Commit d1ced644 authored by Karl Ove Hufthammer's avatar Karl Ove Hufthammer

Disambiguate ‘Spot’ strings for translation

Adds a ‘msgctxt’ for the ‘Spot’ autofocus metering mode string
in the Exif editor, so that it can have a different translation
than other ‘Spot’ (colour) strings. Also changes the ‘Spot’
string in the palette editor to ‘Spot color’, to make it
clearer what the checkbox does.

BUG: 410339
parent b4e17100
......@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ void KisPaletteEditor::modifyEntry(const QModelIndex &index)
editableItems->addRow(i18n("ID"), lnIDName);
editableItems->addRow(i18nc("Name for a swatch group", "Swatch group name"), lnGroupName);
editableItems->addRow(i18n("Color"), bnColor);
editableItems->addRow(i18n("Spot"), chkSpot);
editableItems->addRow(i18n("Spot color"), chkSpot);
......@@ -419,7 +419,7 @@
<property name="text">
<string comment="Autofocus metering mode">Spot</string>
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