Commit d306b26e authored by Sergey Kalinichev's avatar Sergey Kalinichev
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Add project to CompilerProvider when includes/defines asked for.

Oterwise, because of projectAboutToBeOpened signal isn't emitted for
some reasons, we could end up in situation when project is not yet added
to the CompilerProvider, but the BackgroundParser already began parsing
the project.

This should hopefully fix the annoying assert for good.

REVIEW: 121984
parent 76485f62
......@@ -86,22 +86,11 @@ CompilerProvider::CompilerProvider( SettingsManager* settings, QObject* parent )
registerCompiler(CompilerPointer(new NoCompiler()));
// NOTE: we connect to both, projectAboutToBeOpened as well as projectOpened.
// The former to be sure we get called as soon as possible, the latter to prevent
// a race condition, where this plugin gets initialized but a project just emitted that
// it is about to be opened, but did not open yet.
connect( ICore::self()->projectController(), &IProjectController::projectAboutToBeOpened,
this, &CompilerProvider::projectOpened );
connect( ICore::self()->projectController(), &IProjectController::projectOpened,
this, &CompilerProvider::projectOpened );
connect( ICore::self()->projectController(), &IProjectController::projectClosed,
this, &CompilerProvider::projectClosed);
//Add a provider for files without project
addPoject( nullptr, checkCompilerExists({}));
for (auto project : ICore::self()->projectController()->projects()) {
projectOpened( project );
CompilerProvider::~CompilerProvider() = default;
......@@ -109,6 +98,9 @@ CompilerProvider::~CompilerProvider() = default;
CompilerPointer CompilerProvider::compilerForItem(ProjectBaseItem* item) const
auto project = item ? item->project() : nullptr;
auto compiler = m_projects[project];
......@@ -172,7 +164,7 @@ void CompilerProvider::setCompiler( IProject* project, const CompilerPointer& co
addPoject( project, c );
void CompilerProvider::projectOpened( KDevelop::IProject* project )
void CompilerProvider::addProject( KDevelop::IProject* project )
definesAndIncludesDebug() << "Adding project: " << project->name();
auto projectConfig = project->projectConfiguration().data();
......@@ -201,6 +193,9 @@ QVector< CompilerPointer > CompilerProvider::compilers() const
CompilerPointer CompilerProvider::currentCompiler(IProject* project) const
return m_projects[project];
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ private:
void removePoject( KDevelop::IProject* project );
private Q_SLOTS:
void projectOpened( KDevelop::IProject* );
void addProject( KDevelop::IProject* );
void projectClosed( KDevelop::IProject* );
void retrieveUserDefinedCompilers();
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