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Fix missing KF5ItemModels dep in KDevPlatform cmake config file

Used in public API/link interface of KDevPlatformUtil
parent aa92de6a
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ find_dependency(KF5ConfigWidgets "@KF5_DEP_VERSION@")
find_dependency(KF5GuiAddons "@KF5_DEP_VERSION@")
find_dependency(KF5I18n "@KF5_DEP_VERSION@")
find_dependency(KF5IconThemes "@KF5_DEP_VERSION@")
find_dependency(KF5ItemModels "@KF5_DEP_VERSION@")
find_dependency(KF5ItemViews "@KF5_DEP_VERSION@")
find_dependency(KF5JobWidgets "@KF5_DEP_VERSION@")
find_dependency(KF5KCMUtils "@KF5_DEP_VERSION@")
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