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......@@ -456,11 +456,11 @@ distribution. -->
<title>How to obtain Kdenlive</title>
&kdenlive; is part of the KDE project
<ulink url=""></ulink>.
&kdenlive; can be found in the kdeutils package on
<ulink url=""></ulink>, the
main ftp site of the KDE project. </para>
The &kdenlive; WEB site is
<ulink url=""></ulink>.
&kdenlive; can be found in the SourceForge project page on
<ulink url=""></ulink>
<sect1 id="requirements">
......@@ -529,7 +529,11 @@ regardless of what license the application uses) -->
>Comment obtenir Kdenlive</title>
> </para>
> La page WEB de &kdenlive; est <ulink url=""
>. &kdenlive; peut être trouvé à la page du projet <ulink url=""
> du serveur SourceForge. </para>
<sect1 id="requirements">
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