Commit 6c68a85e authored by Till Theato's avatar Till Theato


svn path=/trunk/kdenlive/; revision=5912
parent a1f01298
* Add support for handling different versions of filters and add rules to convert between them.
* Move all cached data in one operation, so that user does not get one dialog box for each file in case of duplicates. (
* Show filter version in filter info box.
* When multiple clips are selected do not allow resizing, but moving only. (
* Add remux with MKV transcode preset.
* Make audio only render profiles faster by telling ffmpeg to skip video.
......@@ -24,6 +27,9 @@ HEAD
* Allow use of different ffmpeg preset for 1st and 2nd render pass.
* Notes widget: context menu now allows to insert clickable timecode to make easy reference to some place in the project.
* Fix DVD wizard losing chapters data when switching to menu page.
* Fix previewing of affine transitions with transparent png.
* Fix timeline corruption when using 'Remove space' tool (transitions could overlap).
* Fix 'adjust to original size' and 'fit to width/height' for title and color clips in geometry widget (pan and zoom, composite, affine).
* Fix vorbis rendering by setting the audio quality (aq).
* Rotoscoping: do not allow to add keyframes until initial spline is created to avoid corruptions.
......@@ -45,7 +51,7 @@ HEAD
* Fix list of effects in effect stack taking up to much space by default.
* Fix transition track not correctly saved. (
* Fix "save zone" saving proxy instead of real clip. (
* Fix freeze when saving while timeline is at maximum zoom. (
* Fix freeze when saving while timeline is at maximum zoom. (
* Fix crash when deleting a track and having an audio clip on last track. (
* Do not allow to create overlapping transitions that could corrupt timeline. (
* Fix sometimes effects were missing. (
......@@ -62,7 +68,6 @@ HEAD
* Fix handling of proxies when duration != duration of original clip.
* Fix filename encoding problem in renderer. (
* Fix user specified CFLAGS ignored. (
* Fix timeline corruption when using 'Remove space' tool (transitions could overlap)
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