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Fix view corruption on group move

parent 1cdf8292
......@@ -895,12 +895,20 @@ bool TimelineModel::requestGroupMove(int clipId, int groupId, int delta_track, i
Fun local_undo = []() { return true; };
Fun local_redo = []() { return true; };
// Sort clips. We need to delete from right to left to avoid confusing the view
std::vector<int> sorted_clips(all_items.begin(), all_items.end());
std::sort(sorted_clips.begin(), sorted_clips.end(), [this](int clipId1, int clipId2) {
int p1 = isClip(clipId1) ? m_allClips[clipId1]->getPosition() : m_allCompositions[clipId1]->getPosition();
int p2 = isClip(clipId2) ? m_allClips[clipId2]->getPosition() : m_allCompositions[clipId2]->getPosition();
return p2 <= p1;
// Moving groups is a two stage process: first we remove the clips from the tracks, and then try to insert them back at their calculated new positions.
// This way, we ensure that no conflict will arise with clips inside the group being moved
// First, remove clips
std::unordered_map<int, int> old_track_ids, old_position, old_forced_track;
for (int item : all_items) {
for (int item : sorted_clips) {
int old_trackId = getItemTrackId(item);
old_track_ids[item] = old_trackId;
if (old_trackId != -1) {
......@@ -932,7 +940,9 @@ bool TimelineModel::requestGroupMove(int clipId, int groupId, int delta_track, i
audio_delta = -delta_track;
for (int item : all_items) {
// Reverse sort. We need to insert from left to right to avoid confusing the view
std::reverse(std::begin(sorted_clips), std::end(sorted_clips));
for (int item : sorted_clips) {
int current_track_id = old_track_ids[item];
int current_track_position = getTrackPosition(current_track_id);
int d = getTrackById(current_track_id)->isAudioTrack() ? audio_delta : video_delta;
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