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SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)

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......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
"License": "GPL",
"Name": "GDB Support",
"Name[ca]": "Implementació del GDB",
"Name[cs]": "Podpora GDB",
"Name[en_GB]": "GDB Support",
"Name[es]": "Implementación de GDB",
"Name[fi]": "GDB-tuki",
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@
"License": "GPL",
"Name": "Man Pages",
"Name[ca]": "Pàgines man",
"Name[cs]": "Manuálové stránky",
"Name[en_GB]": "Man Pages",
"Name[es]": "Páginas de manual",
"Name[fi]": "Mansivut",
......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@
"License": "GPL",
"Name": "KDE Provider",
"Name[ca]": "Proveïdor del KDE",
"Name[cs]": "Poskytovatel KDE",
"Name[en_GB]": "KDE Provider",
"Name[es]": "Proveedor de KDE",
"Name[fi]": "KDE-tarjoaja",
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
"Category": "Language Support",
"Description": "C/C++ Language Support",
"Description[ca]": "Implementació del llenguatge C/C++",
"Description[cs]": "Podpora jazyka C/C++",
"Description[en_GB]": "C/C++ Language Support",
"Description[es]": "Implementación del lenguaje C/C++",
"Description[fi]": "C/C++-kielituki",
......@@ -19,6 +20,7 @@
"Id": "kdevcppsupport",
"Name": "C++ Support",
"Name[ca]": "Implementació del C++",
"Name[cs]": "Podpora C++",
"Name[en_GB]": "C++ Support",
"Name[es]": "Implementación de C++",
"Name[fi]": "C++-tuki",
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
"Category": "Project Management",
"Description": "Builds CMake Projects",
"Description[ca]": "Construeix projectes CMake",
"Description[cs]": "Překládá projekty CMake",
"Description[en_GB]": "Builds CMake Projects",
"Description[es]": "Compila proyectos de CMake",
"Description[fi]": "Kääntää CMake-projekteja",
......@@ -19,6 +20,7 @@
"Id": "KDevCMakeBuilder",
"Name": "CMake Project Builder",
"Name[ca]": "Constructor de projecte CMake",
"Name[cs]": "Překladač projektů CMake",
"Name[en_GB]": "CMake Project Builder",
"Name[es]": "Compilador de proyectos CMake",
"Name[fi]": "CMake-projektikäännin",
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
"Id": "KDevMakeBuilder",
"Name": "Make Project Builder",
"Name[ca]": "Constructor de projecte Make",
"Name[cs]": "Překladač projektů Make",
"Name[en_GB]": "Make Project Builder",
"Name[es]": "Compilador de proyectos Make",
"Name[fi]": "Make-projektikäännin",
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
"Id": "KDevNinjaBuilder",
"Name": "Ninja Project Builder",
"Name[ca]": "Constructor de projectes Ninja",
"Name[cs]": "Překladač projektů Ninja",
"Name[en_GB]": "Ninja Project Builder",
"Name[es]": "Compilador de proyectos Ninja",
"Name[fi]": "Ninja-projektikäännin",
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
"Category": "Documentation",
"Description": "Allows KDevelop to provide CMake documentation",
"Description[ca]": "Permet al KDevelop proporcionar documentació de CMake",
"Description[cs]": "Umožňuje KDevelop poskytovat dokumentaci CMake",
"Description[en_GB]": "Allows KDevelop to provide CMake documentation",
"Description[es]": "Permite que KDevelop proporcione documentación de CMake",
"Description[fi]": "Sallii KDevelop-ohjelman tarjota CMake-dokumentaation",
......@@ -26,6 +27,7 @@
"License": "GPL",
"Name": "CMake Documentation",
"Name[ca]": "Documentació del CMake",
"Name[cs]": "Dokumentace CMake",
"Name[en_GB]": "CMake Documentation",
"Name[es]": "Documentación de CMake",
"Name[fi]": "CMake-dokumentaatio",
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
"Category": "Project Management",
"Description": "Allows KDevelop to manage CMake-based projects",
"Description[ca]": "Permet que el KDevelop gestioni projectes basats en CMake",
"Description[cs]": "Umožňuje KDevelop spravovat projekty založené na CMake",
"Description[en_GB]": "Allows KDevelop to manage CMake-based projects",
"Description[es]": "Permite que KDevelop gestione proyectos basados en CMake",
"Description[fi]": "Sallii KDevelop-ohjelman hallinnoida CMake-perustaisia projekteja",
......@@ -26,6 +27,7 @@
"License": "GPL",
"Name": "CMake Project Manager",
"Name[ca]": "Gestor de projectes CMake",
"Name[cs]": "Správce projektů CMake",
"Name[en_GB]": "CMake Project Manager",
"Name[es]": "Gestor de proyectos CMake",
"Name[fi]": "CMake-projektinhallinta",
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
"Id": "KDevCustomBuildSystem",
"Name": "Custom BuildSystem",
"Name[ca]": "BuildSystem personalitzat",
"Name[cs]": "Vlastní systém pro sestavení",
"Name[en_GB]": "Custom BuildSystem",
"Name[es]": "Sistema de construcción personalizado",
"Name[fi]": "Oma käännösjärjestelmä",
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
"Category": "Project Management",
"Description": "Imports and edits custom make projects",
"Description[ca]": "Importa i edita projectes personalitzats de Make",
"Description[cs]": "Importuje a upravuje vlastní projekty make",
"Description[en_GB]": "Imports and edits custom make projects",
"Description[es]": "Importa y edita proyectos Make personalizados",
"Description[fi]": "Tuo ja muokkaa räätälöityjä make-projekteja",
......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@
"License": "GPL",
"Name": "Github Provider",
"Name[ca]": "Proveïdor de Github",
"Name[cs]": "Poskytovatel GitHubu",
"Name[en_GB]": "Github Provider",
"Name[es]": "Proveedor de Github",
"Name[fi]": "Github-tarjoaja",
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