Commit 5bf2c3aa authored by Rolf Eike Beer's avatar Rolf Eike Beer Committed by Rolf Eike Beer

optimize CMakeBuildDirChooser::buildDirSettings()

-if we have a match for a key, no other key can match
-match the start of a new line as QByteArray instead of QString, most lines will
 not match and all keys are plain ASCII, this saves a lot of needless
 conversions and memory allocations
-modify the original line instead of doing a copy, the original one will not
 be used again anyway.

Test Plan: Open and build a CMake-based project.

Reviewers: mwolff

Reviewed By: mwolff

Subscribers: mwolff, apol, kdevelop-devel

Tags: #kdevelop

Differential Revision:
parent 3c2725a6
......@@ -109,9 +109,9 @@ void CMakeBuildDirChooser::buildDirSettings(
QString& installDir,
QString& buildType)
static const QString srcLine = QStringLiteral("CMAKE_HOME_DIRECTORY:INTERNAL=");
static const QString installLine = QStringLiteral("CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=");
static const QString buildLine = QStringLiteral("CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=");
const QByteArray srcLine = QByteArrayLiteral("CMAKE_HOME_DIRECTORY:INTERNAL=");
const QByteArray installLine = QByteArrayLiteral("CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=");
const QByteArray buildLine = QByteArrayLiteral("CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=");
const Path cachePath(buildDir, QStringLiteral("CMakeCache.txt"));
QFile file(cachePath.toLocalFile());
......@@ -129,24 +129,19 @@ void CMakeBuildDirChooser::buildDirSettings(
int cnt = 0;
while (cnt != 3 && !file.atEnd())
// note: CMakeCache.txt is UTF8-encoded, also see bug 329305
QString line = QString::fromUtf8(file.readLine().trimmed());
const auto rawLine = file.readLine();
if (line.startsWith(srcLine))
auto match = [&rawLine](const QByteArray& prefix, QString* target) -> bool
srcDir = line.mid(srcLine.count());
if (line.startsWith(installLine))
installDir = line.mid(installLine.count());
if (rawLine.startsWith(prefix)) {
// note: CMakeCache.txt is UTF8-encoded, also see bug 329305
*target = QString::fromUtf8(rawLine.constData() + prefix.size(), rawLine.size() - prefix.size());
return true;
return false;
if (line.startsWith(buildLine))
buildType = line.mid(buildLine.count());
if (match(srcLine, &srcDir) || match(installLine, &installDir) || match(buildLine, &buildType)) {
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