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Moved the PDF annotations status here from annotations.h (that is going

through a deep transformation).

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Summary: PDF 1.6 Annotations specs and KPDF support.
Author: Enrico Ros - KPDF project - 2005
** Relations to KPDF:
KDPF tries to support ALL annotations and ALL parameters in PDF specs. If
this can't be done, we must support at least the most common ones and the
most common parameters.
Current Data Structure status:
[markup], popup, text, freetext, line, polygon, polyline, highlight,
underline, squiggly, strikeout, stamp, ink
base{P,AP,AS,A,AA,StructPar,OC}, geom{RD}
link, caret, fileattachment, sound, movie, screen, widget, printermark,
trapnet, watermark, 3d
** PDF file structure (annotations section):
COMMON FIELDS (note: '*' is required)
Type name 'Annot'
*Subtype name [Text...3D]
\ see second table (below)
*Rect rectangle norma rect
Contents text string alternate text / description
P dictionary page reference (mandatory for Screen)
NM text string unique name
M date or string last modify date
F integer flags (default:0)
\ OR-ed flags: Invisible(0), Hidden(1), Print(2), NoZoom(3), NoRotate(4),
\NoView(5), ReadOnly(6), Locked(7), ToggleNoView(8)
BS dictionary border styles (also style for: Line,Square,Circle,Ink)
\ Type (name='Border'), W (number), S (name), D (array)
BE dictionary border effect (only for square, circle, and polygon)
\ S (name (effect[S:no effect,C: cloudy])), I (number (intensity(0..2))
AP dictionary visual representation (handler should provide own impl)
\ renderable data to be used with composition algorithm 8.1 (in pdf spec)
AS name visual state (indexes an AP representation)
Border array pre-BS: x-corner-rad, y-corner-rad, width [,dash array]
C array color (3 components in range [0..1])
A dictionary action (NA on link, specialized on Movie)
\ 'LinkAction' to extract those and use internal handler instead of external one
AA dictionary additional actions for events (used by Widget only)
StructPar. integer annotation's key in the structural tree(not used)
OC dictionary optional content properties (custom visi-check)
MARKUP -additional- fields (see 'X' marks in the Subtype table):
Markup annotations have an associated pop-up window that may contain text.
If the popup id is given, that popup is used for displaying text, otherwise a
popup is created on annotation opening but the popup is rendered 'in place'
with the annotation and can not be moved without moving the annotation.
T text string titlebar text (creator name by convention)
Popup dictionary indirect refrence to pupup annot for editing text
CA number opacity (def: 1.0)
RC text string/eam rich text displayed if opened (overrides Contents)
CreationD. date creation date
IRT dictionary reference to the ann this is 'in reply to' (if RT)
Subj text string short subject addressed
RT name 'R':in reply 'Group':grouped (if IRT)
IT name annotation intent (specialized for certail types)
[annotation states? pg 585]
CUSTOM FIELDS (for each subType) (X: is markup):
Popup . no gfx only a parent (inherits Contents,M,C,T)
Parent dictionary indirect reference to parent (from wich Mark. are inh)
Open boolean initially displayed opened (def:false)
Text X a 'sticky note' attached to a point in document
Open boolean default:false
Name name icon[Comment,Key,Note,Help,NewParagraph,Paragraph,Insert]
[M]State text string if RT,IRT,StateModel are set
[M]StateM. text string if RT,IRT,State are set
FreeText X like Text but the text is always visible
*DA string appearance string (AP takes precedence)
Q integer 0(Left-justified) 1(Centered) 2(Right-justified)
RC text string/eam rich text string (overrides Contents)
DS text string default text string
CL array 2 or 3 {x,y} couples for callout line
[M]IT name not present,FreeTextCallout,FreeTextTypeWriter
Line X a single straight line on the page (has popup note)
*L array 4 numbers (2 x,y couples)
BS dictionary width and dash pattern to be used in drawing the line
LE array 2 names (start and end styles) (def:None,None)
\ values [Square,Circle,Diamond,OpenArrow,ClosedArrow,None,
IC array interior color (3 components in range [0..1])
LL number leader line fwd (if LLE) in points
LLE number leader line bk (if LL) in points
Cap boolean has caption (RC or Contents) (def:false)
[M]IT name not present,LineArrow,LineDimension
Polygon X closed polygon on the page
PolyLine X polygon without first and last vtx closed
*Vertices array n*{x,y} pairs of all line vertices
LE array 2 names (start and end styles) (def:None,None)
BS dictionary width and dash pattern
IC array interior color (3 components in range [0..1])
BE dictionary border effect
IT name not present,PolygonCloud
Square X rect or ellipse on the page (has popup note) the square
Circle X or circle have 18pt border are inscribed into rect
BS dictionary line width and dash pattern
IC array interior color (3 components in range [0..1])
BE dictionary border effect
RD rectangle negative border offsets (4 positive coords)
Highlight X
Underline X appears as highlights, underlines, strikeouts. has
Squiggly X popup text of associated note)
StrikeOut X
*QuadPo. array array of ccw quadrilats (8 x n numbers) (AP takes prec)
Caret X visual symbol that indicates the presence of text
RD rectangle rect displacement from effective rect to annotation one
Sy name 'P':paragraph symbol, 'None':no symbol(defaulr)
Stamp X displays text or graphics intended to look as rubber stamps
Name name [Approved,Experimental,NotApproved,AsIs,Expired,
Ink X freehand ?scribble? composed of one or more disjoint paths
*InkList array array or arrays of {x,y} userspace couples
BS dictionary line width and dash pattern
Link . hypertext link to a location in document or action
Dest arr,nam,str if A not present
H name N(none) I(invert) O(outline) P(sunken)
PA dictionary URI action
QuadPoints array array of quadrilaterals (8 x n numbers)
FileAttachment X reference to file (typically embedded)
*FS file file associated
Name name icon [Graph,PushPin,Paperclip,Tag]
Sound X like Text but contains sound
*Sound stream sound to be played when annot is activated
Name name icon [Speaker,Mic,_more_]
Movie . contains animated graphics and sound
Movie dictionary the movie to be played when annot is actived
A boolean whether and how to play the movie (def:true)
Screen . specifies a region of a page on which play media clips
Widget . appearance of the fields for user interaction
PrinterMark . a graphic symbol used to assist production personnel
TrapNet . add color marks along colour boundaries to avoid artifacts
Watermark . graphics to be printed at a fixed size and position on a page
3D . the mean by which 3D artwork is represented in a document
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