Commit b4f029b3 authored by Vincent Pinon's avatar Vincent Pinon

update ChangeLog

parent 93e80af8
Changes (~450 commits):
* New file format
- Can load old format but not save to it: no way back
wait a bit for big projects!
- All data are now in MLT structures
should ease exchanges with Shotcut and other editors?
* New monitor, using OpenGL & QML
- *brings back Movit* (GPU effects), but not mandatory ;)
- great *split screen* functionality to tune effect parameter
* Completely renewed bin manager (previously named project list)
- Allows *adding effects to bin clips*, affecting all timeline instances
- Free directory structure
- Icon / list / tree views
- More clip properties can be changed
- Much work to restore all old functions :\
* Effects list improvements
- improve sorting and marking item as favorite
* New audio waveform on timeline (à la Shotcut)
making information more visible
* New duplicate clip function (cool for titles)
* Propose predefined monitor zoom values
* Fixed several look issues (sizes, colors, icons...)
* Refactoring: replacing XML manipulations by MLT API calls
- reduces data duplication: faster, safer...
* Automatic builds (CI) on Linux and OSX
* Code checked by several static analyzers
* Some bugs fixed from 15.04 port (capture, effects, ...)
* Port to KDE Frameworks 5
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