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    Adding support for annotations in framework. Only need to add and · fbc7d450
    Enrico Ros authored
    implement annotations now (and create the save/load procedure).
    Annotations: converging to a stable Annotation definition. Changed a bit
      the paint functions. Added a first 'template' annotation, a simple
      pen-like segments recorder for framework testing purposes only. This
      has events filters in place and the rough paint function implemented.
    PageView: removed the MouseEdit mode and using that button for toggling
      the editToolBox instead. Added Annotation support. When the Annotation
      is created, all pageView events flow through that new object. Repaint
      of damaged/old areas is done internally and is based on the geometry
      of the annotation we're creating. When an Annotation is complete, it
      is reparented to the Page that adds it to its internal list.
      From that point on the annotation will be rendered by pagePainter
      using the pixmap-based paint function provided by the annotation
    PagePainter: draws annotations stored in pages when rendering (using the
      'rought paint function' till the good pixmap based one will be in
    Page: added preliminary support for adding Annotation(s) to the page
      and deleting them all.
    Document: added the pass-through call to add an Annotation to the Page
      and notify observers.
    PageViewToolbox: can be draged and attached to any side. Position is
      remembered between runs (choose your side and that the toolbox will
      always be there). Available on Right and Bottom sides too. Emits -1
      when the current tool is deselected.
    Misc: added Annotations to both the 'observers changed flags' and the
      'pagepainter' ones and updated ui classes accordingly.
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