Commit 847c1b2a authored by Dmitry Kazakov's avatar Dmitry Kazakov

Fix updating memory report when closing "other" tab

When a view is closed, we should ensure status bar doesn't have
a link to it. That is okay, but we shouldn't do it manually.
Keeping status bar's links is done by KisViewManager, so let just
him do his work.

parent 1705367a
......@@ -590,6 +590,11 @@ void KisMainWindow::addView(KisView *view)
void KisMainWindow::notifyChildViewDestroyed(KisView *view)
* If we are the last view of the window, Qt will not activate another tab
* before destroying tab/window. In ths case we should clear oll the dangling
* pointers manually by setting the current view to null
if (view->canvasBase() == viewManager()->canvasBase()) {
......@@ -717,7 +717,6 @@ void KisView::closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event)
if (queryClose()) {
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