Commit 4ea3b254 authored by Dmitry Kazakov's avatar Dmitry Kazakov

Fix border effect in prefiltering of the colorize mask

parent 2bca94b6
......@@ -211,8 +211,6 @@ KisGaussianKernel::createLoGMatrix(qreal radius, qreal coeff)
return matrix;
#include "kis_transaction.h"
void KisGaussianKernel::applyLoG(KisPaintDeviceSP device,
const QRect& rect,
qreal radius, qreal coeff,
......@@ -231,8 +229,5 @@ void KisGaussianKernel::applyLoG(KisPaintDeviceSP device,
// TODO: move applying transaction to a higher level!
KisTransaction t(device);
painter.applyMatrix(kernel, device, srcTopLeft, srcTopLeft, rect.size(), BORDER_REPEAT);
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