Commit 4c730c5c authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle

Merge branch 'refactoring_timeline' into 'refactoring_timeline'

Fix pasting enlarged image/color/title clips

See merge request kde/kdenlive!12
parents bd12c4fa 1dea107d
......@@ -617,6 +617,11 @@ bool TimelineController::pasteItem()
int pos = prod.attribute(QStringLiteral("position")).toInt() - offset;
int newId;
res = m_model->requestClipCreation(originalId, newId, m_model->getTrackById_const(trackId)->trackType(), undo, redo);
if(m_model->m_allClips[newId]->m_endlessResize) {
out = out - in;
in = 0;
m_model->m_allClips[newId]->m_producer->set("length", out + 1);
m_model->m_allClips[newId]->setInOut(in, out);
correspondingIds.insert(prod.attribute(QStringLiteral("id")).toInt(), newId);
res = res & m_model->getTrackById(tracksMap.value(trackId))->requestClipInsertion(newId, position + pos, true, true, undo, redo);
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