Commit a88af4cf authored by Till Theato's avatar Till Theato

Complete CHANGELOG for HEAD.

svn path=/trunk/kdenlive/; revision=5702
parent 2ca42e6e
* Kdenlive creates automatic backups of the project file; they can be restored in a recovery dialog.
* Automatically create backups of the project file; they can be restored in a recovery dialog.
* Allow to manually edit video4linux capture profile.
* Allow to store presets for proxy creation parameters.
* Enable proxies for playlist clips (*.mlt, *.kdenlive).
* Directly encode capture from Decklink card to make it usable in Kdenlive.
* Allow to use bitrate different from presets in render dialog.
* Whole projects (including all necessary files) can be archieved into a directory or file.
* Allow use of different ffmpeg preset for 1st and 2nd render pass.
* Notes widget: context menu now allows to insert clickable timecode to make easy reference to some place in the project.
* Check document for invalid (overlapping) transitions.
* Do not allow to create overlapping transitions that could corrupt timeline. (
* Fix sometimes effects were missing. (
* Fix crash in histogram scope.
* Fix multiple possible timeline corruptions. (
* Do not allow rendering to a frame rate different than current project's profile. (
* Fix DVD menu entries hidden under some circumstances.
* Fix channels in audio thumbnails being displaced by one frame. (
* Fix possible crash caused by audio thumbnails. (
* Fix possible freeze and error on project opening. (
* Fix progress bar running twice on 2pass render.
* Fix proxy file path issue on system installation.
* Use luma as default channel for levels effect.
* Fix handling of proxies when duration != duration of original clip.
* Fix filename encoding problem in renderer. (
* Fix user specified CFLAGS ignored. (
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