Commit c7c089ad authored by Lukáš Tvrdý's avatar Lukáš Tvrdý

Fix PVS Studio warning

V571 Recurring check. The 'm_canvas->viewManager()' condition was already verified in line 128. kis_color_selector_ng_docker_widget.cpp 129
parent cbc4f8ac
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ void KisColorSelectorNgDockerWidget::setCanvas(KisCanvas2 *canvas)
if (m_canvas && m_canvas->viewManager()) {
if (m_canvas->viewManager() && m_canvas->viewManager()->nodeManager()) {
if (m_canvas->viewManager()->nodeManager()) {
connect(m_canvas->viewManager()->nodeManager(), SIGNAL(sigLayerActivated(KisLayerSP)), SLOT(reactOnLayerChange()), Qt::UniqueConnection);
KActionCollection* actionCollection = canvas->viewManager()->actionCollection();
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