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Fix opacity parameter broken in composite transition/pan+zoom

CCBUG: 357856
parent 183681c3
......@@ -345,11 +345,12 @@ void GeometryWidget::setupParam(const QDomElement &elem, int minframe, int maxfr
Mlt::GeometryItem item;
m_geometry->fetch(&item, m_monitor->render->seekFramePosition() - m_clipPos);
int framePos = qBound<int>(0, m_monitor->render->seekFramePosition() - m_clipPos, maxframe - minframe);
m_geometry->fetch(&item, framePos);
m_monitor->setUpEffectGeometry(QRect(item.x(), item.y(), item.w(), item.h()), calculateCenters());
slotPositionChanged(m_monitor->render->seekFramePosition() - m_clipPos, false);
slotPositionChanged(framePos, false);
void GeometryWidget::addParameter(const QDomElement &elem)
......@@ -733,8 +734,15 @@ void GeometryWidget::slotSetOpacity(double value)
int pos = m_timePos->getValue();
Mlt::GeometryItem item;
if (m_geometry->fetch(&item, pos) || item.key() == false)
if (m_geometry->fetch(&item, pos) || item.key() == false) {
// Check if we are in a "one keyframe" situation
if (m_singleKeyframe && !m_geometry->next_key(&item, 0)) {
// Ok we have only one keyframe, edit this one
} else {
//TODO: show error message
emit parameterChanged();
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