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TODO - branch version
    ADD - ADDed
    CHG - CHanGed
    FIX - FIXed
    MRG - MeRGed from head
    (*) - Some parts of this item are already done

More items (first items will enter 'In progress list' first):
-> screen editing (annotations): framework (BR67300,BR62793)
-> screen editing (annotations): tools (BR67300)
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-> implementing async document generator using Albert's thread as the generator thread
-> memory manager with different profiles
14 15
-> new icons (contest at kde-look that will end in 2004-Oct-XX)
-> minimize PageView's reLayout and requestPixmaps on changes
-> session support: restoring page location (BR82589)
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-> export all text in plain_text/html
-> extract(export?) images
-> text selection in wordprocessor style (very hard/impossible)
-> implement history (mainly for actionNamed)
-> history as a toolbox child (collecting DOs's setPage calls)
Enrico Ros's avatar
Enrico Ros committed
-> zoom: fit text (with configurable margin)
-> automatic online dictionaries / translators (BR80338)
-> add OCR for building TextPages out of pure graphical (aka scanned) pages
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-> merge head copyright headers (by albert)
-> merge head xpdf changes for --enable-final (by adrian de groot/albert)
-> merge head support for show menubar in rmb (by albert)
-> wrong zoom buttons order (BR74248) (check consistancy with kdvi/kghostview/.. (not konq))

Porting / In progress on the branch (first item comes first):
-> ADD: viewport changes the right way when clicking links
-> use a KConfigXT settings framework
33 34
-> reading aids (accessibility): mode: normal, invert, contrast, recolor bg/text (enhance links too)
-> pageview: fix keys/mouse in single/continous modes

Done (newest feature comes firts):
-> ADD: Some dcop functions (goToPage, openDocument and give # of pages) (Albert)
-> MRG: link following ('actionMovie' kind is missing)
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-> ADD: text selection (rectangular blocks) in selection mode
-> ADD: autoscroll page with Shift+Up/Dn keys (exact konqueror's behavior)
-> CHG: remake single page mode
-> FIX: zoom buttons in sync with text
-> ADD: continous mode
-> ADD: multiple pages per view (gui selects 1 or 2 ppv)
-> MRG: the option to open password protected files (from head)
-> MRG: the Table Of Contents (from head)
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-> ADD: a 'search bar' with prune-as-you-type feature
-> MRG: Albert's search ported and implemented case sensitive
-> CHG: smart handling of pixmap using an Observer ID (thumbnails are gone, only pixmaps now)
-> FIX: some toolbar/menu changes
-> ADD: outline bottom and right edges (of pages)
-> FIX: centering pages in the view
-> FIX: kpdf output at 100% has exactly the same size as acroread now
-> CHG: qsplitter layouting
-> FIX: zooming works as expected (and added 'fit to page' too)
-> ADD: new go to page dialog
-> GHG: previews sorted by visible areas (prioritize items where the scrollbar is)
-> FIX: previews speedup: 50-100%
-> CHG: use local instead of X memory for thumbnails (..)
-> MRG: merge lots of kpdf_part and part (centralview) code (to simplify/clenup)

Here comes a list of suggestions from a dot post and IRC:
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 Tool: ruler
 Tool: distance measure
 Tool: color picker
 Annotations: yellow notes 'post-it' like
 Speak: integration with a voice synthesizer
 Export: export to other formats keeping formatting (a dream.. expect for PNG :-)
 PDF: <theICEBear> pdf forms support.... :D if at all possible
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Bugs to close after merging to HEAD
BR88661: (thumbnail prev. is blocking) Not only it's threaded, but it generates
         thumbnails only for the few visible items inside the thumbnaillist.
BR72347: (search doesn't work) Closeable NOW. The feature is already on HEAD.
BR72165: (showing a "scanned document PDF" is very slow). By running many tests
         on xpdf and kpdf_experiments, I measured 5-15% speed loss (due to
         internal pixmap conversions). No noticeable difference.
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BR89835: (PDF pages to be aligned centrally). Done in branch.
BR90026: (crash). Can't reproduce on branch.
80 81
BR74435: (smooth transition/continous mode) It's in from sept-27.
BR80164: (2-up view of pdf pages)  It's in from sept-26.
82 83
BR69092: Zoom displayed/internal values synced with fixed value or displayed page.
         It is editable and the list gets cleaned and rebuilt on changes.