1. 20 Jul, 2005 1 commit
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      - added suport for changing rotation of the current document, looked at... · 81bb03b4
      Piotr Szymanski authored
      - added suport for changing rotation of the current document, looked at ghostview code, on how to do it
        still i implemented all of this myself, damn ghostview is making me lose all the joy i had in working
        on okular, working with such a badlyu document API like libgs has i just killing me...
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      Internal changes, broken stuff, heavy headache. · 372299cc
      Enrico Ros authored
        Changed parser to deal with the new data structures:
        1) Popups are not inserted anymore as annotations, but parsed and
        scheduled for later merging with other annotations. Shared popups are
        permitted (the pdf reference doesn't clarify on this, so we better
        support them).
        2) Annotations can have an internal hieracy. When an IRT annotation is
        found, it's parsed and scheduled for later merging in the parent's
        The merges take place at the end of the annotation retrieval. At that
        point all cross-objects are in memory and we can resolve/reparent
        Note on internal parser.
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  6. 12 Mar, 2005 1 commit
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      PDF 1.6 Annotation Parser and DSs: annotations are loaded from PDF file. · c20faca6
      Enrico Ros authored
       AFAIK the kpdf team is once again the first opensource reader to get
      support for a cool feature. All annotations in pdf file are read and
      converted to our internal data structures. Then they'll be rendered on
      screen and changed/saved to our xml file.
       Annotations completely supported and parsed from PDF:  [markup], popup,
      text, freetext, line, polygon, polyline, highlight, underline, squiggly,
      strikeout, stamp, ink. Partial support for: [base], geom.
        Added/Changed the passive annotation data structures to contain and
        generalize the attributes of annotation classes. Missing attributes
        (won't be handled by kpdf): base{P,AP,AS,A,AA,StructPar,OC}, geom{RD}.
        Little changes to the PDF1.6 summary in header.
        Internal parser (discussed with Albert) directly in top of xpdf. Read
        object nodes of type 'Annot' and parse the whole set of attributes as
        defined in the PDF1.6 spec (for supported annotations).
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      For Users: · 962f891b
      Enrico Ros authored
      Display contents faster, waste less memory. Added preloading to forward-
      generate pages (if threading enabled and memory profile >= normal). Main
      pages are always generated first, then thumbnails come, then preload ones,
      etc.. Btw memory and cpu will be happier now.
      (1 bug in memory and 1 in preloading still remains.. will be spotted soon)
      For Developers:
      Generator: dropped moc, api changes, better functions naming.
      PDFGenerator and Document: moved requests queue to the Document.
         The generator performs only a single request a time. A flag can be
         queried to know if the generator is ready for starting another pixmap
         generation or not (in case it's generating a pixmap in background).
      PixmapRequest: added priority and backgound (async) attributes.
      Document: queuing requests by priority in requestPixmaps.
      Observer: added defines for priorities used in doc->requestpixmaps.
      PageView: delayed find-ahead timer creation (not created if not needed).
         Added preload PixmapRequests to the pixmap requests list.
      ThumbnailsList: adapted to pixmapRequest changes and changed naming for
         delayed thumbanils request.
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  11. 09 Jan, 2005 1 commit
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      Viewport MOD 1. Implemented the DocumentViewport class, owned by Document. · 6dd95c9e
      Enrico Ros authored
      A const reference may be asked. When set all DocumentObservers will be
      notified so they can update their gfx if needed. Converted TOC, Links
      to the new usage. DocumentViewport can be saved/restored to/from QString
      so it can be asked as metadata and saved on document's XML. When loading
      a document the viewport is restored exactly where it was when the document
      was closed. More fixes with Viewport class. Swapped groupboxes in Perform
      dialog. Changed members naming in DocumentObservers and inherited classes.
      PageView and ThumbnailsList now linked.
      Still regressions / TODOs about the Viewport thing.
      svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=377066
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