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    Refactor Animation Export rendering code and HDR video support · 06bec48f
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    1) Remove 'video' impex plugin. Now the exporting classes are built in
       into animationrenderer plugin. It allows us not to pass the options
       via untyped KisPropertiesConfiguration, but via a type-safe and
       compiler-tracked KisAnimationRenderingOptions.
    2) Add options for configuring HDR video encoding with HEVC (H265) codec
    3) When HDR video option is activated, then PNG export filter is automatically
       forced to output HDR PNG files (see a hack in DlgAnimationRenderer::
    4) !!! Rendering dialog now supports relative paths for video and frame
       export locations. As a base it uses either document location, or the
       location of animation/frames, if it is present and absolute.
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