Commit 49a5b3b7 authored by Marco Gittler's avatar Marco Gittler

script to extract all messages to .pot file

svn path=/branches/KDE4/; revision=2122
parent 2bad0693
#! /bin/sh
EXTRACTRC=`which extractrc`
XGETTEXT="`which xgettext` --kde -ki18n --no-location -s "
kdenlive_subdirs="src src/widgets `pwd`"
$EXTRACTRC `find $kdenlive_subdirs -name \*.ui` >> rc.cpp || exit 11
$EXTRACTRC `find $kdenlive_subdirs -name \*.rc` >> rc.cpp || exit 11
$XGETTEXT `find $kdenlive_subdirs -name \*.cpp -o -name \*.h` *.cpp *.h -o $podir/kdenlive.pot
rm -f rc.cpp
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