Commit a358ba53 authored by Karl Ove Hufthammer's avatar Karl Ove Hufthammer

Fix filename reference for Rec.709 profiles

The Rec.709 profiles were wrongly referred to as having
filenames ending with ‘bt709’ instead of ‘rec709’.
The reference to non-existing profiles was confusing,
and when selecting a Rec.709 profile, the relevant
information wasn’t even displayed.
parent 98af93aa
......@@ -623,9 +623,9 @@ void KisAdvancedColorSpaceSelector::fillDescription()
"should be done on perceptually uniform RGB. Make sure you use the V4 versions for editing high bit depth "
if (profileName.contains("-srgbtrc") || profileName.contains("-g22") || profileName.contains("-g18") || profileName.contains("-bt709")) {
if (profileName.contains("-srgbtrc") || profileName.contains("-g22") || profileName.contains("-g18") || profileName.contains("-rec709")) {
d->colorSpaceSelector->textProfileDescription->append(i18nc("From Elle's notes.",
"<p>The profiles that end in '-srgbtrc.icc', '-g22.icc', and '-bt709.icc' have approximately but not exactly "
"<p>The profiles that end in '-srgbtrc.icc', '-g22.icc', and '-rec709.icc' have approximately but not exactly "
"perceptually uniform TRCs. ProPhotoRGB's gamma=1.8 TRC is not quite as close to being perceptually uniform.</p>"));
if (d->colorSpaceSelector->cmbColorDepth->currentItem().id()=="U8") {
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