1. 22 Apr, 2016 21 commits
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      Fix a "bended lines"+AMD+Qt5.6 bug · 31195a85
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      The bug is actually in Qt 5.6. They decided to implement a motion event
      compression without *any* way to disable it. So we have a lot of events
      dropped resulting in "bended lines" on canvas.
      For some reason the bug is reproducible on AMD GPUs only, with openGL
      activated. It seems like either Qt asks for some synchronization, or
      rendering on AMD is just too slow. I don't know the exact reason,
      but being busy with rendering makes Qt drop a lot of events.
      Since this event compression cannot be disabled in any official way, we
      should start patching Qt on Linux as well. Yes, it means that Krita 3.0
      cannot be distributed through official distribution repositories. Which
      means that Krita Lime will have to be shut down as soon as Ubuntu 16.04
      will upgrade to Qt 5.6.
      Fixes T2224
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