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    • Friedrich W. H. Kossebau's avatar
      Disable plugin project config if project without a IBuildSystemManager dep · a3c782ac
      Friedrich W. H. Kossebau authored
      The Clazy plugin relies on the project providing a buildsystem manager
      to query for the toplevel build directory. If a project has no such manager,
      showing the Clazy plugin config pages in the project settings has no
      As a session might contain different projects, some with a buildsystem
      manager, some without, simply disabling the Clazy plugin might not be
      wanted for the projects with a buildsystem manager.
      So we need to have some condition whether to show some plugins per-project
      config pages or not.
      For a start, motivated by the crash with the Clazy plugin which has a
      hard assumption of project->buildSystemManager() being != nullptr,
      this patch adds to the code to collect the config pages for the project
      settings dialog some special code which makes use of the plugin metadata
      to skip plugins which require a org.kdevelop.IBuildSystemManager, if
      there is no buildsystem manager available for the project.
      As well adds the (so far missing) entry
      X-KDevelop-IRequired: [org.kdevelop.IBuildSystemManager]
      to the metadata.
      BUG: 400769
      Test Plan:
      Clazy config is no longer shown in the project settings dialog if the
      project is used with the generic project manager.
      Reviewers: #kdevelop, apol
      Reviewed By: #kdevelop, apol
      Subscribers: kfunk, kdevelop-devel
      Tags: #kdevelop
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D16915
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      clazy: doesn't need IExecutePlugin iface · 47d8de5e
      Anton Anikin authored
    • Anton Anikin's avatar
      Initial version of Clazy analyzer plugin · e25b145a
      Anton Anikin authored
      Clazy is a compiler plugin which allows clang to understand Qt semantics. You get more than 50 Qt related compiler warnings, ranging from unneeded memory allocations to misusage of API, including fix-its for automatic refactoring.
      The plugin allows you to check project's code with clazy checker. Runtime dependencies:
      - `clazy-standalone` (clazy part)
      - installed clazy docs (used to building checks DB with errors descriptions)
      - `make` (for parallel checking)
      - `compile_commands.json` present in project's build directory
      Plugin's GUI provides easy way to clazy configuration, enabling/disabling checks and so on.
      Test Plan:
      Works as expected on my neon-useredition system (Ubuntu Xenial) with
      Qt 5.11.1, kdevelop (git/master) and clazy (git/master).
      Reviewers: #kdevelop, kossebau
      Reviewed By: #kdevelop, kossebau
      Subscribers: arrowd, mwolff, apol, kfunk, brauch, pino, kossebau, kdevelop-devel
      Tags: #kdevelop
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D14288