Remove unused GenericName property from plugin metadata

parent a2dcaf1b
......@@ -60,7 +60,6 @@ struct ProjectConfigOptions;
* Type=Service
* Exec=blubb
* Name=
* GenericName=
* Comment=
* Icon=
* ServiceTypes=KDevelop/Plugin
......@@ -83,8 +82,6 @@ struct ProjectConfigOptions;
* <b>Description of parameters in .desktop file:</b>
* - <i>Name</i> is a translatable name of a plugin, it is used in the plugin
* selection list (required);
* - <i>GenericName</i> is a translatable generic name of a plugin, it should
* describe in general what the plugin can do (required);
* - <i>Comment</i> is a short description about the plugin (optional);
* - <i>Icon</i> is a plugin icon (preferred);
* <i>X-KDE-library</i>this is the name of the .so file to load for this plugin (required);
"GenericName": "Cppcheck Support",
"GenericName[ast]": "Sofitu Cppcheck",
"GenericName[bs]": "Cppcheck podrška",
"GenericName[ca@valencia]": "Implementació del Cppcheck",
"GenericName[ca]": "Implementació del Cppcheck",
"GenericName[cs]": "Podpora Cppcheck",
"GenericName[de]": "Cppcheck-Unterstützung",
"GenericName[es]": "Uso de Cppcheck",
"GenericName[fi]": "Cppcheck-tuki",
"GenericName[fr]": "Prise en charge de Cppcheck",
"GenericName[gl]": "Integración de Cppcheck",
"GenericName[hu]": "Cppcheck támogatás",
"GenericName[nl]": "Ondersteuning van CPPCheck",
"GenericName[pl]": "Obsługa Cppcheck",
"GenericName[pt]": "Suporte para o Cppcheck",
"GenericName[pt_BR]": "Suporte ao Cppcheck",
"GenericName[sk]": "Podpora Cppcheck",
"GenericName[sv]": "Stöd för Cppcheck",
"GenericName[tr]": "Cppcheck Desteği",
"GenericName[uk]": "Підтримка Cppcheck",
"GenericName[x-test]": "xxCppcheck Supportxx",
"GenericName[zh_CN]": "Cppcheck 支持",
"KPlugin": {
"Authors": [
"GenericName": "Heaptrack Support",
"GenericName[x-test]": "xxHeaptrack Supportxx",
"KPlugin": {
"Authors": [
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