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Commit eeb8c640 authored by Milian Wolff's avatar Milian Wolff

Unbreak the GDB QUrl pretty printer test

By changing the test client back to what it expects. Blindly also
adapt the LLDB test which introduced the regression in the first
place. Note that I cannot run the LLDB test locally, so I'm not
sure whether the test passes there.

Still, don't break GDB tests, people are using those...

Reviewers: #kdevelop

Subscribers: kdevelop-devel

Differential Revision:
parent 831cf5f9
#include <QUrl>
int main()
QUrl u(QStringLiteral(""));
QUrl u(QStringLiteral(""));
return 0;
......@@ -941,15 +941,15 @@ void LldbFormattersTest::testQUrl()
WAIT_FOR_A_WHILE_AND_IDLE(m_session, 50);
QList<QPair<QString, QString>> children;
children.append({QStringLiteral("(port)"), QStringLiteral("-1")});
children.append({QStringLiteral("(port)"), QStringLiteral("12345")});
children.append({QStringLiteral("(scheme)"), QStringLiteral("\"http\"")});
children.append({QStringLiteral("(userName)"), QStringLiteral("<Invalid>")});
children.append({QStringLiteral("(userName)"), QStringLiteral("user")});
children.append({QStringLiteral("(password)"), QStringLiteral("<Invalid>")});
children.append({QStringLiteral("(host)"), QStringLiteral("\"\"")});
children.append({QStringLiteral("(path)"), QStringLiteral("\"/foo\"")});
children.append({QStringLiteral("(query)"), QStringLiteral("<Invalid>")});
children.append({QStringLiteral("(fragment)"), QStringLiteral("<Invalid>")});
VERIFY_LOCAL(0, "u", "\"\"", children);
children.append({QStringLiteral("(query)"), QStringLiteral("xyz=bar")});
children.append({QStringLiteral("(fragment)"), QStringLiteral("asdf")});
VERIFY_LOCAL(0, "u", "\"\"", children);
void LldbFormattersTest::testQUuid()
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