Commit e34ea501 authored by Lukáš Tvrdý's avatar Lukáš Tvrdý

Fix warning

V649 There are two 'if' statements with identical conditional expressions. The first 'if' statement contains function return. This means that the second 'if' statement is senseless. Check lines: 169, 171. 171
parent 4152a37d
......@@ -168,7 +168,6 @@ void KisFillPainter::fillRect(qint32 x1, qint32 y1, qint32 w, qint32 h, const Ki
if (!generator) return;
KisGeneratorSP g = KisGeneratorRegistry::instance()->value(generator->name());
if (!generator) return;
if (!device()) return;
if (w < 1) return;
if (h < 1) return;
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