Commit 29c58361 authored by Enrico Ros's avatar Enrico Ros
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KNewStuff client nearly complete - multiple simultaneous downloads

supported - no more windows popping up, all is displayed on the dialog

  All transfers are handled internally, giving user the feedback right
inside the window. There are pair of bugs, but installing (aka plain
downloading) and uninstalling (aka deltion) of files are already

What to do next:
- remove bugs (reparent AvailableItem(s) to the main class, not the
  view and deference pointers after deletion will fix the crash; it
  can even be fixed by limiting user's freedom and force him/her to
  act only on currently displayed items; btw this way is deprecated)
- handle install/removal notifications on the app
- check the whole flow of the operation. check for unstable states
  (seems not the case) and unreachable ones
- clean it up and ship that client with kpdf, since:
*knewstuff in kde4 will be cleaner and better*

svn path=/branches/kpdf/annotations/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=413951
parent f0a0a803
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......@@ -26,8 +26,20 @@ class NewStuffDialog : public QDialog
// show a message in the bottom bar
enum MessageType { Normal, Info, Error };
void displayMessage( const QString & msg, MessageType type = Normal,
int timeOutMs = 3000 );
void displayMessage( const QString & msg,
MessageType type = Normal, int timeOutMs = 3000 );
// begin installing that item
void installItem( AvailableItem * item );
// remove an already installed item
void removeItem( AvailableItem * item );
// tells that a file has been installed
void installedFile( QString fileName, QString type );
// tells that a file has been removed
void removedFile( QString oldFileName );
// private storage class
......@@ -37,16 +49,19 @@ class NewStuffDialog : public QDialog
void slotResetMessageColors();
void slotNetworkTimeout();
void slotSortingSelected( int sortType );
// providers loading related
void slotLoadProviders();
void slotProvidersLoaded( Provider::List * list );
// items loading related
// providersList loading
void slotLoadProvidersList();
void slotProvidersListInfoData( KIO::Job *, const QByteArray & );
void slotProvidersListResult( KIO::Job * );
// provider loading
void slotLoadProvider( int provider = 0 );
void slotProviderInfoData( KIO::Job *, const QByteArray & );
void slotProviderInfoResult( KIO::Job * );
// files downloading related
//void slotDownloadItem( AvailableItem * );
//void slotItemDownloaded( KIO::Job * );
// file downloading
void slotDownloadItem( AvailableItem * );
void slotItemMessage( KIO::Job *, const QString & );
void slotItemPercentage( KIO::Job *, unsigned long );
void slotItemResult( KIO::Job * );
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