38
msgid "Kdenlive"
msgstr "Kdenlive"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:873 src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:876 src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:884
msgid "Keep as placeholder"
msgstr "Conserver en remplacement"

#: rc.cpp:175 rc.cpp:1947
msgid "Kernel size"
msgstr "Taille du rayon"

#: rc.cpp:235 rc.cpp:2007
msgid "LADSPA change pitch audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio LADSPA de modification du pitch"

#: rc.cpp:199 rc.cpp:1971
msgid "LADSPA declipper audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio LADSPA pour déclipper"

#: rc.cpp:203 rc.cpp:1975
msgid "LADSPA equalizer audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio LADSPA d'égalisation"

#: rc.cpp:213 rc.cpp:1985
msgid "LADSPA limiter audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio LADSPA pour limiter"

#: rc.cpp:223 rc.cpp:1995
msgid "LADSPA phaser audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio LADSPA de phaser"

#: rc.cpp:241 rc.cpp:2013
msgid "LADSPA pitch scale audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio LADSPA de redimensionnement du pitch"

#: rc.cpp:247 rc.cpp:2019
msgid "LADSPA rate scale audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio LADSPA de redimensionnement de la hauteur"

#: rc.cpp:253 rc.cpp:2025
msgid "LADSPA reverb audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio LADSPA de réverbération"

#: rc.cpp:261 rc.cpp:2033
msgid "LADSPA room reverb audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio LADSPA de réverbération de type « pièce »"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:94 rc.cpp:68 rc.cpp:1840
msgid "Left"
msgstr "Gauche"

#: rc.cpp:217 rc.cpp:1989
msgid "Limit (dB)"
msgstr "Limite (dB)"

#: rc.cpp:211 rc.cpp:1983
msgid "Limiter"
msgstr "Limiteur"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:126
msgid "Line Feed (newline character, \\\\n)"
msgstr "Fin de ligne (caractère de nouvelle ligne, \\\\n)"

#: rc.cpp:205 rc.cpp:1977
msgid "Lo gain"
msgstr "Amplification faible"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:106
msgid "Load"
msgstr "Charger"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:367
msgid "Load Image"
msgstr "Charger l'image"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:1237
msgid "Load Title"
msgstr "Charger le titre"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:143
msgid "Loading project clips"
msgstr "Chargement des clips du projet..."

#: src/locktrackcommand.cpp:31 src/headertrack.cpp:46
msgid "Lock track"
msgstr "Piste bloquée"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:878 src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:886
#, kde-format
msgid "Looking for %1"
msgstr "Recherche de %1"

#: rc.cpp:1265 rc.cpp:1634 rc.cpp:3037 rc.cpp:3406 rc.cpp:4419 rc.cpp:4788
msgid "Loop"
msgstr "Boucle"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:862
msgid "Loop Zone"
msgstr "Zone de lecture en boucle"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1071
msgid "Lossless / HQ"
msgstr "Sans perte / Haute qualité"

#: rc.cpp:629 rc.cpp:2401 rc.cpp:3783
msgid "M"
msgstr "M"

#: src/main.cpp:43
msgid "MLT Connection, Transition, Effect, Timeline Developer"
msgstr "Développement de la connexion MLT, des transitions, des effets et du montage"

#: rc.cpp:935 rc.cpp:2707 rc.cpp:4089
msgid "MLT environment"
msgstr "Environnement MLT"

#: src/main.cpp:42
msgid "MLT porting, KDE 4 porting, Main developer"
msgstr "Portage MLT, portage KDE4, développeur principal"

#: rc.cpp:938 rc.cpp:2710 rc.cpp:4092
msgid "MLT profiles folder"
msgstr "Dossier des profils MLT"

#: src/wizard.cpp:211
msgid "MLT version is correct"
msgstr "La version MLT est correcte"

#: src/wizard.cpp:201
#, kde-format
msgid "MLT version: %1"
msgstr "Version MLT : %1"

#: src/wizard.cpp:538
msgid ""
"MLT's SDL module not found. Please check your MLT install. Kdenlive will not "
"work until this issue is fixed."
msgstr ""
"Impossible de trouver le module SDL de MLT. Veuillez vérifier votre "
"installation MLT. Kdenlive ne pourra fonctionner qu'après résolution de ce "
"problème de configuration."

#: rc.cpp:445 rc.cpp:2217
msgid "Make clip play faster slowly"
msgstr "Ralentir la lecture du clip"

#: rc.cpp:56 rc.cpp:1828
msgid "Make image greyscale except for chosen color"
msgstr "Transformer l'image en nuances de gris, à l'exception de couleurs choisies"

#: rc.cpp:455 rc.cpp:2227
msgid "Make monochrome clip"
msgstr "Transformer le clip en monochrome"

#: rc.cpp:48 rc.cpp:1820
msgid "Make selected color transparent"
msgstr "Rendre transparent la couleur sélectionnée"

#: rc.cpp:469 rc.cpp:2241
msgid "Make waves on your clip with keyframes"
msgstr "Afficher des vagues sur le clip avec des images-clés"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:826
msgid "Manage Project Profiles"
msgstr "Gérer les profils du projet"

#: src/main.cpp:43
msgid "Marco Gittler"
msgstr "Marco Gittler"

#: src/definitions.h:142 src/clipproperties.cpp:292 src/mainwindow.cpp:1951
#: src/docclipbase.cpp:342 rc.cpp:1352 rc.cpp:3124 rc.cpp:4506
msgid "Marker"
msgstr "Repère"

#: rc.cpp:1661 rc.cpp:3433 rc.cpp:4815 rc.cpp:5035
msgid "Markers"
msgstr "Repères"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1070
msgid "Media players"
msgstr "Lecteurs vidéo"

#: src/wizard.cpp:147
msgid "Melt"
msgstr "Melt"

#: rc.cpp:941 rc.cpp:2713 rc.cpp:4095
msgid "Melt path"
msgstr "Emplacement vers Melt"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:329
msgid "Menu job timed out"
msgstr "Le temps de la tâche du menu a été dépassé"

#: rc.cpp:1679 rc.cpp:3451 rc.cpp:4833
msgid "Metadata"
msgstr "Métadonnées"

#: rc.cpp:207 rc.cpp:1979
msgid "Mid gain"
msgstr "Amplification moyenne"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:162
msgid "Minus sign. For numbers: &#x2212;42"
msgstr "Signe moins. Pour les chiffres : &#x2212;42"

#: rc.cpp:283 rc.cpp:2055
msgid "Mirror"
msgstr "Miroir"

#: rc.cpp:287 rc.cpp:2059
msgid "Mirroring direction"
msgstr "Direction du miroir"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:52
msgid "Misc"
msgstr "Divers"

#: src/monitor.cpp:96 src/geometryval.cpp:72
msgid "Misc..."
msgstr "Divers..."

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:587 src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:603 src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:618
msgid "Missing Profile"
msgstr "Profil manquant"

#: rc.cpp:821 rc.cpp:2593 rc.cpp:3975
msgid "Missing clips"
msgstr "Clips manquants"

#: rc.cpp:42 rc.cpp:1814
msgid "Mix"
msgstr "Mixage"

#: src/wizard.cpp:337
msgid "Mkisofs"
msgstr "Mkisofs"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1072
msgid "Mobile devices"
msgstr "Périphériques distants"

#: rc.cpp:5056
msgid "Monitor"
msgstr "Moniteur"

#: rc.cpp:1070 rc.cpp:2842 rc.cpp:4224
msgid "Monitor Preview Speedup Settings"
msgstr "Réglage de la vitesse de lecture du moniteur en aperçu"

#: rc.cpp:1067 rc.cpp:2839 rc.cpp:4221
msgid "Monitor background color (requires restart)"
msgstr "Couleur d'arrière-plan du moniteur (nécessite de redémarrer)"

#: src/monitor.cpp:185
msgid "Monitor overlay infos"
msgstr "Incruster les informations"

#: rc.cpp:28 rc.cpp:1800
msgid "Mono to stereo"
msgstr "Mono vers stéréo"

#: src/moveclipcommand.cpp:33 src/customtrackview.cpp:2329
msgid "Move clip"
msgstr "Déplacer le clip"

#: src/moveeffectcommand.cpp:39
msgid "Move effect"
msgstr "Déplacer l'effet"

#: src/effectstackview.cpp:50
msgid "Move effect down"
msgstr "Déplacer l'effet vers le bas"

#: src/effectstackview.cpp:48
msgid "Move effect up"
msgstr "Déplacer l'effet vers le haut"

#: src/movegroupcommand.cpp:35
msgid "Move group"
msgstr "Déplacer le groupe"

#: src/editguidecommand.cpp:36
msgid "Move guide"
msgstr "Déplacer le guide"

#: src/movetransitioncommand.cpp:30
msgid "Move transition"
msgstr "Déplacer la transition"

#: rc.cpp:698 rc.cpp:2470 rc.cpp:3852
msgid "Movie file"
msgstr "Fichier vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:291 rc.cpp:2063
msgid "Mute"
msgstr "Muet"

#: rc.cpp:293 rc.cpp:2065
msgid "Mute clip"
msgstr "Rendre muet le clip"

#: src/headertrack.cpp:44
msgid "Mute track"
msgstr "Rendre muet la piste"

#: src/projectitem.cpp:191 src/documentchecker.cpp:68
msgid "Mute video clip"
msgstr "Rendre muet le clip vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:635 rc.cpp:839 rc.cpp:1670 rc.cpp:2407 rc.cpp:2611 rc.cpp:3442
#: rc.cpp:3789 rc.cpp:3993 rc.cpp:4824
msgid "N"
msgstr "N"

#: src/main.cpp:50
msgstr "Jean-Michel Pouré, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle, Stanislas Zeller"

#: rc.cpp:499 rc.cpp:2271 rc.cpp:3653
msgid "NTSC"
msgstr "NTSC"

#: src/dvdwizardvob.cpp:60
msgid "NTSC 16:9"
msgstr "NTSC 16:9"

#: src/dvdwizardvob.cpp:60
msgid "NTSC 4:3"
msgstr "NTSC 4:3"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:520 rc.cpp:1250 rc.cpp:1553 rc.cpp:1703
#: rc.cpp:3022 rc.cpp:3325 rc.cpp:3475 rc.cpp:4404 rc.cpp:4707 rc.cpp:4857
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Nom"

#: src/effectstackview.cpp:90
msgid "Name for saved effect: "
msgstr "Nom de l'effet enregistré : "

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:230
msgid "Nano X"
msgstr "Nano X"

#: rc.cpp:134 rc.cpp:1906
msgid "Neutral Color"
msgstr "Couleur neutre"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2840
msgid "New speed (percents)"
msgstr "Nouvelle vitesse (en pourcentage)"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:45
msgid "Next Unicode character (Arrow Down)"
msgstr "Caractère Unicode suivant (flèche du bas)"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:132
msgid "No alignment"
msgstr "Aucun alignement"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:100
msgid "No burning program found (K3b, Brasero)"
msgstr "Aucun logiciel de gravure n'a été trouvé (K3b, Brasero)"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2971 src/customtrackview.cpp:3918
msgid "No clip copied"
msgstr "Aucun clip n'a été copié"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4444
msgid "No empty space to put clip audio"
msgstr "Aucun espace vide pour placer le clip audio"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3618 src/customtrackview.cpp:3664
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3702
msgid "No guide at cursor time"
msgstr "Aucun guide à l'emplacement du curseur"

#: rc.cpp:1280 rc.cpp:1649 rc.cpp:3052 rc.cpp:3421 rc.cpp:4434 rc.cpp:4803
msgid "No image found"
msgstr "Aucune image trouvée"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1983 src/mainwindow.cpp:2036
msgid "No marker found at cursor time"
msgstr "Aucun repère à l'emplacement du curseur"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:130
msgid "No-break space. &amp;nbsp; in HTML. See U+2009 and U+0020."
msgstr "Espace insécable. &amp;nbsp; en HTML. Voir U+2009 et U+0020."

#: src/initeffects.cpp:69 src/initeffects.cpp:645
msgid "None"
msgstr "Aucun(e)"

#: rc.cpp:761 rc.cpp:2533 rc.cpp:3915
msgid "Normal title clip"
msgstr "Titre de clip normal"

#: rc.cpp:297 rc.cpp:2069
msgid "Normalise"
msgstr "Normaliser"

#: rc.cpp:1025 rc.cpp:2797 rc.cpp:4179
msgid "Normalise audio for thumbnails"
msgstr "Normaliser le volume sonore durant la création des vignettes"

#: rc.cpp:299 rc.cpp:2071
msgid "Normalise audio volume"
msgstr "Normaliser le volume sonore"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:566 rc.cpp:614 rc.cpp:2386 rc.cpp:3768
msgid "Not connected"
msgstr "Déconnecté"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2407
#, kde-format
msgid "Not found: %1"
msgstr "Non trouvé : %1"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:210
msgid "OSS"
msgstr "OSS"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:213
msgid "OSS with DMA access"
msgstr "OSS avec accès DMA"

#: rc.cpp:10 rc.cpp:303 rc.cpp:1782 rc.cpp:2075
msgid "Obscure"
msgstr "Pixelisation"

#: rc.cpp:1235 rc.cpp:3007 rc.cpp:4389
msgid "Offset"
msgstr "Écart"

#: rc.cpp:647 rc.cpp:2419 rc.cpp:3801
msgid "Opacity"
msgstr "Opacité"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:191
msgid "Open Document"
msgstr "Ouvrir un document"

#: rc.cpp:556 rc.cpp:2328 rc.cpp:3710
msgid "Open Dvd wizard after rendering"
msgstr "Ouvrir l'assistant de DVD après le rendu"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:164
msgid "Open box; stands for a space."
msgstr "Ouvrir une boîte ; représente un espace."

#: rc.cpp:532 rc.cpp:2304 rc.cpp:3686
msgid "Open browser window after export"
msgstr "Ouvrir la fenêtre du navigateur après le rendu"

#: rc.cpp:1283 rc.cpp:3055 rc.cpp:4437
msgid "Open last project on startup"
msgstr "Au démarrage, ouvrir automatiquement le dernier projet"

#: rc.cpp:1289 rc.cpp:3061 rc.cpp:4443
msgid "Open projects in new tabs"
msgstr "Ouvrir les projets dans des onglets"

#: src/main.cpp:47
msgid "Original KDE 3 version author (not active anymore)"
msgstr "Auteur de la première version fonctionnant sous KDE3 (ayant quitté le projet)"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:85
msgid "Original size"
msgstr "Taille d'origine"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:150
msgid "Original size (1:1)"
msgstr "Taille d'origine (1:1)"

#: rc.cpp:92 rc.cpp:1864
msgid "Out"
msgstr "Sortie"

#: src/monitor.cpp:476
msgid "Out Point"
msgstr "Point de sortie"

#: rc.cpp:487 rc.cpp:2259 rc.cpp:3641
msgid "Output file"
msgstr "Fichier de sortie"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:620
msgid "Output file already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr "Le fichier de sortie existe déjà. Voulez-vous l'écraser ?"

#: rc.cpp:632 rc.cpp:2404 rc.cpp:3786
msgid "P"
msgstr "P"

#: rc.cpp:496 rc.cpp:2268 rc.cpp:3650
msgid "PAL"
msgstr "PAL"

#: src/dvdwizardvob.cpp:60
msgid "PAL 16:9"
msgstr "PAL 16;9"

#: src/dvdwizardvob.cpp:60
msgid "PAL 4:3"
msgstr "PAL 4:3"

#: rc.cpp:309 rc.cpp:339 rc.cpp:2081 rc.cpp:2111
msgid "Pan and Zoom"
msgstr "Redimensionner et zoomer"

#: rc.cpp:818 rc.cpp:2590 rc.cpp:3972
msgid "Param"
msgstr "Paramètres"

#: src/complexparameter.cpp:42
msgid "Parameter info"
msgstr "Informations des paramètres"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:520 rc.cpp:1052 rc.cpp:2824 rc.cpp:4206
msgid "Parameters"
msgstr "Paramètres"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1056
msgid "Paste Effects"
msgstr "Coller les effets"

#: rc.cpp:827 rc.cpp:1568 rc.cpp:2599 rc.cpp:3340 rc.cpp:3981 rc.cpp:4722
msgid "Path"
msgstr "Emplacement"

#: rc.cpp:221 rc.cpp:1993
msgid "Phaser"
msgstr "Phaser"

#: rc.cpp:239 rc.cpp:2011
msgid "Pitch Scaler"
msgstr "Harmonisation"

#: rc.cpp:233 rc.cpp:2005
msgid "Pitch Shift"
msgstr "Modulation"

#: src/wizard.cpp:294
msgid "Pixbuf module"
msgstr "Module Pixbuf"

#: rc.cpp:731 rc.cpp:1601 rc.cpp:2503 rc.cpp:3373 rc.cpp:3885 rc.cpp:4755
msgid "Pixel aspect ratio"
msgstr "Format de pixel"

#: src/wizard.cpp:474 rc.cpp:3581 rc.cpp:4963
msgid "Pixel aspect ratio:"
msgstr "Format de pixel : "

#: rc.cpp:145 rc.cpp:1917
msgid "Plasma"
msgstr "Plasma"

#: src/dvdwizardmenu.cpp:31 src/monitor.cpp:81 src/mainwindow.cpp:849
#: src/recmonitor.cpp:69
msgid "Play"
msgstr "Lecture"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:105
msgid "Play / Pause"
msgstr "Lecture / Pause"

#: src/dvdwizardmenu.cpp:287
msgid "Play All"
msgstr "Tout lire"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:857
msgid "Play Zone"
msgstr "Lire la zone"

#: rc.cpp:535 rc.cpp:2307 rc.cpp:3689
msgid "Play after render"
msgstr "Lire immédiatement après rendu"

#: src/monitor.cpp:80
msgid "Play..."
msgstr "Lire..."

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:94
msgid "Playback"
msgstr "Lecture"

#: src/projectitem.cpp:212 src/documentchecker.cpp:74
msgid "Playlist clip"
msgstr "Clip liste de lecture"

#: src/main.cpp:49
msgid ""
"Please report bugs to <a href=\"\">http://kdenlive."
msgstr ""
"Veuillez signaler les bogues sur <a href=\""

#: src/main.cpp:49
msgid "Please report bugs to"
msgstr "Veuillez signaler les bogues sur"

#: src/projectlist.cpp:204
msgid "Please set a default application to open audio files in the Settings dialog"
msgstr ""
"Veuillez définir par défaut l'application pour ouvrir les fichiers audio "
"dans la boîte de dialogue de configuration."

#: src/projectlist.cpp:200
msgid "Please set a default application to open images in the Settings dialog"
msgstr ""
"Veuillez définir l'application par défaut pour ouvrir les images dans la "
"boîte de dialogue de configuration."

#: rc.cpp:1367 rc.cpp:3139 rc.cpp:4521
msgid "Please set your default video profile"
msgstr "Veuillez choisir le profil vidéo par défaut"

#: src/wizard.cpp:208
msgid "Please upgrade to the latest MLT version"
msgstr "Veuillez installer la dernière version de la bibliothèque MLT"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:185
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Plug your camcorder and\n"
"press connect button\n"
"to initialize connection\n"
"Files will be saved in:\n"
msgstr ""
"Relier votre caméscope à l'ordinateur\n"
"puis appuyer sur le bouton « Connecter ».\n"
"Les fichiers acquis seront enregistrés dans\n"
"le dossier : \n"

#: rc.cpp:1217 rc.cpp:2989 rc.cpp:4371
msgid "Ports:"
msgstr "Ports : "

#: rc.cpp:644 rc.cpp:2416 rc.cpp:3554 rc.cpp:3798 rc.cpp:4936
msgid "Pos"
msgstr "Pos"

#: src/keyframeedit.cpp:33 rc.cpp:812 rc.cpp:998 rc.cpp:1358 rc.cpp:1721
#: rc.cpp:2584 rc.cpp:2770 rc.cpp:3130 rc.cpp:3493 rc.cpp:3966 rc.cpp:4152
#: rc.cpp:4512 rc.cpp:4875
msgid "Position"
msgstr "Position"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:216
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Press play or record button\n"
"to start video capture\n"
"Files will be saved in:\n"
msgstr ""
"Pour lancer la capture vidéo appuyez\n"
"sur le bouton « Lire » ou « Enregistrer ».\n"
"Les fichiers seront enregistrés dans : \n"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:159 src/recmonitor.cpp:567
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Press record button\n"
"to start screen capture\n"
"Files will be saved in:\n"
msgstr ""
"Pour filmer l'écran\n"
"appuyez sur le bouton « Enregistrer ».\n"
"Les fichiers seront enregistrés dans : \n"

#: rc.cpp:881 rc.cpp:2653 rc.cpp:4035
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Aperçu"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:44
msgid "Previous Unicode character (Arrow Up)"
msgstr "Caractère Unicode précédent (flèche du haut)"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1243 src/customtrackview.cpp:1252
msgid "Problem adding effect to clip"
msgstr "Un problème est survenu durant l'ajout d'un effet au clip"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1236 src/customtrackview.cpp:1262
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1397
msgid "Problem deleting effect"
msgstr "Un problème est intervenu durant l'effacement de l'effet"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1399 src/customtrackview.cpp:3366
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3384 src/customtrackview.cpp:3406
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3424
msgid "Problem editing effect"
msgstr "Un problème est survenu durant la modification d'un effet"

#: rc.cpp:710 rc.cpp:791 rc.cpp:1313 rc.cpp:2482 rc.cpp:2563 rc.cpp:3085
#: rc.cpp:3566 rc.cpp:3864 rc.cpp:3945 rc.cpp:4467 rc.cpp:4948
msgid "Profile"
msgstr "Profil"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:343 src/renderwidget.cpp:450
msgid "Profile already exists"
msgstr "Le dossier %1 existe déjà"

#: rc.cpp:1046 rc.cpp:2818 rc.cpp:4200
msgid "Profile name"
msgstr "Nom du profil"

#: rc.cpp:707 rc.cpp:2479 rc.cpp:3861
msgid "Profiles"
msgstr "Profils"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:158
msgid "Progress"
msgstr "Avancement"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:476 src/projectsettings.cpp:76 rc.cpp:743
#: rc.cpp:2515 rc.cpp:3897
msgid "Progressive"
msgstr "Progressif"

#: rc.cpp:5017
msgid "Project"
msgstr "Projet"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:188
msgid "Project Monitor"
msgstr "Moniteur de projet"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:840 rc.cpp:3557 rc.cpp:4939
msgid "Project Settings"
msgstr "Configuration du projet"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:148
msgid "Project Tree"
msgstr "Arborescence du projet"

#: rc.cpp:947 rc.cpp:2719 rc.cpp:3560 rc.cpp:4101 rc.cpp:4942
msgid "Project folder"
msgstr "Dossier du projet"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:603
#, kde-format
msgid "Project profile not found, replacing with existing one: %1"
msgstr ""
"Impossible de trouver le profil du projet. Celui-ci sera remplacé "
"avec le profil existant : %1"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:618
msgid "Project profile was not found, it will be added to your system now."
msgstr ""
"Impossible de trouver le profile du projet. Celui-ci va maintenant "
"être ajouté à votre système."

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:587
msgid "Project profile was not found, using default profile."
msgstr ""
"Impossible de trouver le profil du projet. "
"Le projet par défaut sera utilisé."

#: rc.cpp:713 rc.cpp:2485 rc.cpp:3867
msgid "Properties"
msgstr "Propriétés"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:212
msgid "PulseAudio"
msgstr "PulseAudio"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:152
msgid ""
"Punctuation Apostrophe. Should be used instead of U+0027. See <a href="
msgstr ""
"Apostrophe. Devrait être utilisée à la place de U+0027. Lire l'article sur "
"<a href=\"\">Wikipedia : apostrophe</a>."

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:146
msgid ""
"Punctuation Space. Width the same as between a punctuation character and the "
"next character."
msgstr ""
"Espace. La longueur est la même qu'entre un caractère de ponctuation "
"et le caractère suivant."

#: src/wizard.cpp:289
msgid "QImage module"
msgstr "Module QImage"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:166
msgid ""
"Quarter note (Am.) or crochet (Brit.). See <a href=\""
msgstr "Une noire. Lire l'article sur <a href=\"\">Wikipedia : une note noire</a>"

#: rc.cpp:848 rc.cpp:2620 rc.cpp:4002
msgid "R"
msgstr "R"

#: rc.cpp:275 rc.cpp:2047
msgid "RPM"
msgstr "RPM"

#: rc.cpp:249 rc.cpp:2021
msgid "Rate"
msgstr "Fréquence"

#: rc.cpp:225 rc.cpp:1997
msgid "Rate (Hz)"
msgstr "Fréquence (Hz)"

#: rc.cpp:245 rc.cpp:2017
msgid "Rate Scaler"
msgstr "Rééchantillonnage"

#: src/projectlistview.cpp:46
msgid "Rating"
msgstr "En cours de rééchantillonnage..."

#: src/main.cpp:45
msgid "Ray Lehtiniemi"
msgstr "Ray Lehtiniemi"

#: src/razorclipcommand.cpp:32
msgid "Razor clip"
msgstr "Scinder le clip"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:680
msgid "Razor tool"
msgstr "Outil de découpage"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2395
msgid "Reached end of project"
msgstr "Fin du projet atteint"

#: src/monitor.cpp:190
msgid "Real time (drop frames)"
msgstr "Affichage temps réel (supprimer des trames si nécessaire)"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:78
msgid "Record"
msgstr "Enregistrer"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:194
msgid "Record Monitor"
msgstr "Moniteur d'acquisition"

#: src/wizard.cpp:319
msgid "Recordmydesktop"
msgstr "Recordmydesktop"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:175
#, kde-format
msgid "Recordmydesktop found at: %1"
msgstr "Recordmydesktop trouvé à l'emplacement : %1"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:156
msgid ""
"Recordmydesktop utility not found,\n"
" please install it for screen grabs"
msgstr ""
"Impossible de trouver l'utilitaire Recordmydesktop,\n"
" veuillez l'installer pour réaliser des captures d'écran"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1422
msgid "Recover"
msgstr "Récupérer"

#: rc.cpp:313 rc.cpp:2085
msgid "Rectangle"
msgstr "Rectangle"

#: rc.cpp:307 rc.cpp:2079
msgid "Region"
msgstr "Région"

#: rc.cpp:1226 rc.cpp:2998 rc.cpp:4380
msgid "Region capture"
msgstr "Capture d'une zone"

#: rc.cpp:219 rc.cpp:1991
msgid "Release time (s)"
msgstr "Délai de propagation (sec)"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1152
msgid "Reload Clip"
msgstr "Recharger le clip"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1389
msgid "Remove Job"
msgstr "Supprimer la tâche"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1024 src/customtrackview.cpp:2006
msgid "Remove Space"
msgstr "Supprimer l'espace"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4213
msgid "Remove Track"
msgstr "Supprimer la piste"

#: rc.cpp:704 rc.cpp:2476 rc.cpp:3858
msgid "Remove chapter"
msgstr "Supprimer le chapitre"

#: src/documentchecker.cpp:261
msgid "Remove clips"
msgstr "Supprimer fichiers"

#: rc.cpp:1757 rc.cpp:3529 rc.cpp:4911
msgid "Remove file"
msgstr "Supprimer fichier"

#: rc.cpp:836 rc.cpp:2608 rc.cpp:3990
msgid "Remove selected clips"
msgstr "Supprimer les clips sélectionnés"

#: src/insertspacecommand.cpp:36
msgid "Remove space"
msgstr "Supprimer l'espace"

#: src/trackview.cpp:347
#, kde-format
msgid "Removed invalid transition: %1"
msgstr "Transition non-valable supprimée : %1"

#: src/editfoldercommand.cpp:34
msgid "Rename folder"
msgstr "Renommer le dossier"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:844
msgid "Render"
msgstr "Rendu"

#: rc.cpp:481 rc.cpp:2253 rc.cpp:3635
msgid "Render Project"
msgstr "Rendu du projet"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:90
msgid "Render to File"
msgstr "Vers un fichier"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:66
msgid "Rendering"
msgstr "Rendu en cours de traitement..."

#: renderer/renderjob.cpp:212
#, kde-format
msgid "Rendering %1"
msgstr "Rendu %1 en cours de traitement..."

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:813
#, kde-format
msgid "Rendering <i>%1</i> started"
msgstr "Rendu <i>%1</i> démarré"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1360
msgid "Rendering aborted"
msgstr "Le rendu a été interrompu"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:810 src/renderwidget.cpp:818 src/renderwidget.cpp:1351
msgid "Rendering crashed"
msgstr "Le rendu a planté"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1340
#, kde-format
msgid "Rendering finished in %1"
msgstr "Rendu terminé dans %1"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:245
msgid "Rendering job timed out"
msgstr "Le temps de la tâche de rendu a expiré"

#: renderer/renderjob.cpp:281
#, kde-format
msgid "Rendering of %1 aborted, resulting video will probably be corrupted."
msgstr "Le rendu %1 est annulé, la vidéo en résultant est probablement inexploitable."

#: renderer/renderjob.cpp:303
#, kde-format
msgid "Rendering of %1 finished in %2"
msgstr "Rendu <i>%1</i> terminé dans %2"

#: src/main.cpp:44
msgid "Rendering profiles customization"
msgstr "Profils de rendu personnalisés"

#: src/trackview.cpp:528
#, kde-format
msgid "Replaced wrong clip producer %1 with %2"
msgstr "Remplacement du producteur %1 non valable par %2"

#: src/wizard.cpp:332
msgid "Required for creation of DVD"
msgstr "Nécessaire à la création d'un DVD"

#: src/wizard.cpp:338
msgid "Required for creation of DVD ISO images"
msgstr "Nécessaire à la création d'images ISO DVD"

#: src/wizard.cpp:326
msgid "Required for firewire capture"
msgstr "Nécessaire à l'acquisition firewire"

#: src/wizard.cpp:148
msgid "Required for rendering (part of MLT package)"
msgstr "Nécessaire au rendu (fait parti du paquetage MLT)"

#: src/wizard.cpp:320
msgid "Required for screen capture"
msgstr "Nécessaire à la capture d'écran vidéo"

#: src/wizard.cpp:312
msgid "Required for webcam capture"
msgstr "Nécessaire à l'acquisition avec une webcam"

#: src/wizard.cpp:280
msgid "Required to work with dv files if avformat module is not installed"
msgstr ""
"Nécessaire pour monter les fichiers dv lorsque le module avformat n'est pas "

#: src/wizard.cpp:290 src/wizard.cpp:295
msgid "Required to work with images"
msgstr "Nécessaire pour fonctionner avec des images"

#: src/wizard.cpp:165
msgid "Required to work with various video formats (hdv, mpeg, flash, ...)"
msgstr ""
"Nécessaire pour fonctionner avec les différents formats vidéos (hdv, mpeg, "

#: rc.cpp:526 rc.cpp:2298 rc.cpp:3680
msgid "Rescale"
msgstr "Redimensionner"

#: rc.cpp:809 rc.cpp:2581 rc.cpp:3963
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Réinitialiser"

#: src/effectstackview.cpp:56
msgid "Reset effect"
msgstr "Réinitialiser l'effet"

#: src/monitor.cpp:101
msgid "Resize (100%)"
msgstr "Redimensionner (100 %)"

#: src/monitor.cpp:102
msgid "Resize (50%)"
msgstr "Redimensionner (50 %)"

#: src/resizeclipcommand.cpp:33 src/customtrackview.cpp:2520
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2581
msgid "Resize clip"
msgstr "Redimensionner le clip"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:80 src/geometryval.cpp:274
msgid "Resize..."
msgstr "Redimensionner..."

#: rc.cpp:251 rc.cpp:2023
msgid "Reverb"
msgstr "Réverbération"

#: rc.cpp:425 rc.cpp:2197
msgid "Reverb Time"
msgstr "Durée de réverbération"

#: rc.cpp:255 rc.cpp:2027
msgid "Reverb time"
msgstr "Durée de réverbération"

#: rc.cpp:451 rc.cpp:2223
msgid "Reverse playing"
msgstr "Lecture à l'envers"

#: src/monitor.cpp:76 src/mainwindow.cpp:885 src/recmonitor.cpp:66
msgid "Rewind"
msgstr "Retour rapide"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:890
msgid "Rewind 1 Frame"
msgstr "Reculer d'une image"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:895
msgid "Rewind 1 Second"
msgstr "Reculer l'une seconde"

#: src/monitor.cpp:77
msgid "Rewind 1 frame"
msgstr "Reculer d'une image"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:93 rc.cpp:72 rc.cpp:1844
msgid "Right"
msgstr "Droite"

#: rc.cpp:259 rc.cpp:2031
msgid "Room Reverb"
msgstr "Réverbération de type « pièce »"

#: rc.cpp:263 rc.cpp:2035
msgid "Room size (m)"
msgstr "Taille de la réverbération (m)"

#: rc.cpp:319 rc.cpp:2091
msgid "Rotate X"
msgstr "Pivotement X"

#: rc.cpp:321 rc.cpp:2093
msgid "Rotate Y"
msgstr "Pivotement Y"

#: rc.cpp:323 rc.cpp:2095
msgid "Rotate Z"
msgstr "Pivotement Z"

#: rc.cpp:315 rc.cpp:2087
msgid "Rotate and Shear"
msgstr "Pivoter et cisailler"

#: rc.cpp:317 rc.cpp:2089
msgid "Rotate clip in any 3 directions"
msgstr "Pivoter le clip dans 3 directions"

#: rc.cpp:1463 rc.cpp:3235 rc.cpp:4617
msgid "Rotate:"
msgstr "Pivoter : "

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:836
msgid "Run Config Wizard"
msgstr "Lancer l'assistant de configuration"

#: rc.cpp:505 rc.cpp:752 rc.cpp:2277 rc.cpp:2524 rc.cpp:3659 rc.cpp:3906
msgid "S"
msgstr "S"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:233
msgid "SVGAlib"
msgstr "SVGAlib"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:107
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Enregistrer"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:196
msgid "Save As"
msgstr "Enregistrer sous"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:654
msgid "Save DVD Project"
msgstr "Enregister le projet DVD"

#: src/effectstackview.cpp:90
msgid "Save Effect"
msgstr "Enregistrer l'effet"

#: rc.cpp:1037 rc.cpp:2809 rc.cpp:4191
msgid "Save Profile"
msgstr "Enregistrer le profil"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:1250
msgid "Save Title"
msgstr "Enregistrer le titre"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:413 src/mainwindow.cpp:1291
msgid "Save changes to document?"
msgstr "Enregistrer les modifications du document ?"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2490
msgid "Save clip zone as:"
msgstr "Enregistrer la zone du clip sous : "

#: src/effectstackview.cpp:54
msgid "Save effect"
msgstr "Enregistrer l'effet"

#: src/profilesdialog.cpp:44
msgid "Save profile"
msgstr "Enregistrer le profil"

#: src/monitor.cpp:171
msgid "Save zone"
msgstr "Enregistrer la zone"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:274 rc.cpp:40 rc.cpp:1812
msgid "Scale"
msgstr "Échelle"

#: rc.cpp:163 rc.cpp:1935
msgid "Scale X"
msgstr "Échelle X"

#: rc.cpp:165 rc.cpp:1937
msgid "Scale Y"
msgstr "Échelle Y"

#: rc.cpp:151 rc.cpp:1923
msgid "Scale0tilt"
msgstr "Scale0tilt"

#: rc.cpp:153 rc.cpp:1925
msgid "Scales, Tilts and Crops an Image"
msgstr "Échelle, inclinaison et rognage d'une image"

#: rc.cpp:511 rc.cpp:2283 rc.cpp:3665
msgid "Scanning"
msgstr "Analyse en cours..."

#: rc.cpp:1112 rc.cpp:1181 rc.cpp:2884 rc.cpp:2953 rc.cpp:4266 rc.cpp:4335
msgid "Screen Grab"
msgstr "Filmer l'écran"

#: rc.cpp:626 rc.cpp:2398 rc.cpp:3780
msgid "Screen grab"
msgstr "Filmer l'écran"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:172
msgid "Script Files"
msgstr "Scripts"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1443 src/renderwidget.cpp:1447
#, kde-format
msgid "Script contains wrong command: %1"
msgstr "Le script contient une commande erronée : %1"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2704
msgid "Script file already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr "Le script existe déjà. Voulez-vous l'écraser ?"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2699
#, kde-format
msgid "Script name (will be saved in: %1)"
msgstr "Nom du script (sera enregistré dans : %1)"

#: rc.cpp:580 rc.cpp:2352 rc.cpp:3734
msgid "Scripts"
msgstr "Scripts"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:873
msgid "Search automatically"
msgstr "Recherche automatique"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:876 src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:884
msgid "Search manually"
msgstr "Recherche manuelle"

#: rc.cpp:830 rc.cpp:2602 rc.cpp:3984
msgid "Search recursively"
msgstr "Chercher récursivement"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:51
msgid "Select Files For Your DVD"
msgstr "Sélectionner les fichiers destinés à votre DVD"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3852
msgid "Select a clip before copying"
msgstr "Sélectionner un clip avant de copier"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1330
msgid "Select a clip if you want to apply an effect"
msgstr "Sélectionner le clip où vous souhaitez appliquer un effet"

#: src/regiongrabber.cpp:114
msgid ""
"Select a region using the mouse. To take the snapshot, press the Enter key. "
"Press Esc to quit."
msgstr ""
"Sélectionner une région avec la souris. Appuyer sur la touche « Retour "
"chariot » pour prendre une capture d'écran. Pour quitter, appuyer sur "
"« Echap »."

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:152
msgid "Select background color"
msgstr "Choisir la couleur de l'arrière-plan"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:146
msgid "Select border color"
msgstr "Choisir la couleur de la bordure"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2828
msgid "Select clip to change speed"
msgstr "Sélectionner le clip dont vous souhaitez modifier la vitesse"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1667 src/customtrackview.cpp:2776
msgid "Select clip to delete"
msgstr "Sélectionner le clip à supprimer"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:335
msgid "Select default audio editor"
msgstr "Définir le programe d'édition sonore par défaut"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:346
msgid "Select default image editor"
msgstr "Définir le programme d'édition graphique par défaut"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:324
msgid "Select default video player"
msgstr "Sélectionner le lecteur vidéo par défaut"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:145
msgid "Select fill color"
msgstr "Choisir la couleur de remplissage"

#: rc.cpp:541 rc.cpp:2313 rc.cpp:3695
msgid "Selected zone"
msgstr "Zone de sélection"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:168
msgid "Selection Tool"
msgstr "Outil de sélection"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:675
msgid "Selection tool"
msgstr "Outil de sélection"

#: rc.cpp:341 rc.cpp:2113
msgid "Sepia"
msgstr "Sépia"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:876
msgid "Set In Point"
msgstr "Définir le point d'entrée"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:881
msgid "Set Out Point"
msgstr "Définir le point de sortie"

#: src/monitor.cpp:181
msgid "Set current image as thumbnail"
msgstr "Choisir l'image courante comme miniature"

#: src/main.cpp:56
msgid "Set the path for MLT environnement"
msgstr "Définir l'emplacement vers l'environnement MLT"

#: src/monitor.cpp:73
msgid "Set zone end"
msgstr "Définir la fin de la zone"

#: src/monitor.cpp:72
msgid "Set zone start"
msgstr "Définir le début de la zone"

#: rc.cpp:331 rc.cpp:2103
msgid "Shear X"
msgstr "Cisaillement X"

#: rc.cpp:333 rc.cpp:2105
msgid "Shear Y"
msgstr "Cisaillement Y"

#: rc.cpp:237 rc.cpp:415 rc.cpp:2009 rc.cpp:2187
msgid "Shift"
msgstr "Modulation"

#: rc.cpp:1379 rc.cpp:3151 rc.cpp:4533
msgid "Show All"
msgstr "Tout afficher"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1061
msgid "Show Timeline"
msgstr "Afficher le montage"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:748 rc.cpp:1541 rc.cpp:3313 rc.cpp:4695
msgid "Show audio thumbnails"
msgstr "Afficher les miniatures audio"

#: rc.cpp:1505 rc.cpp:3277 rc.cpp:4659
msgid "Show background"
msgstr "Afficher l'arrière-plan"

#: src/complexparameter.cpp:40
msgid "Show keyframes in timeline"
msgstr "Afficher les images-clés dans le montage"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:754
msgid "Show markers comments"
msgstr "Afficher les commentaires des repères"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:742 rc.cpp:1538 rc.cpp:3310 rc.cpp:4692
msgid "Show video thumbnails"
msgstr "Afficher les miniatures vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:271 rc.cpp:2043
msgid "Simulates a vinyl audio player - LADSPA audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio LADSPA vinyl : simule un lecteur de disque vinyl"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:142
msgid "Six-Per-Em Space. Width: 1/6 of one <em>em</em>"
msgstr "Espace sixième de cadratin. 1/6 de la longueur d'un <em>em</em>"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:170
msgid ""
"Sixteenth note (Am.) or semiquaver (Brit.). Half as long as an eighth note (U"
"+266a). See <a href=\""
msgstr ""
"Double croche. La moitié d'une croche (U+266a). lire l'article sur "
"<a href=\"\">Wikipedia : double croche</a>."

#: rc.cpp:719 rc.cpp:1238 rc.cpp:1400 rc.cpp:1424 rc.cpp:1742 rc.cpp:2491
#: rc.cpp:3010 rc.cpp:3172 rc.cpp:3196 rc.cpp:3514 rc.cpp:3873 rc.cpp:4392
#: rc.cpp:4554 rc.cpp:4578 rc.cpp:4896
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Taille"

#: rc.cpp:1316 rc.cpp:1481 rc.cpp:1493 rc.cpp:1580 rc.cpp:3088 rc.cpp:3253
#: rc.cpp:3265 rc.cpp:3352 rc.cpp:3569 rc.cpp:4470 rc.cpp:4635 rc.cpp:4647
#: rc.cpp:4734 rc.cpp:4951
msgid "Size:"
msgstr "Taille : "

#: rc.cpp:1622 rc.cpp:3394 rc.cpp:4776
msgid "Slideshow"
msgstr "Diaporama"

#: src/slideshowclip.cpp:37 rc.cpp:1247 rc.cpp:3019 rc.cpp:4401
msgid "Slideshow Clip"
msgstr "Clip diaporama"

#: src/projectitem.cpp:206 src/documentchecker.cpp:80
msgid "Slideshow clip"
msgstr "Clip diaporama"

#: src/trackview.cpp:73
msgid "Smaller tracks"
msgstr "Diminuer la taille des pistes"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:760
msgid "Snap"
msgstr "Aimenter"

#: rc.cpp:1277 rc.cpp:1646 rc.cpp:3049 rc.cpp:3418 rc.cpp:4431 rc.cpp:4800
msgid "Softness"
msgstr "Douceur"

#: src/documentvalidator.cpp:692
msgid ""
"Some of your text clips were saved with size in points, which means "
"different sizes on different displays. Do you want to convert them to pixel "
"size, making them portable? It is recommended you do this on the computer "
"they were first created on, or you could have to adjust their size."
msgstr ""
"Les clips de texte ont été enregistrés avec une taille en points, ce qui veut "
"dire des tailles différentes sur des affichages différents. Voulez-vous les convertir "
"en taille de pixel, pour les rendre portable ? Il est recommandé de faire cette conversion "
"sur l'ordinateur où ils ont été créés en premier, ou vous pouvez ajuster leur taille."

#: src/titledocument.cpp:228
msgid ""
"Some of your text clips were saved with size in points, which means "
"different sizes on different displays. They will be converted to pixel size, "
"making them portable, but you could have to adjust their size."
msgstr ""
"Les clips de texte ont été enregistrés avec une taille en points, ce qui veut "
"dire des tailles différentes sur des affichages différents. Ils seront convertis "
"en taille de pixel, les rendant portable, mais vous pouvez ajuster leur taille."

#: rc.cpp:770 rc.cpp:2542 rc.cpp:3924
msgid "Source"
msgstr "Source"

#: rc.cpp:141 rc.cpp:1913
msgid "Source Color"
msgstr "Couleur de la source"

#: rc.cpp:349 rc.cpp:2121
msgid "Sox Band"
msgstr "SoX groupe de musiciens"

#: rc.cpp:357 rc.cpp:2129
msgid "Sox Bass"
msgstr "SoX basse"

#: rc.cpp:365 rc.cpp:2137
msgid "Sox Echo"
msgstr "SoX écho"

#: rc.cpp:377 rc.cpp:2149
msgid "Sox Flanger"
msgstr "SoX flanger"

#: rc.cpp:391 rc.cpp:2163
msgid "Sox Gain"
msgstr "SoX amplification"

#: rc.cpp:397 rc.cpp:2169
msgid "Sox Phaser"
msgstr "SoX phaser"

#: rc.cpp:411 rc.cpp:2183
msgid "Sox Pitch Shift"
msgstr "SoX changement de pitch"

#: rc.cpp:419 rc.cpp:2191
msgid "Sox Reverb"
msgstr "SoX réverbération"

#: rc.cpp:429 rc.cpp:2201
msgid "Sox Stretch"
msgstr "SoX étirement"

#: rc.cpp:437 rc.cpp:2209
msgid "Sox Vibro"
msgstr "SoX vibro"

#: rc.cpp:351 rc.cpp:2123
msgid "Sox band audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio SoX groupe de musiciens"

#: rc.cpp:359 rc.cpp:2131
msgid "Sox bass audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio SoX de basse"

#: rc.cpp:413 rc.cpp:2185
msgid "Sox change pitch audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio SoX de modification du pitch"

#: rc.cpp:367 rc.cpp:2139
msgid "Sox echo audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio SoX d'écho"

#: rc.cpp:379 rc.cpp:2151
msgid "Sox flanger audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio SoX de flanger"

#: rc.cpp:393 rc.cpp:2165
msgid "Sox gain audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio SoX d'amplification"

#: rc.cpp:399 rc.cpp:2171
msgid "Sox phaser audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio SoX de phaser"

#: rc.cpp:421 rc.cpp:2193
msgid "Sox reverb audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio SoX de réverbération"

#: rc.cpp:431 rc.cpp:2203
msgid "Sox stretch audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio SoX étirement"

#: rc.cpp:439 rc.cpp:2211
msgid "Sox vibro audio effect"
msgstr "Effet audio SoX vibro"

#: rc.cpp:5044
msgid "Space"
msgstr "Espace"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:685
msgid "Spacer tool"
msgstr "Outil de déplacement"

#: rc.cpp:389 rc.cpp:409 rc.cpp:441 rc.cpp:443 rc.cpp:447 rc.cpp:2161
#: rc.cpp:2181 rc.cpp:2213 rc.cpp:2215 rc.cpp:2219
msgid "Speed"
msgstr "Vitesse"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:994
msgid "Split Audio"
msgstr "Scinder l'audio"

#: src/splitaudiocommand.cpp:32 src/customtrackview.cpp:4406
msgid "Split audio"
msgstr "Scinder l'audio"

#: src/monitor.cpp:177
msgid "Split view"
msgstr "Scinder la vue"

#: rc.cpp:231 rc.cpp:2003
msgid "Spread"
msgstr "Étalement"

#: rc.cpp:171 rc.cpp:1943
msgid "Square Blur"
msgstr "Flou rectangulaire"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:128
msgid ""
"Standard space character. (Other space characters: U+00a0, U"
"+2000&#x2013;200b, U+202f)"
msgstr ""
"Espace standard. (D'autres caractères d'espace : U+00a0, U"
"+2000&#x2013;200b, U+202f)"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2752 rc.cpp:82 rc.cpp:94 rc.cpp:782 rc.cpp:1854
#: rc.cpp:1866 rc.cpp:2554 rc.cpp:3620 rc.cpp:3936 rc.cpp:5002
msgid "Start"
msgstr "Début"

#: rc.cpp:105 rc.cpp:116 rc.cpp:1877 rc.cpp:1888
msgid "Start Gain"
msgstr "Amplification au début"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:89
msgid "Start Rendering"
msgstr "Lancer le rendu"

#: rc.cpp:583 rc.cpp:2355 rc.cpp:3737
msgid "Start Script"
msgstr "Script de début"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:397
msgid "Start them now"
msgstr "Lancer les maintenant"

#: rc.cpp:1469 rc.cpp:3241 rc.cpp:4623
msgid "Start-/EndViewport"
msgstr "Start-/EndViewport"

#: rc.cpp:1472 rc.cpp:3244 rc.cpp:4626
msgid "StartViewport"
msgstr "StartViewport"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:2385
msgid "Starting -- find text as you type"
msgstr "Lancement - recherche du texte au fil de la saisie"

#: rc.cpp:878 rc.cpp:2650 rc.cpp:4032
msgid "Status"
msgstr "Avancement"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:72
msgid "Stop"
msgstr "Arrêt"

#: rc.cpp:449 rc.cpp:2221
msgid "Stroboscope"
msgstr "Stroboscope"

#: rc.cpp:277 rc.cpp:2049
msgid "Surface warping"
msgstr "Déformation de surface"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:99
msgid "Sync timeline cursor"
msgstr "Synchroniser le curseur de montage"

#: rc.cpp:671 rc.cpp:2443 rc.cpp:3825
msgid "Target"
msgstr "Cible"

#: rc.cpp:758 rc.cpp:2530 rc.cpp:3912
msgid "Template"
msgstr "Modèle"

#: rc.cpp:893 rc.cpp:2665 rc.cpp:4047
msgid "Temporary data folder"
msgstr "Dossier de données temporaires"

#: rc.cpp:950 rc.cpp:2722 rc.cpp:4104
msgid "Temporary files"
msgstr "Fichiers temporaires"

#: rc.cpp:668 rc.cpp:2440 rc.cpp:3822
msgid "Text"
msgstr "Texte"

#: src/titledocument.cpp:228
msgid "Text Clips Updated"
msgstr "Clips texte mis à jour"

#: src/projectitem.cpp:203
msgid "Text clip"
msgstr "Clip texte"

#: rc.cpp:1715 rc.cpp:3487 rc.cpp:4869
msgid "TextLabel"
msgstr "TitreTexte"

#: src/profilesdialog.cpp:114
msgid "The custom profile was modified, do you want to save it?"
msgstr "Le profil personnalisé a été modifié. Voulez-vous l'enregistrer ?"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:755 src/renderwidget.cpp:1486
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"There is already a job writing file:<br><b>%1</b><br>Abort the job if you "
"want to overwrite it..."
msgstr ""
"Il y a déjà un fichier en cours d'écriture : <br><b>%1</b><br>Annulez cette "
"tâche si vous voulez l'écraser..."

#: src/renderer.cpp:1311
msgid "There is no clip, cannot extract frame."
msgstr "Aucun clip, impossible d'extraire l'image."

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:148
msgid ""
"Thin space, in HTML also &amp;thinsp;. See U+202f and <a href=\"http://en."
msgstr ""
"Espace cinquième de quadratin, aussi en HTML &amp;thinsp;. Voir U+202f et "
"<a href=\"\">Wikipedia : espace typographique</a>."

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:172
msgid ""
"Thirty-second note (Am.) or demisemiquaver (Brit.). Half as long as a "
"sixteenth note (U+266b). See <a href=\""
msgstr ""
"Une triple croche. La moitié d'une double croche (U+266b). Lire l'article "
"sur <a href=\"\">Wikipedia : triple croche</a>."

#: src/wizard.cpp:53
msgid ""
"This is the first time you run Kdenlive. This wizard will let you adjust "
"some basic settings, you will be ready to edit your first movie in a few "
msgstr ""
"Vous utilisez Kdenlive pour la première fois. Cet assistant permet de "
"réaliser les principaux réglages. Ensuite, vous pourrez immédiatement "
"commencer à monter votre premier film dans Kdenlive."

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:343 src/renderwidget.cpp:450
msgid ""
"This profile name already exists. Change the name if you don't want to "
"overwrite it."
msgstr "Le nom du profil existe déjà. Voulez-vous le remplacer ?"

#: src/documentvalidator.cpp:145
#, kde-format
msgid "This project type is unsupported (version %1) and can't be loaded."
msgstr "Impossible de charger ce type de projet qui n'est pas géré (version %1)."

#: src/documentvalidator.cpp:138
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"This project type is unsupported (version %1) and can't be loaded.\n"
"Please consider upgrading you Kdenlive version."
msgstr ""
"Impossible de charger ce type de projet qui n'est pas géré (version %1).\n"
"Veuillez mettre à jour votre version de Kdenlive."

#: src/documentchecker.cpp:261
msgid "This will remove the selected clips from this project"
msgstr "Cette action supprime les clips sélectionnés de ce projet"

#: src/unicodedialog.cpp:138
msgid "Three-Per-Em Space. Width: 1/3 of one <em>em</em>"
msgstr "Espace tiers de cadratin. 1/3 de la longueur d'un <em>em</em>"

#: rc.cpp:453 rc.cpp:2225
msgid "Threshold"
msgstr "Seuil"

#: rc.cpp:457 rc.cpp:2229
msgid "Threshold value"
msgstr "Valeur du seuil"

#: src/projectlistview.cpp:46
msgid "Thumbnail"
msgstr "Miniature"

#: rc.cpp:1016 rc.cpp:2788 rc.cpp:4170
msgid "Thumbnails"
msgstr "Miniatures"

#: rc.cpp:3596 rc.cpp:4978
msgid "Thumbnails:"
msgstr "Miniatures : "

#: rc.cpp:167 rc.cpp:1939
msgid "Tilt X"
msgstr "Inclinaison X"

#: rc.cpp:169 rc.cpp:1941
msgid "Tilt Y"
msgstr "Inclinaison Y"

#: rc.cpp:1664 rc.cpp:3436 rc.cpp:4818
msgid "Time"
msgstr "Horodatage"

#: rc.cpp:417 rc.cpp:2189
msgid "Time window (ms)"
msgstr "Fenêtre de durée (ms)"

#: rc.cpp:529 rc.cpp:2301 rc.cpp:3683
msgid "Timecode overlay"
msgstr "Incruster l'horodatage"

#: rc.cpp:5038
msgid "Timeline"
msgstr "Montage"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:295
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Titre"

#: rc.cpp:1409 rc.cpp:3181 rc.cpp:4563
msgid "Title Clip"
msgstr "Clip titre"

#: rc.cpp:1406 rc.cpp:3178 rc.cpp:4560
msgid "Toggle selection"
msgstr "Basculer la sélection"

#: rc.cpp:5029
msgid "Tool"
msgstr "Outil"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:95 rc.cpp:66 rc.cpp:1838
msgid "Top"
msgstr "Haut"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2006 src/customtrackview.cpp:4213 rc.cpp:1388
#: rc.cpp:3160 rc.cpp:4542
msgid "Track"
msgstr "Piste"

#: rc.cpp:1034 rc.cpp:2806 rc.cpp:4188
msgid "Track height"
msgstr "Hauteur de la piste"

#: rc.cpp:5026
msgid "Tracks"
msgstr "Pistes"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:98 rc.cpp:5020
msgid "Transcode"
msgstr "Convertir"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:871 src/cliptranscode.cpp:34
msgid "Transcode Clip"
msgstr "Convertir le clip"

#: src/cliptranscode.cpp:141
msgid "Transcoding FAILED!"
msgstr "Échec de la conversion !"

#: src/cliptranscode.cpp:133
msgid "Transcoding finished."
msgstr "Conversion achevée."

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:168
msgid "Transition"
msgstr "Transition"

#: rc.cpp:3623 rc.cpp:3629 rc.cpp:5005 rc.cpp:5011
msgid "Transparency"
msgstr "Transparence"

#: rc.cpp:1658 rc.cpp:3430 rc.cpp:4812
msgid "Transparent background"
msgstr "Arrière-plan transparent"

#: rc.cpp:64 rc.cpp:1836
msgid "Trim the edges of a clip"
msgstr "Tronquer les bords du clip"

#: rc.cpp:343 rc.cpp:2115
msgid "Turn clip colors to sepia"
msgstr "Transforme les couleurs du clip en sépia"

#: rc.cpp:824 rc.cpp:857 rc.cpp:2596 rc.cpp:2629 rc.cpp:3978 rc.cpp:4011
msgid "Type"
msgstr "Type"

#: src/documentvalidator.cpp:138 src/documentvalidator.cpp:145
msgid "Unable to open project"
msgstr "Impossible d'ouvrir le projet"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:364 src/renderwidget.cpp:531 src/renderwidget.cpp:1150
#, kde-format
msgid "Unable to write to file %1"
msgstr "Impossible d'écrire dans le fichier %1"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:203
msgid "Undo History"
msgstr "Historique d'annulation"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:967
msgid "Ungroup Clips"
msgstr "Dégrouper les clips"

#: src/groupclipscommand.cpp:34
msgid "Ungroup clips"
msgstr "Dégrouper les clips"

#: src/projectitem.cpp:215
msgid "Unknown clip"
msgstr "Clip inconnu"

#: src/locktrackcommand.cpp:32
msgid "Unlock track"
msgstr "Débloquer la piste"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:961
#, kde-format
msgid "Unsupported audio codec: %1"
msgstr "Codec audio non géré : %1"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:978
#, kde-format
msgid "Unsupported video codec: %1"
msgstr "Codec vidéo non géré : %1"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:945
#, kde-format
msgid "Unsupported video format: %1"
msgstr "Format vidéo non géré : %1"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:823
msgid "Untitled"
msgstr "Sans titre"

#: rc.cpp:842 rc.cpp:2614 rc.cpp:3996
msgid "Up"
msgstr "Vers le haut"

#: src/documentvalidator.cpp:692
msgid "Update Text Clips"
msgstr "Mettre à jour les clips texte"

#: rc.cpp:1349 rc.cpp:3121 rc.cpp:4503
msgid "Use KDE job tracking for render jobs"
msgstr "Utiliser le créateur de travaux KDE pour lancer le rendu des travaux"

#: rc.cpp:746 rc.cpp:2518 rc.cpp:3900
msgid "Use as default"
msgstr "Utiliser par défaut"

#: rc.cpp:833 rc.cpp:2605 rc.cpp:3987
msgid "Use placeholders for missing clips"
msgstr "Utiliser des substituants pour les clips manquants"

#: rc.cpp:459 rc.cpp:2231
msgid "Use transparency"
msgstr "Utiliser la transparence"

#: rc.cpp:1496 rc.cpp:1499 rc.cpp:1532 rc.cpp:3268 rc.cpp:3271 rc.cpp:3304
#: rc.cpp:3611 rc.cpp:3614 rc.cpp:4650 rc.cpp:4653 rc.cpp:4686 rc.cpp:4993
#: rc.cpp:4996
msgid "V"
msgstr "V"

#: src/keyframeedit.cpp:33 rc.cpp:1727 rc.cpp:3499 rc.cpp:4881
msgid "Value"
msgstr "Valeur"

#: rc.cpp:173 rc.cpp:1945
msgid "Variable-size square blur (frei0r.squareblur)"
msgstr "Flou rectangulaire de taille variable (frei0r.squareblur)"

#: rc.cpp:52 rc.cpp:60 rc.cpp:1824 rc.cpp:1832
msgid "Variance"
msgstr "Variance"

#: src/geometryval.cpp:92
msgid "Vert. Center"
msgstr "Centrer verticalement"

#: rc.cpp:475 rc.cpp:2247
msgid "Vertical factor"
msgstr "Facteur vertical"

#: rc.cpp:20 rc.cpp:1792
msgid "Vertical multiplicator"
msgstr "Multiplicateur vertical"

#: rc.cpp:38 rc.cpp:1810
msgid "Vertical scatter"
msgstr "Diffusion verticale"

#: rc.cpp:695 rc.cpp:1019 rc.cpp:1589 rc.cpp:1763 rc.cpp:2467 rc.cpp:2791
#: rc.cpp:3361 rc.cpp:3535 rc.cpp:3599 rc.cpp:3849 rc.cpp:4173 rc.cpp:4743
#: rc.cpp:4917 rc.cpp:4981
msgid "Video"
msgstr "Vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:605 rc.cpp:2377 rc.cpp:3759
msgid "Video Codecs"
msgstr "Codecs vidéos"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:1003
msgid "Video Only"
msgstr "Vidéo seulement"

#: rc.cpp:3563 rc.cpp:4945
msgid "Video Profile"
msgstr "Profil vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:1370 rc.cpp:3142 rc.cpp:4524
msgid "Video Resolution"
msgstr "Résolution vidéo"

#: src/wizard.cpp:75
msgid "Video Standard"
msgstr "Standard vidéo"

#: src/projectitem.cpp:194 src/documentchecker.cpp:65
#: src/documentchecker.cpp:83
msgid "Video clip"
msgstr "Clip vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:1592 rc.cpp:3364 rc.cpp:4746
msgid "Video codec"
msgstr "Codec vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:1145 rc.cpp:2917 rc.cpp:4299
msgid "Video device"
msgstr "Périphérique vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:1058 rc.cpp:2830 rc.cpp:4212
msgid "Video driver:"
msgstr "Pilote vidéo : "

#: rc.cpp:1697 rc.cpp:3469 rc.cpp:4851
msgid "Video index"
msgstr "Index vidéo"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4501
msgid "Video only"
msgstr "Vidéo seulement"

#: rc.cpp:971 rc.cpp:2743 rc.cpp:4125
msgid "Video player"
msgstr "Lecteur vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:989 rc.cpp:2761 rc.cpp:4143
msgid "Video track"
msgstr "Piste vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:1343 rc.cpp:3115 rc.cpp:3608 rc.cpp:4497 rc.cpp:4990
msgid "Video tracks"
msgstr "Pistes vidéo"

#: rc.cpp:623 rc.cpp:1109 rc.cpp:1139 rc.cpp:2395 rc.cpp:2881 rc.cpp:2911
#: rc.cpp:3777 rc.cpp:4263 rc.cpp:4293
msgid "Video4Linux"
msgstr "Video4Linux"

#: rc.cpp:5062
msgid "View"
msgstr "Affichage"

#: rc.cpp:269 rc.cpp:2041
msgid "Vinyl"
msgstr "Vinyl"

#: src/projectitem.cpp:209
msgid "Virtual clip"
msgstr "Clip virtuel"

#: rc.cpp:461 rc.cpp:2233
msgid "Volume (keyframable)"
msgstr "Volume (gère les images clés)"

#: rc.cpp:1514 rc.cpp:3286 rc.cpp:4668
msgid "W"
msgstr "W"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:764 src/renderwidget.cpp:1305
#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1494
msgid "Waiting..."
msgstr "En cours..."

#: rc.cpp:1055 rc.cpp:2827 rc.cpp:4209
msgid ""
"Warning: changes to the drivers and devices can make Kdenlive unstable. "
"Change only if you know what you do."
msgstr ""
"Mise en garde : modifier les pilotes et les périphériques peut rendre "
"Kdenlive instable. Modifiez les réglages par défaut uniquement si vous savez "
"ce que vous faites !"

#: rc.cpp:467 rc.cpp:2239
msgid "Wave"
msgstr "Ondulation"

#: rc.cpp:281 rc.cpp:2053
msgid "Wear"
msgstr "Habillage"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1069
msgid "Web sites"
msgstr "Sites web"

#: src/wizard.cpp:48
msgid "Welcome"
msgstr "Bienvenue"

#: rc.cpp:130 rc.cpp:1902
msgid "White Balance"
msgstr "Balance des blancs"

#: rc.cpp:355 rc.cpp:803 rc.cpp:1421 rc.cpp:2127 rc.cpp:2575 rc.cpp:3193
#: rc.cpp:3957 rc.cpp:4575
msgid "Width"
msgstr "Largeur"

#: rc.cpp:435 rc.cpp:2207
msgid "Window"
msgstr "Fenêtre"

#: rc.cpp:1274 rc.cpp:1643 rc.cpp:3046 rc.cpp:3415 rc.cpp:4428 rc.cpp:4797
msgid "Wipe"
msgstr "Transition par balayage"

#: rc.cpp:797 rc.cpp:2569 rc.cpp:3951
msgid "X"
msgstr "X"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:228
msgid "X11"
msgstr "X11"

#: rc.cpp:1475 rc.cpp:1487 rc.cpp:3247 rc.cpp:3259 rc.cpp:4629 rc.cpp:4641
msgid "X:"
msgstr "X : "

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:229
msgid "XFree86 DGA 2.0"
msgstr "XFree86 DGA 2.0"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:227
msgid "XVideo"
msgstr "XVideo"

#: rc.cpp:800 rc.cpp:2572 rc.cpp:3954
msgid "Y"
msgstr "Y"

#: rc.cpp:1478 rc.cpp:1490 rc.cpp:3250 rc.cpp:3262 rc.cpp:4632 rc.cpp:4644
msgid "Y:"
msgstr "Y : "

#: rc.cpp:273 rc.cpp:2045
msgid "Year"
msgstr "Année"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:397
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"You have %1 rendering jobs waiting in the queue.\n"
"What do you want to do with these jobs?"
msgstr ""
"Vous avez %1 tâches en cours de traitement dans la file d'attente.\n"
"Que voulez-vous faire avec ces tâches ?"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:535
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"You have changed the project folder. Do you want to copy the cached data "
"from %1 to the new folder %2?"
msgstr ""
"Vous avez modifié l'emplacement du dossier de projet. Voulez-vous copier les "
"données du cache depuis %1 vers le nouveau dossier %2 ?"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2014
#, kde-format
msgid "You must be in an empty space to remove space (time: %1, track: %2)"
msgstr ""
"Veuillez vous placer dans un espace libre pour supprimer un espace "
"(horaire : %1, piste : %2)"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:2020
#, kde-format
msgid "You must be in an empty space to remove space (time=%1, track:%2)"
msgstr ""
"Veuillez vous placer dans un espace libre pour supprimer un espace "
"(horaire : %1, piste : %2)"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:3974
msgid "You must copy exactly one clip before pasting effects"
msgstr "Il est nécessaire de copier un clip avant de pouvoir y coller des effets"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4053 src/customtrackview.cpp:4078
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4402 src/customtrackview.cpp:4497
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4522 src/customtrackview.cpp:4547
msgid "You must select one clip for this action"
msgstr "Sélectionnez un clip pour réaliser cette action"

#: src/customtrackview.cpp:4299
msgid "You must select one transition for this action"
msgstr "Sélectionnez une transition pour réaliser cette action"

#: src/dvdwizard.cpp:608
#, kde-format
msgid "You need program <b>%1</b> to perform this action"
msgstr "Le programme <b>%1</b> est nécessaire pour réaliser cette action"

#: src/wizard.cpp:51
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Your Kdenlive version was upgraded to version %1. Please take some time to "
"review the basic settings"
msgstr ""
"Votre version de Kdenlive a été mise à jour vers la version %1. Veuillez "
"vérifier les principaux paramètres de configuration."

#: src/wizard.cpp:518
msgid "Your MLT installation cannot be found. Install MLT and restart Kdenlive.\n"
msgstr ""
"Impossible de trouver votre installation MLT. Veuillez installer MLT et "
"relancer Kdenlive.\n"

#: src/wizard.cpp:204
msgid "Your MLT version is unsupported!!!"
msgstr "Votre version de MLT installée n'est pas gérée !!!"

#: src/kdenlivedoc.cpp:608
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"Your project uses an unknown profile.\n"
"It uses an existing profile name: %1.\n"
"Please choose a new name to save it"
msgstr ""
"Votre projet utilise un profil inconnu.\n"
"Il utilise un nom de profil existant : %1.\n"
"Veuillez choisir un nouveau nom pour l'enregistrer."

#: rc.cpp:1520 rc.cpp:3292 rc.cpp:4674
msgid "Z-Index:"
msgstr "Index-Z : "

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:149
msgid "Zoom"
msgstr "Zoom"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:805
msgid "Zoom In"
msgstr "Zoom avant"

#: src/mainwindow.cpp:810
msgid "Zoom Out"
msgstr "Zoom arrière"

#: rc.cpp:1460 rc.cpp:3232 rc.cpp:4614
msgid "Zoom:"
msgstr "Zoom : "

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:962
msgid "\\u2212X"
msgstr "\\u2212X"

#: src/titlewidget.cpp:987
msgid "\\u2212Y"
msgstr "\\u2212Y"

#: rc.cpp:986 rc.cpp:2758 rc.cpp:4140
msgid "after"
msgstr "Après"

#: rc.cpp:983 rc.cpp:2755 rc.cpp:4137
msgid "before"
msgstr "Avant"

#: rc.cpp:917 rc.cpp:2689 rc.cpp:4071
msgid "create new points"
msgstr "Créer de nouveaux points"

#: src/dvdwizardvob.cpp:55
msgid "dvdauthor"
msgstr "dvdauthor"

#: src/recmonitor.cpp:181
msgid ""
"dvgrab utility not found,\n"
" please install it for firewire capture"
msgstr ""
"Impossible de trouver l'utilitaire dvgrab,\n"
"Veuillez l'installer pour toute acquisition à partir du port Firewire"

#: src/kdenlivesettingsdialog.cpp:167
#, kde-format
msgid "dvgrab version %1 at %2"
msgstr "dvgrab version %1 à %2"

#: src/editeffectcommand.cpp:39 src/edittransitioncommand.cpp:35
#: src/customtrackview.cpp:1279 src/customtrackview.cpp:1323
#: src/addeffectcommand.cpp:37
msgid "effect"
msgstr "effet"

#: src/timecode.cpp:158
msgid "frames"
msgstr "images"

#: src/clipproperties.cpp:161 src/mainwindow.cpp:654 src/slideshowclip.cpp:58
msgid "hh:mm:ss::ff"
msgstr "hh:mm:ss::ff"

#: src/timecode.cpp:137
msgid "hour"
msgstr "heure"

#: src/managecapturesdialog.cpp:43
msgid "import"
msgstr "Importer"

#: src/timecode.cpp:145
msgid "min."
msgstr "min."

#: src/dvdwizardvob.cpp:56
msgid "mkisofs"
msgstr "mkisofs"

#: rc.cpp:899 rc.cpp:2671 rc.cpp:4053
msgid "move on X axis"
msgstr "Déplacer sur l'axe des X"

#: rc.cpp:905 rc.cpp:2677 rc.cpp:4059
msgid "move on Y axis"
msgstr "Déplacer sur l'axe des Y"

#: rc.cpp:1163 rc.cpp:2935 rc.cpp:4317
msgid "oss"
msgstr "oss"

#: rc.cpp:926 rc.cpp:2698 rc.cpp:4080
msgid "parameter description"
msgstr "Description du paramètre"

#: src/renderwidget.cpp:1609
msgid "script"
msgstr "script"

#: src/timecode.cpp:153
msgid "sec."
msgstr "sec."

#: src/abstractclipitem.cpp:306
msgid "seconds"
msgstr "secondes"

#: rc.cpp:550 rc.cpp:2322 rc.cpp:3704
msgid "to"
msgstr "jusqu'à"

#: rc.cpp:911 rc.cpp:2683 rc.cpp:4065
msgid "update values in timeline"
msgstr "Mettre à jour les valeurs dans le montage"

#: rc.cpp:1166 rc.cpp:2938 rc.cpp:4320
msgid "video4linux2"
msgstr "video4linux2"

#: rc.cpp:860 rc.cpp:2632 rc.cpp:4014
msgid "with track"
msgstr "avec la piste"

#: rc.cpp:722 rc.cpp:2494 rc.cpp:3876
msgid "x"
msgstr "x"

#: rc.cpp:1502 rc.cpp:3274 rc.cpp:4656
msgid "x1"
msgstr "x1"

svn path=/trunk/kdenlive/; revision=3699
parent b41f06bf
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