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Animated Vector Brush file format in Krita.
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:authors: - Alberto Eleuterio Flores Guerrero <>
:license: GNU free documentation license 1.3 or later.
.. index:: Animated Vector Brush, AVB, *.avb
.. _file_avb:
.avb, or Animated Vector Brush, is a new type of brush for Krita, this brush format can store multiple graphics, to be used as brush tips.
This type of brush is created with vector graphics,specifically :ref:`.svg or Scalable Vector Graphics <file_svg>`, which results in very small files and high quality brushes, because they can be resized at will without losing quality.
To create this type of brushes inside Krita you need to :ref:`create a new Vector layer <vector_layers>`, then you can draw shapes, every shape will be considered a brush tip unless you group two or more shapes, in that case the grouped shapes will be a treated as a single brush tip.
To export a Vector layer as an .avb go to :menuselection:`Layer --> Import/Export --> Save Vector Layer as AVB...`.
To import an .avb as a brush you need to do it via the :ref:`predefined brush tab <predefined_brush_tip>`.
We have a :ref:`Krita Brush tip page <brush_tip_animated_brush>` on how to create your own gih brush.
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