Commit cfeaa316 authored by Emmet O'Neill's avatar Emmet O'Neill

[BUGFIX] Ctrl-Picker Opacity Quick-Fix

Fixes a small bug with the ctrl-picker (kis_tool_paint) that allows for the active foreground color to be non-opaque.

Not associated with an existing bug report.
parent 524e4c23
......@@ -436,8 +436,9 @@ int KisToolPaint::colorPreviewResourceId(AlternateAction action)
return resource;
void KisToolPaint::slotColorPickingFinished(const KoColor &color)
void KisToolPaint::slotColorPickingFinished(KoColor color)
canvas()->resourceManager()->setResource(m_pickingResource, color);
if (!m_showColorPreview) return;
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ private Q_SLOTS:
void activatePickColorDelayed();
void slotColorPickingFinished(const KoColor &color);
void slotColorPickingFinished(KoColor color);
quint8 m_opacity;
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