Commit cbc4f8ac authored by Lukáš Tvrdý's avatar Lukáš Tvrdý

Fix PVS Studio warning

V519 The 'desk' variable is assigned values twice successively. Perhaps this is a mistake. Check lines: 2109, 2110. kismainwindow.cpp 2110
parent e7457266
......@@ -2106,7 +2106,6 @@ void KisMainWindow::initializeGeometry()
QRect desk = QApplication::desktop()->availableGeometry(scnum);
// if the desktop is virtual then use virtual screen size
if (QApplication::desktop()->isVirtualDesktop()) {
desk = QApplication::desktop()->availableGeometry(QApplication::desktop()->screen());
desk = QApplication::desktop()->availableGeometry(QApplication::desktop()->screen(scnum));
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