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      Usability work on the toolbar: · 7e4b1554
      Pino Toscano authored
      - shorten the toolbar labels of the Previous/Next Page actions, and put them into the toolbar by default instead of the Back/Forward [history control]
      - shorten the toolbar labels of the tool buttons
      - remove the Open/Open recent button from the shell toolbar
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/okular/; revision=702549
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      Preliminary supports for text and choice form fields. · db8a10dc
      Pino Toscano authored
      This includes:
      - the interfaces for the generators
      - the basic widgets for editing their value
      - a top bar for show/hide the forms of a document
      - the implementation of the forms for the PDF backend
      still nothing that can be done with them, nor the value of the forms can be saved...
      ... but it's a start! :-)
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/okular/; revision=637001
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      Improve the way we deal with generators that give the possibility to change... · 18fab3d1
      Pino Toscano authored
      Improve the way we deal with generators that give the possibility to change the size of the pages: instead of let them destroy and recreate the pages (bad), ask them the sizes they support, then do the work ourselves and notify the generator when the work is done.
      While I was at it, I changed from "paper size" to "page size", it should be better.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/okular/; revision=620411
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      Restructuring a bit how the text-editor-like selection works: · 42310e18
      Pino Toscano authored
      * putting it in an own view mode
      * associating the selection to every page
      * using a better algorithm to calculate the selection, even in a page range
      * moving its drawing from the page view to the page painter, so it's possibile to draw it just like it's done with eg annotations
      Other changes (more or less related):
      * moved the annotation popup to a better place, so it won't interfere with annotation drawing
      * commented some debug code in TextPage
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/okular/; revision=588795
  18. 01 Jul, 2006 1 commit
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      New skeleton for giving the generators the possibility to export the document... · b3a4b279
      Pino Toscano authored
      New skeleton for giving the generators the possibility to export the document they open in some format they support.
      The text exporting option is detached from that other options and always visible (disabled if not supported), so it could be easier for the user to find it out.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/okular/; revision=556922
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    • Piotr Szymanski's avatar
      - GIGANTIC 2700 line diff with LOTS OF FEATURES! · 4387e148
      Piotr Szymanski authored
      - 1. editor-like text selection, and I do mean it, its not pseudo-editor 
        (like the ones acroread and kviewshell have) it doesnt intersect the 
        selection area with words under it, no, it does a lot more, including 
        work on cursors and searching for the text area closest to the given
      - 2. rotation support, change the orientation of the documents if 
        you need too :)
      - 3. the kfaxview backend works beautifully, porting kviewshell backends
        is damn easy ! djvu and dvi will be next!
      - 4. Hardware Blending of selection rectangles! We now use XRender 
        instead of KImageEffect, makes a damn faster blend!
      - 5. Overview mode - as seen in Kviewshell, but quite a bit extended, 
        the kviewshell is only one state, while we support it in both 
        continous and non-continous form
      - BTW. I coded all those features myself, (apart from kfaxview backend library)
        it is an impressive bit right? but oKular cant be run by only one person, 
        join in on the fun! i can introduce you into the code just mail niedakh@gmail.com
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/oKular/kpdf/; revision=509871
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      renaming++ · 671091cc
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/oKular/kpdf/; revision=471470
  24. 10 Aug, 2005 1 commit
    • Piotr Szymanski's avatar
      - Page/Link: tooltips for links backported · 34b8e283
      Piotr Szymanski authored
      - Page: rotation does not switch height and width
      - Document/Part/Generator:
        1. Add API for attaching stuff to the interface: ActionCollection and the Navigation Panel
           also add possibility to merge an XML .rc file with menu layout. Relevant functions are:
           QString Generator::getXMLFile(), returns a QString with your .rc file name.
           void  Generator::setupGUI (KActionCollection* , QToolbox* ), add your components to the user interface
        2. Supporting backend settings:
           If during startup, backends which provide a configuration ([X-KDE-oKularHasInternalSettings]
           set to true) are found, a menu item: configure backends is created, clicking on it results in
           loading all the generators that have settings, but not those that dont. the Generator::addPages(KConfigDialog *dlg)
           function should be overloaded by a generator and dlg->addPage should be used to add pages.
           If a user opens a file that needs an already loaded generator, the already loaded one is used instead of loading another.
        3. Error/Warning/Notice sending support, to send a notice/error/warning, add a relevant notice/error/warning(QString& txt ,int duration)
           to the generator class, and sending a message to the user is as simple as emitting a signal!
        4. Intercepting of events generated by the PageView is done by Generator::handleEvent(QEvent*), subclass it, do a switch on QEvent::type(), handle your
           event and return true if pageview is to proceed with its handling or false if not.
        5. Support configuring the KPrinter on the generator side, use Generator::canConfigurePrinter(), return true there, and you get a nonconfigured KPrinter in your
        6. PixmapRequest handling update:
           a.) Generator::canGeneratePixmap is now Generator::canGeneratePixmap(bool async)
           b.) Document::sendGeneratorRequests is a slot now
           c.) Old way of sending pixmaps (Document::requestPixmaps(QValueList<PixmapRequest*> checking if we can generate pixmap if not, waiting for receiving)
               is replaced with: requestPixmaps only queues the pixmap all checking if w can generate is done in sendGeneratorReqest, the sendGeneratorRequest is
               run in three places:
               1.  in requestPixmaps when we receive a request
               2.  in requestDone if pixmapStack is not empty
               3.  sendGeneratorRequest, apart from removing invalid requests, takes the current request and if generator canGeratePixmap(request->async)
              it removes the pixmap from stack and sends to generator if not, QTimer::singleshots to itself after 20ms, it ends when stack has no valid pixmap request
        7. Added a commented out zoom field to PixmapGenerator, mightcome in handy sometime
      - TextPage: add instructions that handle simplyfing the RegularAreaRect, no more double painted borders in selection rectangles, this rocks.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/oKular/kpdf/; revision=445196
  25. 20 Jul, 2005 1 commit
    • Piotr Szymanski's avatar
      - added suport for changing rotation of the current document, looked at... · 81bb03b4
      Piotr Szymanski authored
      - added suport for changing rotation of the current document, looked at ghostview code, on how to do it
        still i implemented all of this myself, damn ghostview is making me lose all the joy i had in working
        on okular, working with such a badlyu document API like libgs has i just killing me...
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/oKular/kpdf/; revision=437094
  26. 15 Jul, 2005 1 commit
    • Piotr Szymanski's avatar
      - make generators plugins by: · 36ab5c89
      Piotr Szymanski authored
         * moving all xpdf stuff from core and part to inside generator_pdf
         * adding abstract KPDFText class and KPDFTextEntity to hold either
           glyph, or word or textline
      - support for importing PS files as pdf like on annots branch
      - synced with annots branch
      - abstract text layer with search for words in different lines
      - added RegularArea<NormalizedShape,Shape> template class
        which inherits QValueList<NormalizedShape*> and is used
        to hold regular areas of given shape (finite collections of the shape)
      - loading of relevant generators via ktrader for given mimetype
      - the deliverables 1 and 2 of my SoC proposition are delivered
        next: 1. fix one spotted regression and 2. code ghostview backend
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/oKular/kpdf/; revision=434883
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      merging patch_111 · 0612a602
      Enrico Ros authored
      svn path=/branches/kpdf/annotations/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=425048
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    • Enrico Ros's avatar
      KPDF HotNewStuff Browser! · 7b6b7a35
      Enrico Ros authored
      It's not yet complete (file dowload and internal notifies are missing) but
      the new stuff browser is running. The ui is modeled on an Aaron's mockup.
        Fetches the providers list (kpdf.kde.org/newstuff/providers.xml), lets
        the user select a provider and displays provider's contents in a KHMTL
        part (for flexibility and eye candy).
        Internally we use KNS' Entry and Provider structures only, doing all the
        transfer operations by hand via KIO::get jobs. Download will be done
        internally too (to give better consistancy in the interface).
        Network timeouts, problems or info messages are notified in a statusbar-
        like widget and we try to keep all information in the dialog, without
        using messageBoxes
        Added the action and the dialog invocation
        Link the KNEWSTUFF and KHTML libraries.
      svn path=/branches/kpdf_annotations/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=405828
  32. 13 Mar, 2005 1 commit
    • Enrico Ros's avatar
      Document, Page: · 9023b05e
      Enrico Ros authored
        Changed loadDocumentInfo/saveDocumentInfo semantics. Document settings
        are saved by Document, but page related stuff (bookmark state,
        annotations, ...) are loaded/saved by the KPDFPage itself.
        Better usage of dom entities (QDomElement(s) -> QDomNode(s)). Added const
        modifier to 'saveSettings' methods.
        Use setCheckedState for the show/hide left panel menu entry. Use icon
        too. Bumped .rc revision.
      svn path=/branches/kpdf_annotations/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=397236
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