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    KPDF HotNewStuff Browser! · 7b6b7a35
    Enrico Ros authored
    It's not yet complete (file dowload and internal notifies are missing) but
    the new stuff browser is running. The ui is modeled on an Aaron's mockup.
      Fetches the providers list (kpdf.kde.org/newstuff/providers.xml), lets
      the user select a provider and displays provider's contents in a KHMTL
      part (for flexibility and eye candy).
      Internally we use KNS' Entry and Provider structures only, doing all the
      transfer operations by hand via KIO::get jobs. Download will be done
      internally too (to give better consistancy in the interface).
      Network timeouts, problems or info messages are notified in a statusbar-
      like widget and we try to keep all information in the dialog, without
      using messageBoxes
      Added the action and the dialog invocation
      Link the KNEWSTUFF and KHTML libraries.
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