Commit 98af93aa authored by Wolthera van Hövell's avatar Wolthera van Hövell 🐛

BUG:410023 update color profile notes for largeRGB.

parent 73057eea
......@@ -559,12 +559,14 @@ void KisAdvancedColorSpaceSelector::fillDescription()
"gamut to include all printable and most real world colors. It includes some imaginary colors "
"and excludes some of the real world blues and violet blues that can be captured by digital "
"cameras. It also excludes some very saturated 'camera-captured' yellows as interpreted by "
"some (and probably many) camera matrix input profiles.<p>"
"some (and probably many) camera matrix input profiles.</p><p>"
"The ProPhotoRGB primaries are "
"hard-coded into Adobe products such as Lightroom and the Dng-DCP camera 'profiles'. However, "
"other than being large enough to hold a lot of colors, ProPhotoRGB has no particular merit "
"as an RGB working space. Personally and for most editing purposes, I recommend BetaRGB, Rec2020, "
"or the ACEScg profiles ProPhotoRGB.</p>"));
"as an RGB working space. Personally I recommend the Rec.2020 or ACEScg profiles over"
"ProPhotoRGB. But if you have an already well-established workflow using ProPhotoRGB, you"
"might find a shift to another RGB working space a little odd, at least at first, and so you"
"have to weight the pros and cons of changing your workflow.</p>"));
if (profileName.contains("Rec2020-")) {
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