Commit 6d05b750 authored by Ed Rogalsky's avatar Ed Rogalsky

synchronize masters changelog with v0.9

parent 2ab823a1
* Fix color parameter in some effects not working correctly (#2644)
* Fix V4l licensing issue (#2632)
* Fix keyframes lost / broken when pasting an effect
* Fix firewire capture (preview not showing)
* Fix freeze when reloading previously missing clip
* Fade effects lost when moving / resizing clip
* Undoing change in clip crop start breaking clip
* Make disabling of track effects possible
* Fix slideshow clips not working
* Fix crash on composite transition
* Fix crash when opening stop motion widget
* Fix rendering of projects created in another locale
* Fix monitor effect scene sometimes forcing monitor minimum size
* Improve detection of locale issues (default to POSIX when there is a locale conflict on the system)
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