Commit 8aab2d78 authored by Halla Rempt's avatar Halla Rempt
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Remove the blur/Blur files once more.

parent 2c24006c
<!DOCTYPE params>
<param name="halfHeight"><![CDATA[5]]></param>
<param name="halfWidth"><![CDATA[5]]></param>
<param name="rotate"><![CDATA[0]]></param>
<param name="shape"><![CDATA[0]]></param>
<param name="strength"><![CDATA[0]]></param>
<!DOCTYPE params>
<params version="0"/>
<!DOCTYPE params>
<params version="1">
<param type="internal" name="halfHeight">5</param>
<param type="internal" name="halfWidth">5</param>
<param type="internal" name="rotate">0</param>
<param type="internal" name="shape">0</param>
<param type="internal" name="strength">0</param>
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