Commit b9ca40fa authored by Mladen Milinkovic's avatar Mladen Milinkovic

Fixed travis build

parent 967322f4
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ matrix:
#curl -L "" >appimagetool && chmod +x appimagetool
curl -L "" >appimagetool && chmod +x appimagetool
./linuxdeployqt "$appdir/usr/share/applications/subtitlecomposer.desktop" -bundle-non-qt-libs "${execs[@]/#/-executable=}" -verbose=2 || exit 1
./linuxdeployqt "$appdir/usr/share/applications/org.kde.subtitlecomposer.desktop" -bundle-non-qt-libs "${execs[@]/#/-executable=}" -verbose=2 || exit 1
rm -v "$appdir/AppRun" ; cp -v "$TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/pkg/misc/" "$appdir/AppRun" ; chmod +x "$appdir/AppRun"
rm -v "$appdir/usr/lib/"* "$appdir/usr/lib/"*
./appimagetool "$appdir/" -g
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