Commit 81aecaf8 authored by Boudewijn Rempt's avatar Boudewijn Rempt

Revert "Don't build qtwinextras"

This reverts commit dfb69fcd.
parent 3aa6dbcc
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ if (WIN32)
-no-libproxy -no-system-proxies -no-icu -no-mtdev
-skip qtcharts -skip qtdatavis3d -skip qtgamepad -skip qtnetworkauth
-skip qtpurchasing -skip qtremoteobjects -skip qtscxml -skip qtserialbus
-skip qtspeech -skip qtvirtualkeyboard -skip qtwinextras
-skip qtspeech -skip qtvirtualkeyboard
-qt-zlib -qt-pcre -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg
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