Commit c3302003 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁


parent 77117191
......@@ -320,7 +320,7 @@ bool ProfilesDialog::existingProfileDescription(const QString &desc)
// static
QString ProfilesDialog::existingProfile(MltVideoProfile profile)
QString ProfilesDialog::existingProfile(const MltVideoProfile &profile)
// Check if the profile has a matching entry in existing ones
QStringList profilesFilter;
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ public:
static MltVideoProfile getVideoProfile(const QString &name);
static QMap <QString, QString> getProfilesInfo();
static void saveProfile(MltVideoProfile &profile, QString profilePath = QString());
static QString existingProfile(MltVideoProfile profile);
static QString existingProfile(const MltVideoProfile &profile);
static bool existingProfileDescription(const QString &desc);
/** @brief Check if a given profile matches passed properties:
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