Commit 23fb3278 authored by Christophe Devriese's avatar Christophe Devriese
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added code to clear background where there is no pdf content to be shown

right now it's in black ... this should probably be changed to something more reasonable
from the color scheme

svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=275315
parent 5ce2e56b
......@@ -106,9 +106,15 @@ namespace KPDF
if (m_outputdev)
m_pixmap = m_outputdev->getPixmap();
if ( m_pixmap != NULL && ! m_pixmap->isNull() )
p->drawPixmap ( clipx, clipy, *m_pixmap, clipx, clipy, clipw, cliph );
if (clipw > m_pixmap->width())
p->fillRect ( m_pixmap->width(), clipy, clipw, cliph, black );
if (cliph > m_pixmap->height())
p->fillRect ( clipx, m_pixmap->height() - clipy, clipw, cliph, black );
p->fillRect ( clipx, clipy, clipw, cliph, white );
p->fillRect ( clipx, clipy, clipw, cliph, black );
void PageWidget::nextPage()
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