Commit 58231bae authored by Olivier Churlaud's avatar Olivier Churlaud

Add metainfo file for kapidox, remove unused lines from Mainpage

Reviewed by: aacid
parent 97db55e8
......@@ -859,6 +859,3 @@ the pages vector with them.
Afterwards we fill our Okular::DocumentInfo object with data. Since extracting the HTML meta data
would need a lot of code we work with static data here. [to be continued]
// DOXYGEN_EXCLUDE = conf generators shell ui
// DOXYGEN_FILE_PATTERNS = core/*.h *.dox
maintainer: aacid
description: Okular, the unified document viewer
- name: All
release: true
public_lib: true
- core
- Mainpage.dox
logo: ui/data/icons/hi128-apps-okular.png
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