Commit 8a074281 authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid

xpdf code is not prepared for paths with only 1 point, skip paths that have...

xpdf code is not prepared for paths with only 1 point, skip paths that have only one point, have to check in pdf spec if paths can have 1 point (in that case should fix the fix :-) or that pdf are buggy and the fix is correct in all senses. Pages that crash are 18, 20 and 26 on Introduction_to_Jitter.pdf and page 1 on FT-857.pdf
BUG: 97131

svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=379020
parent 2c3351c5
......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ More items (first items will enter 'In progress list' first):
-> use wallet for storing passwords of encrypted files
-> use shortcuts for next and prev page even in presenatation mode (by Tobias Koenig)
-> move some document related features from part to the document (see find, goto dialog, ...)
-> Albert: Read pdf specification and see if paths with length = 1 are allowed, in case they are allowed see how to fix 97131 without skipping paths with length = 1
Done (newest features come first):
-> type ahead search in pageview (type '/' then the word to search..)
......@@ -628,7 +628,7 @@ SplashError Splash::fillWithPattern(SplashPath *path, GBool eo,
int xMinI, yMinI, xMaxI, yMaxI, x0, x1, y;
SplashClipResult clipRes, clipRes2;
if (path->length == 0) {
if (path->length == 0 || path->length == 1) {
return splashErrEmptyPath;
xPath = new SplashXPath(path, state->flatness, gTrue);
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