Commit a408e1b5 authored by Nicolas Carion's avatar Nicolas Carion

failsafe message in core

parent 4c08595e
......@@ -488,12 +488,16 @@ void Core::pushUndo(QUndoCommand *command)
void Core::displayMessage(const QString &message, MessageType type, int timeout)
m_mainWindow->displayMessage(message, type, timeout);
if (m_mainWindow) {
m_mainWindow->displayMessage(message, type, timeout);
} else {
qDebug() << message;
void Core::displayBinMessage(const QString &text, int type, const QList<QAction *> &actions)
m_binWidget->doDisplayMessage(text, (KMessageWidget::MessageType) type, actions);
m_binWidget->doDisplayMessage(text, (KMessageWidget::MessageType)type, actions);
void Core::clearAssetPanel(int itemId)
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