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Commit f408617c authored by Cyrille Berger's avatar Cyrille Berger

summer cleanup of the CMakeLists.txt:

* regroup commands in sections: required packages, optional packages, variables, selection of what is compilable (based on detection), subdirectories
* make it more consistant
* move the openctl test to krita/plugins/colorspaces

I tested it, it sounds to work, but if you have problems, tell me. And please, try to keep it clean :)

svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=986018
parent 0fbdb1e7
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# Look for OpenCTL (XXX: move this inside full_pigment? Or inside pigment?)
macro_log_feature(OPENCTL_FOUND "OpenCTL" "Free Color Transformation Language implementation" "" FALSE "0.9.2" "Required for High Dynamic Range Color Spaces, YCbCr and LMS support")
# add_subdirectory( lms_f32 )
# add_subdirectory( xyz_float_hdr.ctl )
# add_subdirectory( rgb_float_hdr.ctl )
# add_subdirectory( ycbcr )
include_directories( ${KOTEXT_INCLUDES}
include_directories( ${PIGMENT_INCLUDES} )
include_directories( ${PIGMENT_INCLUDES} ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/../colorspaces )
# avoid "cannot open file 'LIBC.lib'" error
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